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November 28, 2012

The government organisations are establishing local brands to support the economy
11:07 GMT
The United Arab Emirates is set to launch a new scheme aimed at promoting products that are "Proudly made in the UAE", and it will put in place a general policy to improve national products and their quality.
Banks in Lebanon are looking to expand abroad
06:34 GMT
Lebanon’s biggest bank, Bank Audi, will launch operations in Iraq next year and rival Byblos Bank is to enter the Libyan market as both contend with a flagging domestic economy.
Saudi's non-oil economy set for robust growth
03:00 GMT
Saudi Arabia's non-oil economy is expected to witness robust growth of 7.5 per cent in 2012 on the back of continued high government expenditure and increased domestic demand, said a new report.
The 2013 Oman budget is set to be much higher than it was in 2012
03:00 GMT
Oman's total budget expenditure for financial year 2013 has been estimated at 29 per cent higher than the announced budget expenditure for 2012, and around 12 per cent higher than the amended budget expenditure for this year.

November 27, 2012

Following Norway's example, channeling oil and gas revenues for a sovereign fund would also be highly beneficial to Lebanon's economy
11:12 GMT
Analysis of recently completed seismic data by top multinational companies showed that Lebanon's gas wealth could exceed that of Israel, CEO of Lebanon's upstream oil and gas company Petroleb has said in an interview.
The two presidents also exchanged views on a broad range of issues of mutual concern and latest regional and international developments.
11:12 GMT
The United Arab Emirates and the Ukraine have signed a range of agreements on Monday aimed at boosting bilateral trade agreements, as the Presidents sought to increase their relationship in areas of trade and tourism.
It expected real GDP growth in 2012 to be around 5 per cent - a figure based on 6.4 per cent growth in oil output, together with a 4 per cent growth in non-oil sectors
11:12 GMT
The ratings agency Standards and Poor have upgraded Abu Dhabi's rating, to just under the highest possible score, highlighting the stability tat the Emirate is viewed with, as the agency also announces that is believes Abu Dhabi is “among the wealthiest economies in the world”
Farmers are complaining that the debt cancelation programme is less forgiving than first hoped
06:39 GMT
Egypt's President Morsi had previously said that he would cancel farmers outstanding debt below LE10,000 ($1,666). However, two months later, the farmers said the debt cancellations are only being applied to non-performing – i.e. delinquent –loans.
Omani human traffickers are exploiting the UAEs amnesty
03:00 GMT
In the latest form of human trafficking to come to light, expatriates in Oman are being smuggled by 'agents' to UAE, from where they return to their home countries by taking advantage of an amnesty scheme announced by the UAE government.
Dubai authorities are assisting the booming medical tourism industry with new visa rules
03:00 GMT
Medical tourism in Dubai is looking set to increase after an announcement that overseas patients who wish to seek treatment in Dubai will be able to avail of a three-month medical tourist visa, extendible twice — up to nine consecutive months

November 26, 2012

ESC said that the recommendations were developed after conducting a study on the social and economic needs of area residents
11:21 GMT
The Jordanian Cabinet has approved a set of recommendations that seek to achieve social and economic development in Qatraneh District, 100km south of Amman, in an effort to improve one of the Kingdom's most deprived areas.
The GCC should grasp the opportunity to be the powerhouse driving positive change in the Arab world
11:21 GMT
The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has said that it is in a better place for reform in the new Middle East after the 'Arab Spring'. A leading figures in the organisation says that it is time to grab the opportunity for reform , but is it all just hot air from the hot region?
A new SARs spreads like other respiratory viruses, through releasing viral particles from coughing and sneezing which then find new hosts in the general vicinity
10:43 GMT
Fears are growing of a a new SARs-like virus that has been found in Saudia Arabia and Qatar, with only sixth reported deaths so far. Should a pandemic occur, this could cause more than a headache for the region's businesses as staff fall ill.
A green economy is the only way forward, experts claim
07:13 GMT
For a stabile global financial system, green development and sustainable economic development is the only way forward to create a viable economy that is safe for future generations.
The Saudi government is planing a process of 'Saudization' to increase work opportunities for domestic workers.
04:00 GMT
The Saudi government cold be sitting pretty with its latest efforts at 'Saudization', as it attempts to fulfil its promise to create more jobs for local workers and will see a huge increase in revenue from fines levied at firms employ migrant workers.