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January 13, 2015

For domestic investors looking to steal a march on rivals, many are going directly to local governments and companies that may need to sell off assets.
18:02 GMT
Tough foreign competition in the London commercial property market is forcing local investors to invest in regional cities in order to tap rising rents there.
Those who arrive at the bakery early sometimes buy extra bread to feed to their livestock.
04:55 GMT
The successful roll-out so far of a new "smart card" system to distribute subsidised bread has been a major achievement for Egypt's government,

January 12, 2015

Dubai has $18 billion in debts coming due in 2015 and under the financial circumstances that have prevailed in the past three years this would not be a problem.
17:41 GMT
Relentlessly bullish and upbeat the Dubai Government shows no sign yet of reigning back its ambitious expansion plans in the wake of the collapse in oil prices to below $50.
The GCC’s failure to agree on a unified contract for domestic workers, the most vulnerable group operating under the controversial kafala or sponsorship system.
17:20 GMT
A decision by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to abandon plans to adopt a unified contract for domestic workers increases pressure on Qatar to significantly revamp its controversial labour regime.
 The UAE can live with current market conditions “a lot longer than people expect,” Al Otaiba, said in Washington last week.
15:02 GMT
A long battle is in hand and stakeholders are preparing and positioning themselves.
The slump in oil prices will have a significant impact on the Lebanese economy.
01:11 GMT
The falling price of oil has a positive effect on the real economy, as well as a set of negative consequences, which have plagued Lebanon’s economy since early 2011.

Never before have national oil companies (NOCs) in the Middle East faced such a range of challenges as they seek to increase their output.
00:32 GMT
The regional oil and gas companies are being asked by governments to reduce their heavy dependence on expatriates, yet they find themselves faced with a shortfall in qualified nationals with which to replace them.

January 11, 2015

 Fake cases have resulted in increasing the number of expatriate workers in the sector and reducing the productivity of Saudi workers.
11:44 GMT
A number of economic experts have warned about the rising number of fake Saudization cases because of loopholes in the Nitaqat program.

January 10, 2015

Overall, hiring activity in the UAE remains positive, with the availability of online jobs in the country increasing by 13 per cent in December 2014.
23:55 GMT
For a more successful job search, the key is to know which sectors are really begging for new talent.

January 8, 2015

The report noted that 62 percent of Turkish consumers are not able to routinely increase their savings
04:55 GMT
Parallel to the savings problem, Turkey has the highest figures in Europe in terms of the ratio of credit card debt to the gross domestic product (GDP), with 53 percent.
Since June last year, oil has lost around 55 percent of its value on a production glut, weak demand and a strong US dollar.
23:42 GMT
Stock markets in the energy-rich Gulf states nosedived on Tuesday as oil prices slumped and global markets were dragged down by a gloomy outlook for crude.

January 7, 2015

AlDughaim added the Kingdom is yet to realize the economic value of tourism.
15:43 GMT
At least 4.5 million Saudi tourists spend over SR80 billion ($20 billion) every year when they go abroad and six times as much as their Western counterparts.
Noble and Delek are the largest stakeholders in Israel's two main gas fields - Tamar.
04:55 GMT
New regulation of Israel's natural gas and mining industries aimed at increasing competition to bring down prices is scaring off investors, putting billions of dollars at risk.

January 6, 2015

Pakistan has suffered an estimated loss of  $102 billion and 60,000 civilian and 6,000 army deaths in 13 years of war against terror.
21:23 GMT
Pakistan’s high growth and economic expansion will boost its business relations with the UAE and globally during fiscal-2015.
In Amman, 24,871 transactions were for apartments and 18,515 for land while in other governorates  11,337 were for apartments and 50,920 for lands.
17:04 GMT
Real estate trading last year registered a record JD7.76 billion, 22 per cent higher than the amount in 2013 when it stood at JD6.34 billion.