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January 17, 2013

To achieve green development, new mechanisms are required to promote innovation and technology diffusion
08:25 GMT
The UAE has announced new plan to develop its National Strategy for Green Growth over the next nine months, in an effort to promote cleaner development and economics.
Lebanon could not continue to spend up to 15 percent of its GDP on fuel imports
08:13 GMT
Oil of the coast of Lebanon could be highly lucrative and help the country reduce the coast of its energy imports.

January 16, 2013

A shipment of 100,000 tonnes of Ukrainian wheat bought for around 30 million euros ($40.1 million) has already arrived this month
12:17 GMT
The civil war in Syria is hurting the economy, forcing the relaxation of trade tariffs on basic commodities to make it easier for fuel and food to reach the embattled country.
Remittances to Arab Spring states fall
11:03 GMT
As the conflict in Syria comes up for its second anniversary and political instability blights Egypt, remittances from Saudi Arabia to these countries has nosedived by up to thirty per cent.
The growth outlook for the Mena region is vulnerable to a combination of domestic and global risks
11:01 GMT
Two years after the revolutions, the MENA economies continue to hurt after with wider MENA growth dropping in 2012.
UAE leads chorus for more clean energy investments
07:06 GMT
Despite an economy that is heavily relient on hydrocarbons, the UAE has urged a greener future at the launch of Abu Dhabi Sustainability week and the World Future Energy Summit.
A new waterfront development in Tripoli with high-end restaurants, shops and accommodation will either give a badly needed boost to an impoverished city, or it will further divide an already fragmented society
06:48 GMT
Plans to regenerate the maria in Tripoli, northern Lebanon, has caused consternation amongst locals, but after 20 years of neglect, can residents for the divided city work out a viable future together?
Queen Rania said the Arab world has the richest and the poorest countries in energy in spite of proximity of energy resources
06:33 GMT
Queen Rania of Jordan used a keynote speech at the World Future Energy Summit in Dubai to say that the global economic slowdown warrants investment in green energy technology.

January 15, 2013

The sanctions have slashed tens of billions off Iranian oil revenues over the past year
11:55 GMT
Iran is desperate to maintain its role with OPEC and is thought to have spent $25 billion investing in oil and gas industries, but experts believe that the Islamic Republic must spend more to ensure western sanctions don't affect its role on the organisation.
Six countries to apply for visas to bring into Kuwait relatives who faced or could face arrest by their local authorities
11:24 GMT
Kuwait is easing visa-bans on people from six nations, which it introduced in 2011 blaming "security concerns". The relaxation will allow individuals to bring some family members and the rules vary depend on whether they work in the public or private sector.
The labour ministry started receiving applications from job seekers wishing to benefit from the employment campaign
11:08 GMT
Jordan is set to launch a new scheme involving 120 government bodies in an effort to provide 18,000 jobs as the official unemployment rate in the Kingdom hits 12.5 per cent.
The Kingdom is ranked 12th out of 177 economies worldwide, and is the only MENA country to rank in the top 20
10:04 GMT
As protests continue in Bahrain, and concerns remains over human rights abuses in the the small island nation, a new report claims that Bahrain is the most economically free in the MENA region.
Total industrial exports reached $2.688 billion; $352 million lower than during the same period in 2011
10:03 GMT
As other industries in Lebanon face a difficult future as the 23-month civil war in Syria grinds on, industrial exports are benefitting from the conflict.
IT spending remains vibrant, with the market expected to register around 13 per cent growth to $7.3 billion in 2013 compared to $6.5 billion last year
09:51 GMT
The UAE’s information technology market set for another strong year as economic growth heads northwards and consumer confidence gains momentum, with expectations of 13 per cent growth this year.

January 14, 2013

Operating profits declined recently from between $90 to $100 million to less than $40 million
07:57 GMT
The boss of Lebanon's flag carrying airline, Mohammed Hout, expressed fears that 2013 could be a tough year for MEA as the Syrian conflict grinds on, in addition to a host of internal Lebanese problem.