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June 14, 2012

The enterprise segment in the MEA market still displays very traditional purchasing behaviors
15:00 GMT
The largest proportion of storage hardware spending is centered around a few key countries that have a high adoption rate of the latest data center technologies, such as South Africa, Turkey, Israel, UAE, Egypt, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.
There is no Lebanese economic crisis
15:00 GMT
The Lebanese economy is on the way to recovery, Economy Minister Nicolas Nahas said Wednesday.
The group's biggest producer, Saudi Arabia, is pumping near its highest level in three decades and said on June 11 that there may be a need to boost the target
13:54 GMT
Divisions within OPEC signal the group will probably keep its crude production ceiling unchanged today as falling prices limit Saudi Arabia's ability to justify a higher quota.
The yellow metal touched an intraday high of $1624/oz and closed at $1617/oz in yesterday's trading session
13:40 GMT
Gold headed for the longest rally since January trading above $1610 indicating $1630.
Sanctions are not ineffective
09:01 GMT
International sanctions have forced Iran’s industrial and trade sectors to change the way they do business, according to exhibitors taking part in the “Made in Iran” expo which kicked off in Beirut Wednesday.

June 13, 2012

The government and the ministry support all initiatives that enhance the economy
18:30 GMT
The government was taking all concrete steps to meet the Kingdom's cement demand through co-ordination with parties concerned, including those outside, particularly in Saudi.
The deficit registered in the first four months of 2012 is the result of a decline of $1.828 billion in net foreign assets of Lebanese commercial banks, as well as an increase of $912 million in net foreign assets of the Central Bank of Lebanon
18:10 GMT
Financial inflows to Lebanon saw a significant increase over the first four months of 2012. But the growth was still not enough to cover the trade deficit.
Major international and local contractors are struggling to recover large sums of money owed to them by Riffa Views
17:36 GMT
Bahrain's construction sector could be devastated with the loss of more than 3,500 jobs because contractors have not been paid by a real estate developer.
If Apple's goal still is the Steve Jobs holy war, then the status quo is not in their benefit
10:17 GMT
Apple has waged the international patent war since 2010, part of its attempt to limit growth of Android, which last year established its dominance as the world's best-selling mobile operating platform.
The road to a permanent solution to Europe’s property, banking and government debt problems is a long one and stretches far into the distance
10:09 GMT
Old’s behavior since Q3 last year resembles a risk asset – regardless of price, gold should form part of long-term portfolio plans.
The insurance sector is asking Lebanese politicians to tone down their rhetoric
08:10 GMT
Given the prevailing political uncertainties for more than a year, the ongoing economic stagnation means the economic pie is not growing, this is making insurers compete for a slice of the same pie.

June 12, 2012

Banks continue to be overly cautious in their lending practices
15:00 GMT
GCC banks as a whole registered a growth of 15.8 percent in 2011.
The results show that women working in the UAE are more ambitious than their counterparts elsewhere in the world
15:00 GMT
Four out of five women professionals in the UAE have taken on more responsibility to advance their career prospects, according to a survey by Accenture.
UAE cities have lost the lead as the most expensive cities in the Middle East, with Beirut moving forward to position 67
15:00 GMT
The survey, released today (12 June), shows that Abu Dhabi has fallen nine places over the last year, to rank at 76, and Dubai in turn has fallen 13 spots to position 94.
Dents in the Arab economy, like these rusty oil cans
14:08 GMT
A look at the effects of the Eurocrisis in concert with social and political unrest on the Middle Eastern economy.