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January 30, 2013

It seems this image which has continued since the end of WWII until the end of the 20th century is on its way to change.
09:25 GMT
Efforts showcased in highly developed infrastructure that match those in advanced countries.

January 29, 2013

8,000 applications had been processed in order to match the skills of the applicants with jobs available
11:56 GMT
8,000 Jordanians applied for a new a scheme to help boost employment rates in the country, as the government also announces that it will enforce new regulations regarding women and childcare.
GCC development funds of about $1 billion annually over 10 years are expected to begin having an effect in 2013
11:56 GMT
Ratings agency Standard and Poor's has uprated the outlook on Bahrain's economy from 'negative' to 'stable', as the economy stabilises, helped by a buoyant hydrocarbon industry.
Modern technology has not reached many parts of Yemen, people rely on newspapers as the sole reference for news and job vacancies
11:11 GMT
The world over, the printed media is struggling against the tide of digitisation, but Yemeni newspapers are also facing the orders of the former regime that was toppled in 2011.
Suez Canal has remained fully operational since the eruption of clashes on Friday between anti-government protesters in Port Said and Suez
07:23 GMT
Despite ongoing clashes in Port Said and Suez, traffic through Egypt's strategic Suez Canal has not been impacted, canal officials report.
project owners and contractors must explore other opportunities beyond traditional bank lending to ensure the realisation of the projects
07:00 GMT
Contracts and projects worth $159 billion will be scrambling for finance in 2013, as lending institutions come to terms with new regulations such as Basel III.
It is expected that more than 800 farmers will benefit from this scheme over the coming 48 months
06:49 GMT
The European Union along with the Lebanese agricultural ministry, signed agreements to finances $4.7 million worth of loans for agriculture and development.

January 28, 2013

No single currency can replace the Dollar’s role in the financial world
11:55 GMT
As China continues on the path of economic growth unseen before in human history, and despite fears of a weakening US economy, the US dollar still remains the currency for trade.
Queen Alia International Airport
11:12 GMT
The operator of Jordan's Queen Alia Airport announced six million passengers used the airport last year, the first time in history.
The public expenditure on education in the Mena region stands at 18.6 per cent of total government spending compared to the world average of 14.2 per cent
11:06 GMT
Unrivalled levels of spending on education in the MENA region will continue through 2013, meaning the Middle East will top education spending league tables.
Official numbers show that total Lebanese exports to Syria grew 36.7 percent in 2012, reaching $294 million
09:28 GMT
Lebanon’s trade deficit widened 6 percent in 2012 to a five-year high of $16.8 billion as Lebanese fuel imports, which are partially being re-exported to Syria, soared.
World oil markets are tightening as Chinese fuel demand increases
09:18 GMT
The recent dip in Saudi Arabian oil production could hurt the the global oil industry, especially when coupled with any slowdown in Chinese economic growth.
Abu Dhabi gross output of economic activities in 2011 exceeded Dh1tr ($272 billion) for first time
08:56 GMT
Abu Dhabi's economic output has reach over one trillion dihrams ($272 billion), which demonstrates, "the robustness and stability of the emirate’s economy," according to the statistic department.

January 27, 2013

Development had defaulted on a BD47 million ($123.1 million) loan repayment last May
11:14 GMT
Owners of new homes in a high-end housing development in Bahrain are being denied title deeds after the company behind the project defaulted on a loan.
No room for complacency warns forum
11:00 GMT
Experts at the World Economic Forum at Davos has warned that there is no room for complacency in the global economy, which still faces grave threats, ranging from a slowing in China to the Syrian civil war.