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February 21, 2013

Saudi Arabia expects to raise its output in the second quarter to satisfy higher demand from China and drive economic recovery elsewhere
08:16 GMT
Oil prices were little changed on Wednesday as the prospect of more Saudi supply offset optimism about the global economy that has helped bolster an improved demand outlook.
Qatar enjoyed exceptional growth in the last decade
08:05 GMT
The Qatar projects market is the third largest in the GCC, just behind Saudi Arabia and the UAE, according the a new report.

February 20, 2013

E-commerce in particular, generally defined as the buying and selling of goods and services online
11:39 GMT
Online shopping in Egypt is growing, having attracted millions in investment since the 2011 revolution, but will this nascent industry take off?
Cost of living spurs Morocco concerns
11:13 GMT
With the increase in the cost of food, fuel and other basic commodities in Morocco, the country's parliament is considering moves to reduce the cost of living for the nation's population.
Risks to Tunisia's transition to democracy have increased markedly in recent weeks
10:23 GMT
Ratings agency Standard and Poor's downgraded Tunisia's long-term ratings over fears of continued political instability in the North African country.
IMF delegation visits Dubai Economic Council
09:25 GMT
A team from the International Monetary Fund recently visited the Dubai Economic Council as part of the international financing institution tour of the UAE.
UAE subsidises about 68 per cent of the cost of gasoline
07:54 GMT
UAE motorists are laughing all the way to the tank after it was revealed the country has the fifth cheapest petrol in the world, according to the latest Bloomberg statistics.
The government and government-owned companies cannot continue to absorb the huge number of young Emiratis entering the job market
07:31 GMT
Does the private sector for Emirati nationals in the UAE needs to open and reward locals who want to move out of the public sector?

February 19, 2013

Qatar’s megaprojects will surge ahead, with $120 billion worth of projects to be undertaken until 2020, a conference heard on Tuesday
12:46 GMT
Qatar’s ambitious megaprojects will surge ahead, with $120 billion worth of projects to be undertaken until 2020, a major conference heard on Tuesday.
Fish farms are often located far from markets causing late delivery
11:24 GMT
The fishing trade in Yemen is the country's third largest industry, with two million benefiting from it, and it needs be taken seriously so it can play its part in rebuilding the economy, experts have said.
2013 was a crossroads for Egypt's economic future
11:22 GMT
Egypt's new central bank governor Hesham Ramez says that the country's economy needs crisis management as the government announces plans to ration fuel.
A long-awaited $4.8 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) would lure foreign investment back to Egypt
07:15 GMT
Egypt's economic growth rate is expected to reach 3% by end of 2012/13 fiscal year – 0.5% lower than previous estimate, according to the planning minister.
Iran urges full rights ahead of nuclear talks
07:13 GMT
Iran will attempt to allay fears over its nuclear programme ahead of planned talks next, the Islamic Republic's foreign ministers said yesterday.
Finland has the ability to join the Kingdom in various public and private sector ventures in the field of education
07:08 GMT
Saudi Arabia and Finland could increase co-operation in the public and private fields, according to experts.

February 18, 2013

Despite protests and downgrades,  Bahrain looks set to be a key region hub for finance
12:06 GMT
Despite protests, Bahrain will remain the hub for financial services in the region, despite competition from Dubai and Qatar, top bankers said yesterday.