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May 21, 2012

Saudi production reached a 31-year high at 9.923 million barrels per day (bpd) in March, marginally more than Russia's 9.920 million bpd
15:25 GMT
Saudi Arabia has overtaken Russia as the world's biggest producer of oil for the first time in six years as the kingdom tries to compensate for declining Iranian exports and attempts to push crude prices lower.
Ezdan is listed as one of 500 top capitalisation Arab companies listed for the year 2011
15:03 GMT
According to the list of the 'Finance and Business', the specialised business magazine, the market capitalisation of Ezdan Real Estate Company reached $16,165,590,000 at the end of 2011.
Saudi Arabia topped the list of Arab states in terms of non-oil trade with the UAE in 2011
12:42 GMT
The non-oil foreign trade sector in United Arab Emirates surged to nearly Dhs1 trillion during 2011, according to recent figures released by the Federal Customs Authority (FCA).
Today’s Euro crisis is a clear case of conflict between monetary and fiscal policies
11:56 GMT
Policy makers failed to sufficiently take into account growing macroeconomic imbalances that contributed to the buildup of systemic risks in the financial system and in housing markets.
There are 100 Islamic funds incorporated and registered in Bahrain with total assets of $1.7bn as of March 2012
09:27 GMT
In Bahrain, the mutual funds industry is one of the fastest growing segments of the overall financial sector.

May 20, 2012

The Islamic funds industry has gained significant interest as a viable and efficient alternative model of financial intermediation
15:42 GMT
With an estimated growth rate of 15-20 percent, the Islamic finance industry will continue to be one of the fastest growing components of the global financial system, industry experts have asserted.
Preserving political stability will boost economic growth and enable Lebanon to attract foreign investment
15:23 GMT
The economy needs a thriving tourism season to compensate for the current political and economic crises, said the head of the Economic Association Adnan Kassar Thursday.
Small and medium players are now increasingly launching franchises
15:06 GMT
Abu Dhabi issued more than 2,000 new commercial licences in the first quarter of the year. But the number of licences issued each month decreased between January and March.
The most important aspect of teaching is to have the passion for it
09:32 GMT
The UAE’s vocational institutes struggle to find the right teachers to deliver quality technical education due to the nature of teaching education routes say experts.
can Libya double its production to 3 million bpd - a level it last pumped more than 40 years ago?
09:29 GMT
Seven months later, Libya is already pumping 1.5 million bpd and expects to hit pre-war levels by next month.
There is concern that the social-networking goldmine may turn out to be little more than a seam of fool's gold
09:07 GMT
Any significant fall in the company's post-IPO performance could quickly result in Facebook dragging the technology sector from boom to bust.

May 17, 2012

Going forward, the IMF encouraged UAE authorities to continue their efforts to sustain growth and diversify the economy
16:33 GMT
The recovery of the economy is continuing despite the uncertain global economic environment. High oil prices and increased production, strong growth in Asia, and the UAE’s perceived safe haven status in the context of the regional turmoil.
Middle East and North Africa region would be affected in numerous ways if the Euro zone slips into recession again
15:22 GMT
One of the downsides of a globalised economy is that a crisis in one country would affect the entire world with effects varying across different regions, according to Frost & Sullivan.
The two-day WIFFMC 2012 opens at the Gulf Hotel on Sunday under the theme "New Growth Horizons: Expanding The Global Footprint of Islamic Funds and Investments
15:04 GMT
The increasing interest in Islamic finance in major markets across the globe presents a unique opportunity of expanding the global footprint of the Islamic investments industry.
The UAE's markets were also hit, with the Dubai Financial Market General Index closing down 1.3 percent at 1,466.08
10:45 GMT
With markets in turmoil, Greeks are said to have withdrawn about €700 million (Dh3.27 billion) from banks since May 6 in the expectation of a rapid depreciation if the country exits the euro zone, Reuters reported yesterday.