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June 11, 2012

The key risk factors that differ between the low risk MENA cities from the high risk group include literacy rates, and secondary and tertiary enrollments
16:00 GMT
Muscat is among the lowest risk cities in the region, with a rating that puts it ahead of international business hubs such as Barcelona, Milan, Lisbon, Kuala Lumpur and Beijing, according to the findings from the 2012 People Risk Index.
Government spending in the UAE, the second largest Arab economy, surged over 19 percent
16:00 GMT
The United Arab Emirates' public finances swung into a surplus of 2.9 percent of economic output in 2011 after two years of deficits.
Not only small- to medium-sized insurers are suffering from the slowdown, but also some of the country’s biggest insurance companies
15:00 GMT
Lebanese insurance companies were hit hard in the first quarter of 2012 on slower economic activity due to regional turmoil and domestic instability.
Electronics retailers have not been the only parties planning to cash in on sport this summer
11:49 GMT
Television sales increased up to 35 percent last week ahead of the Fifa Euro 2012 football tournament that began on Friday to kick off a long summer of sport.
Food kiosk owners said that demand for hot food and sandwiches such decreased due to the hot weather
11:46 GMT
Taxi drivers were not the only ones suffering a slump in business due to Sunday’s heat.
A fall in oil prices, stronger than expected growth in passenger traffic and a bottoming out of the freight market are driving some improvements in the profitability outlook
10:18 GMT
Global airline industry profits are expected to be $3 billion, unchanged from the last update in March, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) outlook for 2012 said.

June 10, 2012

The region’s recent political uprisings require an imminent and urgent response to employment challenges as the revolutions which unravelled have demonstrated that widespread economic inequality can stir social turmoil
15:00 GMT
The Arab World will need to create a staggering 75 million jobs in the coming decade – an increase of 40 percent more than what currently exist – to keep pace with the young and fast-growing population set to enter the workforce, a report said.
By expanding the wastewater treatment plant, more water for irrigation uses will be provided, which means more water to be used for household needs
15:00 GMT
Three million people in Zarqa and Amman would benefit from the ongoing five-year project, while over 19,000 households in Zarqa will be connected to sewage networks once the venture is completed.
There are several types of IT security breaches
11:00 GMT
Hackers can attack the computer system (i.e., laptop, PC, server, smartphone), the website of the victim, or the data sent by the victim over the network.
Global airline industry profits halved in 2011 to $7.9 billion and are expected to halve again this year
09:51 GMT
An eight percent drop in oil prices this year has delivered a quick fix to an industry severely damaged by record fuel costs.
The economies of both countries have been severely affected by the stoppage
08:15 GMT
South Sudan said Friday it was increasing taxes and customs duties, apparently in an attempt to fill the gap in the country's budget deficit after the closure of the oil production earlier this year.

June 7, 2012

Multibillion-dollar spending plans for social housing, infrastructure or tourism were supported by a resurgent oil price, with Brent averaging $107 a barrel last year, according to calculations by Reuters
15:00 GMT
The price of oil continues its decline, dipping below US$100 per barrel and casting a new light on budgets across the GCC.
In five to eight years Facebook is going to disappear in the way that Yahoo has disappeared
15:00 GMT
Facebook will become something of a has-been within five to eight years, according to one analyst. And while that assertion has raised a ruckus online this week, other industry analysts wouldn’t be shocked if the prediction comes true.
Gold also climbed on the possibility the Fed will consider more action to stimulate growth in economy
15:00 GMT
Gold jumped to test 30295 after the ECB kept rates unchanged and pledged to extend some of its liquidity providing operations.
In 2011, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE and Bahrain were among the top ten countries in the world by proportion of millionaire households
09:40 GMT
Private financial wealth in Middle East and Africa grew by 4.7 percent in 2011, according to a new report by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG).