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March 4, 2012

The country's Eighth Development Plan aims to increase the contribution of the private sector in economic and social development by raising the participation of Saudi women in such areas
16:29 GMT
Saudi Arabia is making a smooth transition into an advanced industrialized country.
The Iranian foreign minister went on to say that Tehran has managed sanctions against the country by maintaining its political independence in the international arena
15:55 GMT
European sanctions against Iran's oil exports will affect the world economy and hurt European and non-European countries.
The global trend is no friend to private investors in infrastructure
15:14 GMT
More than a trillion dollars of what can broadly be catagorized as infrastructure projects are underway in the Middle East, a staggering two-thirds of them in the business-friendly UAE.
The UAE’s luxury segment will continue to increase its market share, said Cheaito, who has a 20-year experience in the luxury goods sector
10:20 GMT
Through retail shopping, construction of new hotels and tourism attractions, the UAE is fast becoming one of the major global hubs for luxury goods and services.
The best way to avoid losing a large sum of money is to do your initial stock research very carefully, says Kenneth Warnock, the investment manager at Alliance Trust Investments
09:50 GMT
Nobody likes losing money, absolutely nobody. That's one of the few things that can be safely said about almost every single person on the planet.
"Sweethearting may seem like a relatively innocuous behaviour on the surface, but its financial implications are very serious," said Michael Brady, the Carl DeSantis Professor of Business Administration in Florida State's College of Business and one of the study's co-authors
08:43 GMT
Some frontline service employees who are rewarded for hikes in customer loyalty and satisfaction also may engage in "service sweethearting," a clandestine practice that costs their employers billions of dollars annually in lost revenue, a new study had found.

March 1, 2012

The study highlights several challenges confronting the sector in the UAE stating that the local IT sector is relatively small and focused on bringing in talent from overseas
18:00 GMT
The internet use in the UAE is among the cheapest and the fastest in the Middle East.
The social-ad industry that has sprung up around Facebook is comparable to the search-engine marketing boom that followed Google Inc’s emergence as the dominant Web-search provider
17:17 GMT
Marketers eager to reach Facebook’s 845 million users pay these software-savvy go- betweens fees as high as millions of dollars a year to create pages where customers can get discounts, participate in contests and interact with fellow fans.
The kingdom’s manufacturers are at the mercy of the global market dynamics
15:40 GMT
The performance of Bahrain’s traditional export-orientated heavy industries is less sensitive to local issues.
Magda Kandil, executive director of the Egyptian Center for Economic Studies (ECES), says that “there is no harmonization between employment policies and productivity”
08:29 GMT
Rather than imposing a unified minimum wage across the country, experts advise seeking alternatives that factor in regional and sectoral variations as well as imbalances in standards of living, growth and productivity.
“International tourism hit new records in 2011 despite the challenging conditions,” says UNWTO secretary-general Taleb Rifai
07:50 GMT
Internatiobal tourist arrivals grew by over four percent in 2011 to 980 million, according to the World Tourism Organisation’s (UNWTO) latest World Tourism Barometer.
Dubai is a global and enabling business hub strategically located between East and West
07:22 GMT
Under the tagline “Dubai means business”, the campaign emphasises its strategic location between east and west and showcases its success stories in trade, infrastructure and entrepreneurship.

February 29, 2012

Despite the global economic slowdown impacting UAE real estate adversely, government investments in critical national infrastructure projects have continued
19:50 GMT
The combined value of current construction projects in the UAE is about $1.25 trillon (Dh4.59 trillion).
Much of the surplus funds would be deployed in developmental projects
18:51 GMT
The crude exporting countries know very well that the windfall gains do not last for long. This has happened before and will happen again. The countries may have already planned how they are going to use their surplus from oil revenues.
On the Middle East growth, IATA said the regional airlines enjoyed a 9.4 percent rise in demand, the healthiest performance among the regions
17:39 GMT
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) said global traffic continued to rise in January showing a 5.7 percent jump in passenger demand, but air freight demand fell 8 percent over last year.