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June 5, 2012

Solar energy can be generated almost anywhere in Oman
15:00 GMT
Oman is blessed with abundant sunshine, and as research shows, it could be the prime energy source of the future.
According to the firm a key will be Chinese buying interest after the recent price decline
15:00 GMT
Copper could rebound to $7.500 $7.700 per metric ton within the next a week or two said R.J. O Brien Associates in a snippet.
Most Iranian banks have been blacklisted by the US and EU
09:25 GMT
The ease of doing business with Iran is deteriorating as a result of the difficulty of transferring money to and from the country.
Regardless of academic musings, there is no doubt that consumption is statistically the key driver for the Western economies
09:05 GMT
Despite the dangers of overconsumption by way of debt, the tendency to consume rather than save is valued very highly by most economists, who perceive a circular flow of income whose momentum must be sustained.
The private sector will not be worried by any price hikes because additional costs will be reflected directly on consumers
08:23 GMT
Experts believe the government should have limited hikes in power prices on large businesses and high-income earners in order to keep inflationary pressures under control and not to affect economic growth.

June 4, 2012

Of course in our globalised markets oil is the winner and loser as the world's trajectory changes.
13:06 GMT
Saudi Arabia, the top oil exporter, saw a high oil price as counter productive and has been raising output saying repeatedly it wanted prices of around $100 per barrel.
Authorities are taking the fight to shop owners who con customers with false discount
09:27 GMT
The Department of Economic Development (DED) said that some shoddy stores are trying to lure shoppers - especially tourists - with promises of bumper 75 percent discounts.
Due to its extreme complexity, plus the targeted nature of the attacks, no security software detected it, the cyber security firm said
08:53 GMT
The computer malware known as “Flame”, which recently infected computers across the Middle East and North Africa, has not affected public or private institutions in Jordan, according to government officials and private sector experts.

June 3, 2012

There is a lot of heightened uncertainty and risk in the market in the euro area, and this is playing on manufacturers' minds
15:00 GMT
Some of the world's major economies are faltering or shrinking, with Chinese factory output barely growing and powerful European manufacturing countries falling deeper into malaise.
The UAE has been the most stable politically and economically. The growth rates there are conducive to private aircraft
15:00 GMT
The Middle East and North Africa region remains a key market for business jets despite economic slowdown and instability.
The proper education in the medium is essential for success
15:00 GMT
Eight out of every ten respondents (81.6 percent) claim that the potential for social media to damage a company’s reputation is one of the biggest challenges to overcome.
Secure employment is much better safety net than politically opportune but unsustainable spending on social security grants
12:27 GMT
There will not be any sustainable solution to the global economic crisis unless the level of unemployment is radically reduced in both developed and emerging countries.
The law will give Qatar more powers to hold events and give permission to build new hotels
12:09 GMT
Qatar is set to issue a new tourism law this month aimed at giving Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) more teeth to establish infrastructure ahead of the 2022 Football World Cup scheduled to be held in Doha, a top-ranking QTA official told Gulf News.
Even professional investors are not immune to falling markets
11:45 GMT
Investors can succumb to irrational behaviour, which can compound their losses and destroy the value of their investments.

May 31, 2012

It is important to have a genuine partnership between the public and the private sectors due to the fact that promotional campaigns are costly
15:00 GMT
The Kingdom's tourism sector lost around JD700 million in real and potential revenue last year, the government said on Wednesday.