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March 10, 2013

Tunisians face petrol price hike
11:04 GMT
Tunisians are outraged by the latest increase in fuel prices, which some suggest could also imperil the country's fragile political environment.
Jordan's growth policy is underlined by an aggressive economic and fiscal reform programme for the next four years with the support of the IMF to reduce the budget deficit
07:31 GMT
Jordan's King said on Saturday that the private sector is key to a sustainable future for the country's economy.
The volume of investments amounted to JD4.9 million during the past two months compared to JD1.7 million during the same period of 2012
07:26 GMT
The number of Syrians investing in Jordan shot up by 197 per cent during the first two months of this year, the general controller of companies revealed.
The government has already announced plans to invest SR408.75 billion to produce an additional 41 GW of solar energy by 2032
07:01 GMT
Saudi Arabia is fast becoming a leading investor in alternative energy with the government announcing various solar energy projects that are aimed to ensure sustainable long-term supply of energy across the Kingdom, experts have said.

March 7, 2013

Violence aside, economics alone can fragment Syria
11:06 GMT
Economic devastation is tearing Syria apart, perhaps irreparably, if fighting rages for another two years, according to a former minister now working on a U.N.-backed reconstruction plan.
In the absence of financial markets, Tunisia will have only the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) to talk to
11:03 GMT
Over two years since the uprising that ousted former Tunisian president Ben Ali, continued political instability is hurting the economy of the north African country.
$15 trillion in upstream oil and gas investment is needed to meet the projected oil demand of 99.7 million bpd by 2035
11:00 GMT
Ensuring sustainable supplies of oil and gas in the face of growing market demand is the biggest long-term challenge facing the region's energy sector, experts said on Wednesday.
Gas reserves in Lebanon amount to more than 25 trillion cubic feet
07:18 GMT
International oil companies are competing over exploiting Lebanon's large energy reserves detected off its coast, as analysts say it could redraw the energy landscape of the region.
Empowering women is not only the right thing to do, but makes good economic sense
07:16 GMT
Ahead of Friday's International Women's Day, the UN has said that women will not be able to fully participate in their countries’ economic and political activities until gender equality is achieved.
Lebanon’s slowing economic growth is expected to weigh on overall advertising expenditures, including online ad spending
06:48 GMT
A sluggish economy and stiff competition from international ad serving platforms will make it difficult for local websites to boost their advertising revenues this year, and there is very little they can do about it, industry experts have said.

March 6, 2013

Libya insecurity deals economic blow
11:37 GMT
Continued instability in Libya, including the recent clashes near a gas installation, forcing the halt of exports to Italy, is hurting the slow process of economic recovery.
Many Egyptians believe that the economic situation has deteriorated after the revolution
11:11 GMT
The economic conditions of Egyptian families deteriorated after the revolution, according to a survey of households by an Egyptian state body.
Fishing in the Gulf is an industry worth Dh1 billion a year, with the UAE consuming up to 100 tonnes of seafood annually at a rate of 33 kilograms
07:26 GMT
As half of the UAE’s fishermen were forced to quit their trade for lack of governmental support and dwindling fish stocks, industry experts push for greater support.
25,000 Palestinians have fled Syria for Lebanon and a sixth of the new funds will go to help them
06:51 GMT
As the figures of Syrian refugees who have fled the country is set to reach one million, the European Union announced it is to provide financial aid for refugees.
Attacks can never be stopped completely, only managed
06:44 GMT
Cyber attacks, such as the Stuxnet virus which the US used to attack Iran's nuclear facilities and the recent attacks on Facebook, can never truly be stopped, experts have said.