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January 10, 2012

Almost 61% of employers consider the hiring practices in their company to be sophisticated
14:04 GMT
An employer poll conducted by Bayt.com has revealed that 28.8% of employers in the Middle East look for ‘hunger, drive and ambition’ as the most important factors when making a hiring decision.
If oil trades between $85-$95 per barrel range over the next decade, it will provide an adequate economic incentive for producers such as the UAE to continue investing in long-term sustainable production capacity, energy minister Mohammad Bin Dha’en Al Hameli said
13:44 GMT
“On a standalone basis, MENA region will be asked to invest over $100 billion every year,” said Al Attiyah, a former Qatar energy minister.

January 9, 2012

Going into cash for the short-term never made more sense. Inflation is already moving up and interest rates cannot lag behind for long
17:47 GMT
Because Gulf interest rates have not fallen like most dollar areas we should feel less of the impact of rising interest rates.
Syria's reserves are suffering, although earlier in the year, they were reported at $18 billion
17:04 GMT
Although some countries objected to the measures, most of them-surprisingly including Lebanon-have said that they will apply them to doing business with Syria.
Fayez stressed that the tourism industry will continue to be among the most important sectors in enhancing the local economy in the future
17:03 GMT
"The instability the region has witnessed and protests in Jordan were one of the factors that affected the sector in 2011," Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Nayef Al Fayez remarked.
Iran is always very reluctant to take action that would cripple its own economy
08:06 GMT
In the meantime oil prices stay high when a recession in the EU ought to be lowering them. This is good news for the Gulf Oil States, although they are always weary of being too offensive to Iran just in case the Western powers one day leave them on their own.
Demand will remain strong and rental rates steady for warehousing in the Muscat and Batinah areas, as supply of warehousing in the rental market remains constrained
07:43 GMT
Average tenant budgets have fallen over recent years while, conversely, the expectations of tenants have risen as they seek greater quality and value for money.
“We were expecting a more active start of the year after the holidays, but so far it’s been disappointing,” said Carole Sassine
07:23 GMT
Total shares traded reached 214,382 this week, as average daily trading dropped by half to 71,461 shares compared to 143,480 shares in the final week of 2011.

January 8, 2012

Companies that are domestically focused, defensive, and less correlated to global demand; the retail would be perfect for their investments
17:48 GMT
Saudi Arabia's retail sector is expected to grow fast, driven by a rising population, improving education and changing lifestyles.
According to a study conducted by the Union of Arab Banks last year on 'SMEs Bank Loans in the (MENA) region,' revealed that the percentage of loans provided by banks to the SMEs does not exceed 8 percent
17:28 GMT
Accelerating growth SMEs are not provided funds for many reasons, and therefore they lose great opportunities to boost their market share. This study covered 139 banks in 16 countries in the MENA region.
"It is a known fact now that there is division in our society. We cannot live in a half-divided country and need to take that difficult step to move forward," Al Kooheji said
17:25 GMT
It is important that all groups move on rather than jeopardise the country's future, says Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry vice-chairman Abdulhameed Al Kooheji.
Last year, the Gulf nations were found to have lower inflation, and a higher current account balance and gross national savings — both relative to GDP
14:00 GMT
The six GCC countries stand up well compared with the economic transition of the four key Asian markets 20 years ago, according to the research company Arabia Monitor.
Jaap Meijer, Senior Analyst at HC Securities in Dubai, told Gulf News the equity markets in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are expected to do reasonably well in 2012, even if oil prices fall a bit
13:49 GMT
The markets will continue to see low volumes,” Mohammad Ali Yasin, Chief Investment Officer at CAPM Investment, told Gulf News.
“Cyberthreat Forecast for 2012” predicted that attackers will have to change their methods in response to growing competition among IT security companies
13:34 GMT
Cyber crimes that might affect Jordan include identity theft, phishing, e-fraud, and infecting devices with malware to steal data, according to the IT experts.

January 5, 2012

Such training programmes help improve and develop talent
17:26 GMT
President Shaikh Fawaz bin Mohammed Al Khalifa stressed that the Information Affairs Authority (IAA) was continuing efforts to attain the best global expertise for Bahraini media cadres