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October 15, 2012

Many are heralding the recovery of the Dubai real estate market, but what is the true picture?
06:00 GMT
The real estate market in Dubai is rocketing, all may not be what is seem, as the reality suggest a more subdued recovery.

October 14, 2012

The Arab fashion industry is booming, growing 400 per cent in ten years
12:42 GMT
Arab fashion industry has registered a solid growth of more than 400 per cent over the last decade with the UAE emerging as the regional fashion hub, attracting major international brands, said an expert.
Saudi Arabia is investing to improve Hajj for pilgirms
12:33 GMT
The Saudi Kingdom is investine SR 1.1 billion at holy sites as part of the governments efforts to enhance facilities for the annual Hajj pilgrimage.
The IMF says that subsidies in the MENA region must be reduced
12:09 GMT
At the IMF general meeting, the Middle East and Central Asia Department boss has said that the Middle East and North Africa region is spending $200 million on general subsidies that need to be reformed.
Does Lebanon need an economic rescue package?
08:26 GMT
the Lebanese Businessmen Association has repeated its cals for an economic rescue plan whilst also lamenting any rise in public sector salaries.
The Middle East is the worlds largest importer of wheat
07:00 GMT
Despite changes in diet all over the world, and particularly in the Arab world, wheat is still the most important ingredient in the daily meals consumed by all sectors of society, but it is increasingly harder to source and the Arab world is the biggest importer.
Even when Israel is looking like it is being kind, Palestine still suffers
06:00 GMT
Hundreds of thousands of entry permits are expected to be granted to Palestinians during Eid al-Adha, but the move is likely to hurt Palestine economically as well as undermine the standing of the Palestinian Authority as the effective power.

October 11, 2012

Saudi youths worry about their future
13:11 GMT
Young people in Saudi Arabia have started to complain that they are not being offered adequate training for the work place as employers complain that they find it hard to find potential staff with the right training.
As the Syrian conflict continues, the government warn of economic catastrophe
12:15 GMT
Syria's deputy prime minister and minister of trade declared this week that the country's economy would suffer "heart failure" if the crisis that has been sweeping the country over the last 18 months continues for another three months.
The firing of an airline employee accused of racism shows public opinion means a lot in Lebanon
12:05 GMT
The firing of a Middle Eastern Airline employee after she publicly insulted foreign passengers is proof that, in a society which still has far to go in combating racism, public opinion is powerful and moving in a positive direction.
The future of Arab Spring economies could be bright
08:56 GMT
The Arab Spring could have wide-ranging effects on the economies of the MENA region and could lead to an increase in entrepreneurship, according industry.
Under pressure: Strikes set to continue in Lebanon
07:18 GMT
Teachers and public sector employees threatened Wednesday to escalate action after staging a one-day strike protesting the Cabinet’s delay in referring to Parliament a draft law to increase their salaries.
Is money influencing politics in Lebanon?
06:00 GMT
Money talks in Lebanon during election periods as fears are raised over questionable government spending, with some being described as "politically or electorally motivated".

October 10, 2012

Record car sales are being seen in the UAE, bucking the global trend
13:40 GMT
Car sales in the UAE are speeding away and are now at record levels, thanks to a surge in new residents, including tax exiles and refugees from the Arab Spring.
The IMF report makes grim reading for the country
13:16 GMT
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has revised its outlook for the Sudan economy showing a worst than projected economic contraction for 2012, as the Africa nation is reclassified as an 'Oil Importer" after last years succession of South Sudan.