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January 31, 2013

RIM may try to talk around UAE operators with the promise of being able to charge customers a flat fee for the new service
11:44 GMT
Blackberry, formerly RIM, launched their new phone in an effort to boost the flagging company, but will users in the UAE have have access to one of the latest features on the handset?
It is becoming more pressing to make laws capable of boosting the economy
11:16 GMT
Economists and business leaders have urged Jordan's new parliament to focus on the Kingdom's struggling economy.
The digital ad spend in the Mena region is roughly around $150 million
10:20 GMT
Digital entrepreneurs in the Middle East must find new, innovative, ways to ensure they can still keep reaping the rewards of a weightless economy.
3-D survey showed that gas reserves off its southern coast may be larger than previously though
10:03 GMT
Lebanon's offshore gas supplies could be higher than thought, after a new 3-D survey by a prospecting company indicated larger than expected deposits.
Abu Dhabi Airports Company
09:52 GMT
The operator of Abu Dhabi's five airports has reported a 24 per cent increase in its Duty Free retail outlets, as passenger spend per head increases.

January 30, 2013

A continued focus on managerial roles is also thought to be behind the increasing employment.
12:23 GMT
A focus on managerial roles is a contributing factor behind falling Emirati unemployment rate.
Middle East countries are high on the agenda at the meeting in Switzerland.
11:41 GMT
Middle East countries are high on the agenda at the meeting in Switzerland.
The recent wave of anti-Brotherhood protests that began on the second anniversary of Egypt's revolution has had a detrimental effect on tourism.
11:20 GMT
Egypt's tourism sector hit hard by wave of violence in the capital Cairo and other cities, although most touristic sites remain trouble-free.
'Moderate but still significant' cuts to the defense sector are expected in the coming months.
11:12 GMT
Israel to cut defense sector spending to reduce budget deficit. Finance Minister told Reuters there are no plans to further raise taxes.
It seems this image which has continued since the end of WWII until the end of the 20th century is on its way to change.
09:25 GMT
Efforts showcased in highly developed infrastructure that match those in advanced countries.

January 29, 2013

8,000 applications had been processed in order to match the skills of the applicants with jobs available
11:56 GMT
8,000 Jordanians applied for a new a scheme to help boost employment rates in the country, as the government also announces that it will enforce new regulations regarding women and childcare.
GCC development funds of about $1 billion annually over 10 years are expected to begin having an effect in 2013
11:56 GMT
Ratings agency Standard and Poor's has uprated the outlook on Bahrain's economy from 'negative' to 'stable', as the economy stabilises, helped by a buoyant hydrocarbon industry.
Modern technology has not reached many parts of Yemen, people rely on newspapers as the sole reference for news and job vacancies
11:11 GMT
The world over, the printed media is struggling against the tide of digitisation, but Yemeni newspapers are also facing the orders of the former regime that was toppled in 2011.
Suez Canal has remained fully operational since the eruption of clashes on Friday between anti-government protesters in Port Said and Suez
07:23 GMT
Despite ongoing clashes in Port Said and Suez, traffic through Egypt's strategic Suez Canal has not been impacted, canal officials report.
project owners and contractors must explore other opportunities beyond traditional bank lending to ensure the realisation of the projects
07:00 GMT
Contracts and projects worth $159 billion will be scrambling for finance in 2013, as lending institutions come to terms with new regulations such as Basel III.