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October 25, 2012

Online shopping is a hit in Egypt
08:39 GMT
An online shopping revolution is happening in Egypt. Gone are the days of slow, frustrating websites. A new company is offering almost everything you could want, promising to offer value and choice, but will we see a Silicon Cairo?
Qatar's financial district could get bigger as it considers expanding into european banks
07:52 GMT
Qatar considers acquiring major stakes in investment banks in Europe, sources told Al Arabiya, noting that the negotiations are currently underway with seven banks suffering from accumulated financial crises caused by the economic recession in Europe.
Time to change the approach on the stock markets?
05:00 GMT
The conventional stock market wisdom is failing the global economy. In the wake of further poor results from leading companies, is it time to readdress what we know about the roulette wheel of the stock market?

October 24, 2012

Iran is set to boost investment in its oil industry, despite new EU sanctions
11:41 GMT
Iran, which is under tremendous pressure and undergoing a sanction imposed by the United States and the European Union for pursuing nuclear energy to power its economy, is investing $100 billion (Dh367 billion) to boost its oil and gas production.
Eid in Dubai will boast of several entertainment options for all cultures and ages
11:41 GMT
Dubai is gearing up for one of the biggest weekends of the year as it plans to celebrate the festival of Eid al Adha, as Emirate is expecting thousands of visitors to head to the Emirate.
The number of Facebook users in Jordan is now over 2.4 million, nearly 43 per cent of whom are women
11:20 GMT
Housewives in Jordan are increasingly turning to the social networking website 'Facebook', to start a small business revolution in the Kingdom.
There are 23,000 Filipino workers in Jordan alone
09:59 GMT
The Philippine government has lifted a temporary deployment ban of overseas Filipino workers to Jordan and Lebanon, a senior official said, but overseas workers may not be able to return if they do not have correct documentation.
Pro-government Dunia TV has been dropped by Europe’s Hotbird satellite broadcasting system as sanctions take affect
08:43 GMT
Europe’s Hotbird satellite broadcasting system has suspended the broadcast of Syrian television channels, the Syrian government announced, as sanctions against the media by the EU and Arab League affect.
The targeting of the chief of Iraq's central bank shows the power games in the country, diplomats and experts claim
05:00 GMT
The targeting of Iraq’s well-respected central bank chief appears to be a move by Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki to consolidate power and sends a bad message to international investors, experts and diplomats say.

October 23, 2012

Mosques: The blueprint for a green future?
14:00 GMT
With the Wold Energy Forum happening in the UAE, Mosques in the region have become an surprising flag bearer for renewable energy, after an initiative was launched to educate people in the emirate to conserve water and electricity and follow green standards by using mosques as models.
Is Morsi making the moves on Ahmadinejad?
14:00 GMT
Iranian diplomat calls for relaxation of visa restrictions to boost economic ties between Egypt and Islamic Republic, says Iran could help tackle Egypt’s energy crisis.
Potential butchers strike in Bahrain over sheep-supply issues
13:19 GMT
Angry butchers in Muharraq are planning an indefinite strike from today over claims they have been sidelined in the distribution of up to 5,000 live sheep in the build-up to Eid Al Adha.
Small and Medium sized Enterprises in the MENA region are booming
11:48 GMT
The number of start-ups in the MENA region increased eight times in 2011 as compared to 2005. Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and the UAE attracted most early stage investments in the same period, in some positive news for the economies of the region.
Rail markets in the MENA region are booming
09:17 GMT
The Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region is currently one of the world's fastest growing markets for rail with over $156 billion worth projects planned or under way in the region.
More bad news for the President as the economy is dealt a fresh blow
08:18 GMT
Lebanon’s economy will end 2012 on a negative note as political and security instability drags on with medium- and long-term economic indicators showing continuing signs of mediocrity.