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December 30, 2012

Oil marketing revenues in Oman are set to boom in 2013, a new report shows
08:27 GMT
Oman's oil sector is well known for being highly lucrative, but new research shows the marketing of so-called "black-gold" in the Sultanate is expected to witness strong growth in 2013 due to growing consumer demand.
Iraq is now OPEC's second highest oil producer, with production rising 24 per cent n 2011
07:47 GMT
Iraq jumped two places to No. 2 in Opec's rankings this year, cementing its position among the world's leading oil producers. Neighbouring Iran dropped three spots to fifth as international sanctions took hold.

December 27, 2012

The GCC quest for relevance
11:34 GMT
The GCC held another meeting this week, but like other supranational institutions, it is struggling to find its role in the 21st Century, what is the future for the Riyadh-based grouping of Gulf states?
The total of agricultural exports increased 2 percent to reach $152 million in the first nine months of 2012
11:17 GMT
As the Syrian conflict continues to hurt the Lebanese economy, demand for agricultural goods from the the Cedar land is booming in the Gulf region.
75 per cent of women have secured jobs in the private sector, while the other 25 per cent started their own projects
11:05 GMT
Although a culture of shame still prevents many Jordanians from working as cleaners, waiters or in other “lowly” occupations, a civil society organisation in east Amman is helping some young people support their families by bucking these societal norms.
Lebanon's cabinet is to announce the tendering process for offshore gas
08:08 GMT
Lebanon is set to launch the tender process today for companies wishing to conduct offshore has drilling as the Cabinet discuss a raft of economic issues affecting the country.
A new report claims that Dubai is entering a new period of economic growth
07:56 GMT
A report published Wednesday by the Dubai Economic Council (DEC) claims the emirate’s financial performance since the crisis of 2009 indicates a “new phase of rapid growth” for Dubai’s economy.
More trouble with the Gulf Air restructuring as trade unions refuse communication with senior management
07:32 GMT
The unions of Bahrain’s national carrier Gulf Air have agreed not to communicate with the airline's executive management about the restructuring of the airline, as the debacle over the future of the flag carrier continues

December 26, 2012

 Libyans were treated in Jordan after the uprising, but many hotels are still waiting for payment
13:44 GMT
Some Jordanian hotels have been forced to close down or sell properties due to Libya’s delay in paying outstanding dues of Libyan guests who came to the Kingdom for medical care, according to the Jordan Hotel Association (JHA).
GCC economies are set to have a good 2013, buoyed by high oil prices
13:24 GMT
The GCC countries are expected to grow about five per cent in 2013 on a non-oil real GDP basis while oil prices will stay close to $100 per barrel keeping these countries budget finances in surplus, a report said.
Oman has beaten all other GCC nations in a World Economic Forum energy league table
13:04 GMT
The Global Energy Architecture Performance Report 2013, published by the World Economic Forum (WEF), has Oman in 76th place and heading GCC countries in the global ranking of energy systems.
Strike gas workers in Egypt highlight the problems of the country's economy
11:43 GMT
Four hundred of Egypt's gas bill collectors go into their 15th day on strike over better wages.
As the conflict in Syria grinds on, daily necessities such as bread are harder to buy
11:10 GMT
As the civil war in Syria grinds on, daily life in Syria gets harder, with long queues from bread and inflated prices.

December 25, 2012

A new campaign is hoping to use technology to reduce poverty
06:00 GMT
The poverty rate in Yemen has reached almost 55 percent and poverty among youth has increased to 60 percent, according to a report released by the World Bank in 2012, but a new scheme is using technology to halt the growing trend.
Qatar has raised its growth forecast as infrastructure projects gain speed
03:00 GMT
Qatar raised its forecast for economic growth next year and said that while prices would rise considerably as huge infrastructure-building plans gained speed, some fear the spectre of inflation.