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May 20, 2012

There is concern that the social-networking goldmine may turn out to be little more than a seam of fool's gold
09:07 GMT
Any significant fall in the company's post-IPO performance could quickly result in Facebook dragging the technology sector from boom to bust.

May 17, 2012

Going forward, the IMF encouraged UAE authorities to continue their efforts to sustain growth and diversify the economy
16:33 GMT
The recovery of the economy is continuing despite the uncertain global economic environment. High oil prices and increased production, strong growth in Asia, and the UAE’s perceived safe haven status in the context of the regional turmoil.
Middle East and North Africa region would be affected in numerous ways if the Euro zone slips into recession again
15:22 GMT
One of the downsides of a globalised economy is that a crisis in one country would affect the entire world with effects varying across different regions, according to Frost & Sullivan.
The two-day WIFFMC 2012 opens at the Gulf Hotel on Sunday under the theme "New Growth Horizons: Expanding The Global Footprint of Islamic Funds and Investments
15:04 GMT
The increasing interest in Islamic finance in major markets across the globe presents a unique opportunity of expanding the global footprint of the Islamic investments industry.
The UAE's markets were also hit, with the Dubai Financial Market General Index closing down 1.3 percent at 1,466.08
10:45 GMT
With markets in turmoil, Greeks are said to have withdrawn about €700 million (Dh3.27 billion) from banks since May 6 in the expectation of a rapid depreciation if the country exits the euro zone, Reuters reported yesterday.
More and more of the 513 hotels in the UAE are saying they’re reaping the rewards of adopting eco-friendly practices
09:55 GMT
Hotels are the number one contributor to global warming. That’s even more prevalent across the Gulf region where the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has just ranked Qatar, Kuwait and then the UAE as having the globe’s largest carbon footprints.
Leading the list in the Top 50 Richest Arab Businesswomen in Listed Companies category was Shaikha Amna bint Mohammed Al Thani
09:09 GMT
Eight Bahraini women have made history as they were named among Forbes' most powerful females in the Arab world.

May 16, 2012

The UAE free zones contribute more than 25 percent to the country’s GDP
16:13 GMT
The new Companies Law will add value and attract investments with large capital requirements into the country.
The choices of Lebanese banks – and non-U.S. banks around the world – under the new rules are, indeed, limited
15:06 GMT
Essentially, the source said, U.S. passport holders banking in the Lebanese system will be asked to sign documents that waive their right to privacy.
Employers are now more tolerant of people working outside the office
13:01 GMT
Sometimes it pays to ditch the office and stay home or go to a cafe. At least that’s what many so-called telecommuters across Lebanon have discovered, as an increasing number do their work from the convenience of ... anywhere.
Europe's debt crisis has triggered concerns about the ability of GCC companies and banks to refinance debt this year
11:56 GMT
The euro zone narrowly avoided recession in the first quarter as growth remained flat, showed data released yesterday by Eurostat, the area's statistics agency.

May 15, 2012

The basic model of the new iPad carries a retail price of Dh2,099 in stores
15:49 GMT
Seventy-two hours into the official launch of the latest iPad in the UAE, retailers are still waiting for the rush of customers.
Technological innovations making the lives of consumers even easier
15:32 GMT
Demand for consumer electronics could be in for another bout of growth, fuelled mainly by intense competition.
Academic qualifications, past experience and the ability to convince are key criteria for funding
15:03 GMT
Starting out on one's own was never easy, but today there are a number of funds and support networks that promise to make the ride smoother.
Cultural industries that do not have positive impact on local development and do not serve local communities are a lost cause
12:46 GMT
Fostering creative industries can spur economic growth and create jobs in addition to promoting international cultural cooperation, Jordanian and European officials said at a forum Sunday.