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November 19, 2012

Is it high-time homeowners in Jordan became self-sufficient in energy?
11:21 GMT
For citizens of a country that imports 98 per cent of its energy needs, the notion of personal energy independence may seem like a far-fetched futuristic fantasy, but it might be time to consider such a move after the government cancelled fuel subsidies.
Egypt's Salfists have entered the business world
11:13 GMT
At one of Cairo's luxurious Nile side hotels, in a lavish ballroom, around a hundred Egyptian Salafists, including some of their top religious scholars, gathered to launch their Salafist movement's first business association.
Would tourists benefit from a single GCC-wide tourist visa?
10:01 GMT
A single Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) entry visa will help boost the number of tourists in the region and will reinvigorate tourism as a sector, a study submitted to GCC officials has found.
Jordan's PM has introduced a range of austerity measures that have lead to angry protests across the country
09:19 GMT
Teachers are continuing with industrial action in Jordan after the government introduced a range of austerity measures, including the highly controversial increase in the cost of cooking gas and fuel.
Sanctions against Iran will hit the economy, but not oil output according to the IEA.
08:40 GMT
Iranian oil output rose in October after seven months of decline due to Western sanctions and its exports rebounded strongly as China and South Korea bought more oil, the West’ energy watchdog said.
The US is to overtake Saudi Arabia as the worlds top oil producer
08:30 GMT
The US will overtake Saudi Arabia and Russia as the world’s top oil producer by 2017, the West’s energy agency said, predicting Washington will come very close to achieving a previously unthinkable energy self-sufficiency.

November 18, 2012

Lebanese banks show a good performance despite the difficult internal and regional circumstances
11:29 GMT
Lebanon's economy has had a tough year. The Syrian conflict has hit the country hard, public sector workers held stikes over pay increases, and a bombing in Beirut have all taken their tole, but growth should remain, albeit at a lower 2% rate.
Will the loan be utilised constructively or will it fall through the cracks in the system?
11:07 GMT
The long-awaited International Monetary Fund loan to Egypt still rests behind a smokescreen, not helped by secretive government officials who are refusing to discuss the details of the deal, so what is it really about?
Ensour said the decision could not have been delayed until the parliamentary elections
11:03 GMT
Jordan's Prime Minister Ensour has said that the decision to increase the cost of fuel and cooking gas as aprt of a wide ranging austerity drive is a necessary medicine that the Kingdom must take if the economy is still to regain health.
Business leaders have expressed their fears over new fines for employing too many migrant workers
09:15 GMT
The Saudi Ministry of Labour will address private business concerns over the fees charged to companies for expatriate workers if their numbers exceed those of Saudi employees
The IMF is standing by to assist the Tunisian economy
09:02 GMT
The International Monetary Fund has said that it is ready to offer advice and assistance to the North African country that is still beset by economic woes after the revolution that removed President Ben Ali from power.
Non-oil Middle East economies are struggling
03:00 GMT
Uncertainties are weighing heavily on Arab economies and structural reform is, more than ever, needed to avert falling into a vicious cycle of economic deterioration and unrest.

November 15, 2012

Ecuador is eyeing up Gulf states for investment
13:12 GMT
Latin America's growing trade relations with the Gulf countries shielded it from the worst of the economic recession which pummelled their traditional trading partners, a top official said.
Unemployment poses a grave risk to the global economy and future stability, according to experts at the World Economic Forum in Dubai
12:41 GMT
Global unemployment is posing a grave risk to the global economy and future stability of regions as policy makers struggle to work out how to create the necessary jobs needed.
Could entrepreneurship  change the face of the  MENA business environment?
11:08 GMT
In the MENA region, 12 per cent of the adult population has started a private business, compared to an average of 18 per cent in emerging Latin American economies and five per cent in G7 countries, are we witnessing a game changer in MENA business?