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November 18, 2012

Ensour said the decision could not have been delayed until the parliamentary elections
11:03 GMT
Jordan's Prime Minister Ensour has said that the decision to increase the cost of fuel and cooking gas as aprt of a wide ranging austerity drive is a necessary medicine that the Kingdom must take if the economy is still to regain health.
Business leaders have expressed their fears over new fines for employing too many migrant workers
09:15 GMT
The Saudi Ministry of Labour will address private business concerns over the fees charged to companies for expatriate workers if their numbers exceed those of Saudi employees
The IMF is standing by to assist the Tunisian economy
09:02 GMT
The International Monetary Fund has said that it is ready to offer advice and assistance to the North African country that is still beset by economic woes after the revolution that removed President Ben Ali from power.
Non-oil Middle East economies are struggling
03:00 GMT
Uncertainties are weighing heavily on Arab economies and structural reform is, more than ever, needed to avert falling into a vicious cycle of economic deterioration and unrest.

November 15, 2012

Ecuador is eyeing up Gulf states for investment
13:12 GMT
Latin America's growing trade relations with the Gulf countries shielded it from the worst of the economic recession which pummelled their traditional trading partners, a top official said.
Unemployment poses a grave risk to the global economy and future stability, according to experts at the World Economic Forum in Dubai
12:41 GMT
Global unemployment is posing a grave risk to the global economy and future stability of regions as policy makers struggle to work out how to create the necessary jobs needed.
Could entrepreneurship  change the face of the  MENA business environment?
11:08 GMT
In the MENA region, 12 per cent of the adult population has started a private business, compared to an average of 18 per cent in emerging Latin American economies and five per cent in G7 countries, are we witnessing a game changer in MENA business?
GDP in Lebanon grew strongly  between 2006 and 2010 according to the IMF
09:05 GMT
The International Monetary Fund said Wednesday that Lebanon’s gross domestic product had been growing at a fast pace in 2010 for the fourth consecutive year.
After two days of rioting over the cost fo fuel, is there another way?
08:23 GMT
After two nights of protests across Jordan that have left one person dead, caused by the governments decision to increase fuel and gas prices, is there an alternative way for the Kingdom to increase revenue?

November 14, 2012

What is the future for the global economy?
15:00 GMT
The world economy is at a crossroads, with every major region of the world at a potential turning point, according to a new report.
Could industrial action hit shoppers in Lebanon?
14:00 GMT
Monday night, the Friends of the Spinneys Workers’ Committee gathered for a sit-in across from the supermarket chain’s Achrafieh branch in Lebanon, but what do the workers want and what else lies behind the dispute?
The fallout continues over the cancellation of an Iraqi-Russian arms deal
12:48 GMT
Iraq is annulling a $4.2 billion arms deal with Russia it reached earlier this year over concerns about possible corruption, an Iraqi government spokesman said, but Baghdad denies US involvement in the decision.
Saudi Arabia's tariffs could hurt the GCC's custom union
12:36 GMT
Hundreds of tariffs imposed by Saudi Arabia on imports risk holding back the full operation of the GCC customs union in 2015, say UAE officials
Egypt has curtailed nighttime opening hours for retail units in an effort to save electricity, but it could have other positive outcomes
10:11 GMT
Smoking shisha is a national past-time in Egypt, but soon it will have to be done at home after 2 AM, after a presidential order to that could be good for workers and Cairo alike.
Public sector workers in Lebanon have long been demanding pay increases
10:02 GMT
Lebanon's chances of approving a draft law to finance a controversial salary scale are dim if not nonexistent, ministers and experts say, after a bitter battle including strikes.