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February 19, 2013

Qatar’s megaprojects will surge ahead, with $120 billion worth of projects to be undertaken until 2020, a conference heard on Tuesday
12:46 GMT
Qatar’s ambitious megaprojects will surge ahead, with $120 billion worth of projects to be undertaken until 2020, a major conference heard on Tuesday.
Fish farms are often located far from markets causing late delivery
11:24 GMT
The fishing trade in Yemen is the country's third largest industry, with two million benefiting from it, and it needs be taken seriously so it can play its part in rebuilding the economy, experts have said.
2013 was a crossroads for Egypt's economic future
11:22 GMT
Egypt's new central bank governor Hesham Ramez says that the country's economy needs crisis management as the government announces plans to ration fuel.
A long-awaited $4.8 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) would lure foreign investment back to Egypt
07:15 GMT
Egypt's economic growth rate is expected to reach 3% by end of 2012/13 fiscal year – 0.5% lower than previous estimate, according to the planning minister.
Iran urges full rights ahead of nuclear talks
07:13 GMT
Iran will attempt to allay fears over its nuclear programme ahead of planned talks next, the Islamic Republic's foreign ministers said yesterday.
Finland has the ability to join the Kingdom in various public and private sector ventures in the field of education
07:08 GMT
Saudi Arabia and Finland could increase co-operation in the public and private fields, according to experts.

February 18, 2013

Despite protests and downgrades,  Bahrain looks set to be a key region hub for finance
12:06 GMT
Despite protests, Bahrain will remain the hub for financial services in the region, despite competition from Dubai and Qatar, top bankers said yesterday.
The IMF deal may not be enough to save the Egyptian economy, a leading economist said yesterday
11:46 GMT
The International Monetary Fund (IMF)'s proposed $4.8 billion loan will not be enough for Egypt to overcome its post-revolution economic dilemmas, David Malone, president of Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC), said in Cairo on Sunday.
The continuing instability on Yemen is hurting the country's tourism industry
09:32 GMT
Yemen's tourism industry is still struggling after the revolution after security instability, including the kidnapping of westerners, in the Arabian peninsula nation.
IMF calls for strong domestic policies to face external challenges
08:39 GMT
In a wide-ranging interview, Lebanon's IMF representative says that the Cedar country needs strong domestic policies to deal with increasing external pressures.
HSBC started sending out letters to its customers this month, informing them of the bank’s decision and giving them until March 20 to transfer their cash balances to an alternative bank
08:39 GMT
HSBC, the global bank that prides itself on being 'local' is to close the accounts of Syrians and Iranian nationals as well as Sudanese, due to sanctions from European Union and the United States.
A 10-year Lebanese pound-denominated Treasury bond pays around 7.8 percent interest
08:12 GMT
Lebanon's investment industry is in a tricky situation, where cash remains kinds and government bonds look increasingly unattractive, according to one of the country's leading investors.

February 17, 2013

Oman's nominal GDP grew by 13% in first nine months of 2012
11:46 GMT
Oman's GDP is booming thanks to higher oil revenues and an increase in domestic demand for fuel.
G20 officials will disregard key parts of a currency statement issued this week by the Group of Seven power
10:46 GMT
The G20 grouping of nations, which includes Saudi Arabia, will not push for stricter controls on foreign exchange mechanisms or single out Japan as fears grow over so-called 'currency wars'.
More and more Jordanians now believe that Jordanian medicines are as good as foreign ones
10:32 GMT
Jordan's pharmaceutical exports are looking healthy, recording a 20 per cent increase in 2012.