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November 5, 2012

A high percentage of users fell victims to mobile devices’ phishing
12:19 GMT
62% of PC users in the Middle East are unable to recognise a phishing message or a fake website, according to a recent survey.
Constructions in Muscat, Oman.
10:14 GMT
The 'meteoric' rise of property prices in Oman from the past six years cannot be sustained and experts are predicting a crash that would leave many investors in the lurch.
The IMF advice is to reduce spending and to improve long-term fiscal positions
03:00 GMT
Will Gulf states with oil-dependent economies run out of luck? Doomsday scenarios are always popular, especially when they are about countries that are perceived as smug and self-satisfied about their past economic performances and future prospects.

November 4, 2012

The event organized by the Lebanese Economic Association in Beirut, Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2012. (The Daily Star/Hasan Shaaban))
12:41 GMT
A seminar organised by the Lebanese Economic Association LEA in partnership with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation had this advice to give the Lebanese on pulling themselves out of crisis-mode: Watch Europe's crisis and learn. The impact of the European financial crisis on Lebanon has been minimal, yet Lebanon can learn from the Euro-zone.
Iran has decided to suspend its nuclear efforts until next summer
11:18 GMT
Israel is probably the most concerned country regarding Iran’s nuclear efforts, and that’s why it follows Iran’s every move relating to nuclear proliferation with meticulous attention. Minister Ehud Barak has leaked insights into an Iranian delay on nuclear armament as the Persian power it focuses on in the Shia 'cause' of the region.
Omani rial.
09:22 GMT
man piles on the pounds: not as a fat sultanate to challenge obesity in Qatar but adding members to its rich Sultan club, acquiring 225 new millionaires in 5 years. Topping the fat cat pile, riches come from oil and gas, then down the scale wealth is drawn from property and other industry sell-outs.

November 1, 2012

Is there a future for a viable Venture Capital environment in Lebanon?
09:39 GMT
Most new businesses need finance, and most venture capital firms are looking for a good investment. So why is it so hard for startups to get funding, and why do Venture Capitals say they don’t get good business plans?
A fuel crisis is heading to Jordan and could see blackouts and road restrictions
08:43 GMT
The Jordanian government is weighing options ranging from restricting the number of vehicles on the Kingdom’s roads to timed blackouts in order to confront what officials are calling an emerging “fuel crisis”.
Morsi has received a delegation from the EBRD
04:00 GMT
President Mohamed Morsi received on Tuesday 30/10/2012 President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Suma Chakrabarti.

October 31, 2012

Lebanon's banking sector has been able to withstand shocks from both the U.S. and European financial crises
11:02 GMT
The Eurozone crisis that has beset European countries that use the Euro, caused by dangerous lending and cheap credit, has had a dramatic impact on the continent, but so far it the contagion has been contained to affected nations, but it could soon be lapping at the shores of Lebanon.
The Washington-based IMF has predicted Oman's fiscal surplus will be 7.1 per cent of GDP this year, down from 8.1 per cent in 2011
11:00 GMT
The Omani economy is set to grow by five per cent in 2012, according to latest figures by the International Monetary Fund, although growth is expected to slow in 2013 as GCC countries face a slowing global economy beset by the potential 'fiscal cliff' in the US, the Eurozone and a slowing Chinese economy.
EU-wide ban on imports of settlement goods
09:59 GMT
People have long called for a boycott of goods made in Israeli settlements in Palestine, and now 22 Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) have demanded that the European Union bans all imports from the settlements.
As conflict continues in Syria.
08:19 GMT
While the devastating civil war is raging in Syria resulting in a human toll of 40,000, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry is looking to the future and is set to hold a conference looking at the economic planning in a 'post-Assad era'.
After the Arab spring, economists have said that they feel that market economies will prosper in the new democracies
04:00 GMT
Market economies are likely to prevail in countries affected by the Arab Spring despite calls for widespread change, according to economists and academics gathered at a Tunisian conference.
Are international sanction on Iran hitting Hezbollah?
03:00 GMT
International sanctions are forcing Iran to cut back aid to its anti-Israel Hezbollah allies in Lebanon, but the Lebanese group remains a potent force, a top Israeli military official said Monday.