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March 22, 2012

The UAE is expected to see $18 billion in prepaid card payments over the next five years
17:55 GMT
Prepaid card payments are likely to grow faster than credit and debit cards as they started from a smaller base, said Richard Bialek, Senior Business Leader of Prepaid Products at Visa.
Total UAE traffic movement in the first month of 2010 were 51,851
15:34 GMT
About 47 percent of the UAE’s total air traffic movement in January came from Dubai with 24,338.
According to the report, applicant profiles likely contain details that are off-limits in the hiring process
15:24 GMT
The average profile of a person can be overflowing with information that could be used to construct a fairly detailed sketch of a job applicant, which can differ greatly from the image that applicant would like to project to a potential employer.
Currently, the global annual sukuk market is valued at $180 billion
10:24 GMT
The supply-demand imbalance in the sukuk market means that issuers can place sukuk among a wide investor base and attract competitive pricing on sales.
18% of Middle East business leaders believe Turkey offers rapid growth opportunities
08:36 GMT
Business leaders in the Middle East look to emerging markets for growth lessons and best practice more than developed markets.
Economy Minister Nicolas Nahhas added that strict measures would be taken to control the import, storage and distribution of food
07:21 GMT
Residents of Beirut remain unconvinced that local establishments are meeting the proper health standards.

March 21, 2012

The balance sheets of UAE banks increased by 3.5 percent in 2011 and the UAE has the largest banking sector in the (MENA) region
19:54 GMT
Banks in the UAE are better capitalised compared to those in the United States and other developed countries.
Nokia users in the Gulf download four million apps for their phones a week
16:54 GMT
It seems strange to talk of a crisis at a company that sells more of its products than any of its competitors. But that hasn’t stopped the rumblings surrounding mobile phone behemoth Nokia for the past few years.
Dubai was previously promoted largely as a luxury, five-star destination, but the emirate has shifted its tourism marketing strategy in recent years
16:22 GMT
Dubai is launching a £1 million (Dh5.8m) advertising campaign to try to change perceptions of the British towards the emirate as a holiday destination as visitor numbers from the United Kingdom decline.
Egyptian rice is meant to be sold to the domestic market at subsidized prices
10:05 GMT
Smugglers in the Middle East are enjoying an unlikely moneyspinner — illegal medium grain rice.
Platinum Group metals prices have remained well supported despite the selloff in both gold and silver in recent weeks
09:32 GMT
The gold price fell to its lowest level in two months last week.
An escalation in the ongoing Iran crisis will hit the region’s economies
09:16 GMT
The Iranian situation, if escalated, would adversely affect a lot of things, including inflation, oil prices, the flow of trade and the flow of investment,” said the Omani minister.

March 20, 2012

Food prices and education costs have in fact seen an upward trend since April 2009, rising 19 percent and 31 percent respectively since April 2009
17:02 GMT
Any rise in the prices of essential commodities like food naturally causes people with lower income levels to have to spend a greater portion of their earnings.
Holding up better than gold to the current down pressure is a good sign for silver
15:36 GMT
Silver prices are better supported than gold by investment flows, particularly as total silver reserves are reckoned to be less than half the amount held in gold. It is a supply and demand issue.
The key question will be who gets to control the various payment mechanisms
15:20 GMT
The conventional wisdom says that debt and regulation are the big challenges for banks, most of them scrambling to recover from the financial crisis.