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May 29, 2012

The research found that a fifth of respondents felt it was not possible to conduct business in the region without engaging in bribery or other forms of corruption
13:45 GMT
Backhanders and bribes are often used to win contracts and deals, according to a survey commissioned by the international audit firm Ernst & Young (E&Y).
In the new piracy wave scenario, piracy attack intensity doubles over the next ten years
12:54 GMT
With limited alternatives to by-pass the dangerous waters zone, Middle East supply chains are facing increased risk from piracy.
What makes wildly successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs so successful?
12:24 GMT
“Entrepreneurs are the people that stand up and say, ‘I am going to be the one to execute that idea better than anyone else has ever done it.’”

May 28, 2012

Policymakers failed to sufficiently take into account growing macroeconomic imbalances that contributed to the buildup of systemic risks in the financial system and in housing markets
14:00 GMT
Neither market discipline nor regulation were able to contain the risks resulting from rapid innovation and increased leverage, which had been building for years.
Feelings towards economy, commerce and employment are relatively consistent across the MENA region, with regional sentiment for the current situation remains relatively low
14:00 GMT
The majority of MENA residents have either maintained or improved upon their financial status in the past 12 months, with more positive sentiments for the year to come.
Lebanon needs to have a mix of different renewable energy sources
14:00 GMT
where does Lebanon stand in terms of renewable energy? What technologies will ensure that this target is met?
It is important to be discerning as not all tech firms are created equally
07:33 GMT
he second half of the year is the right time to invest in technology stocks as the valuation in the segment is close to 15-year lows, industry experts told Gulf News.
Any one who bought a piece of land in an integrated tourism complex should develop it or maintain it well for four years from the date of registration of the property
07:33 GMT
Now, expatriates and GCC nationals can not only buy land in the Sultanate, but also extend the size of their residential or commercial properties, as per a landmark decision.
Bahrain's economic development board estimates that foreign direct investment rose to about $300m last year, in spite of the unrest
07:33 GMT
In an effort to address the funding shortfall, the GCC last year pledged $10bn to Bahrain over a 10-year period, the first round of which is now being disbursed.

May 27, 2012

It would seem that establishing a single currency across a set of neighbouring and even relatively like-minded countries essentially requires political union, preferably in advance
11:01 GMT
It is a strange thing that any group of nations should wish at this time to emulate the most immediately newsworthy precedent of having established a regional monetary union.
God only knows the truth of the matter in light of this thick fog of chaos, and the ugly international negligence when it comes to upholding the rights of Syria
10:12 GMT
There is now a drought in the tourism market; a sector where security is considered an essential requirement rather than a complimentary condition.
Ninety-eight percent of Emira­tis have government jobs and the pay and working conditions are so good that few want to work for private companies
09:43 GMT
The research, by two lecturers at the UAE University, found that 10 percent of those quizzed expect a monthly salary of Dhs35,000 to Dhs50,000.

May 24, 2012

We all mean to make that trip to the recycling facility, or ease off on the air-conditioning in the evenings but it’s too easy to put it off for another week or year
16:03 GMT
If you want to make someone change their habits - don’t appeal to their better nature, hit them in the wallet.
Businesses should not exit Lebanon
15:52 GMT
Lebanese businesses should channel some of their investments to more promising regional economies to avert tougher economic conditions ahead.
Strengthening local debt capital markets would prepare the ground for a regional market that will be beneficial to all counties in the region
15:08 GMT
The Arab states must develop their bond markets by issuing laws to encourage transactions in bonds.