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June 24, 2014

Typically, institutional investors are restricted to investing in developed and emerging markets, so the reclassification highlights the entry of a new class of investors into the domestic market.
00:39 GMT
This reclassification decision had been three years in the offing before the announcement was made on June 12 last year.

June 23, 2014

Egypt’s newly appointed investment minister Ashraf Salman said he targets $10 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI) for the coming fiscal year and $14 billion in three years.
04:55 GMT
Sisi’s Gulf Arab allies have sent billions of dollars in aid to Egypt after Mursi’s fall which analysts said had saved Egypt from bankruptcy.

June 22, 2014

While many other groups have only appeared in the last year or two, Weekend Trips has been around for five years and still stands out from all the others that came later.
18:39 GMT
El-Decken's group – and other like it – won't replace the value of the main tourism sector, but they are growing and attracting more locals and foreigners every day
In order to have a proper roadmap for regional prosperity, the GCC is committed to achieve deeper economic integration and expand trade with other blocs for its benefit
18:23 GMT
he ever more rising status of the GCC, and the role of their sovereign wealth funds in economies affected by the repercussions of the global financial breakdown, has led to GCC states becoming more assertive in their relations with the EU.
Demand is growing both as a result of strong Asian economic growth and the switch to cleaner energy, particularly in China.
11:38 GMT
As the largest exporter in the world, Qatar is likely to benefit from higher LNG prices, resulting in large current account surpluses for years to come, it added.
Escalating conflict in Iraq is making holders of the country's international debt nervous about whether they will get repaid.
04:55 GMT
Iraq had been a popular play with some frontier investors because of the oil producer's low debt and high foreign reserves. But the unrest changes that.

June 21, 2014

“The idea is to put fear in these migrant workers. No one speaks up and everyone works as a robot,” he said. “The migrant workers have built these countries and for them to be treated this way is just obscene.”
00:18 GMT
Despite initiatives like the midday work ban, Gulf countries resisted voting in support of the new international standards to prevent forced labor.

June 19, 2014

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has unveiled a new smartphone called Fire Phone.
23:18 GMT
It’s smaller than leading Android phone, but larger than Apple’s iPhone. Bezos calls the screen, measuring 4.7 inches diagonally, ideal for one-handed use.
Arabtec recently picked up contracts valued at $40 billion (Dh146.92 billion) in Egypt for social housing and related projects
13:08 GMT
After the extreme volatility that Arabtec’s share price has been through in recent days, the manner of Hasan Ismaik’s exit as the CEO was quite subdued in its intensity.

June 18, 2014

“[The region] has the highest mobile penetration rate in the world,” said Chris Jackson, a Boston University graduate who works for Na3m Games, one of several mobile gaming startups in Jordan.
14:53 GMT
While Jordan has been described as the Middle East’s Silicon Valley, there are many challenges that stand in the way of the country’s entrance into the global gaming market.
The Kurdistan Regional Government believes its share of total Iraqi oil sales should be as high as 25 percent, the KRG's official spokesman said on Monday.
14:37 GMT
A bolder Kurdistan, a bulwark against ISIL forces and strengthened by the seizure of the oil city of Kirkuk, wants a greater share of Iraq's oil revenue.
 Nine ministers from the old cabinet were reappointed in their positions, maintaining ongoing projects within the ministry.
04:55 GMT
With the Egyptian Cabinet sworn in earlyTuesday, many of the economic team remained familiar.

June 17, 2014

Iran's re-entry presented an opportunity to improve security of supply and for oil and gas service companies to develop significant opportunities.
14:33 GMT
Oil and gas companies must safeguard against bribery and sanctions risks as they prepare for re-entry into the Iranian energy industry later this month, according to top industry regulators.
Of those not actively looking for a new job but open to opportunities, 19 per cent say it is their relationship with a line manager that keeps them satisfied
12:02 GMT
When asked about their employer of choice, just over a third of respondents (34 per cent) said they didn’t have one
The current crisis is far more serious since it threatens Iraq’s oil production and very existence as a state.
04:55 GMT
The current crisis is far more serious since it threatens Iraq’s oil production and very existence as a state.