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January 4, 2012

Economists told The Daily Star that all employers who gave a raise to some of their employees two years ago must prove that this increase was for the high cost of living
17:50 GMT
On Dec. 21, the Cabinet approved a wage hike proposal by Nahhas which stipulated that the minimum wage would increase to LL868,000 – a sum that included a LL236,000 transportation allowance which the government added to the basic salary.
Qatar Financial Markets Authority (QFMA) said it has officially adopted the new listing and IPO rules in the secondary market after an in-depth consultation with the concerned parties
17:49 GMT
Despite the global financial crisis, Qatar has prospered in the last several years.
Achieving growth in spite of market conditions, deciding on an exit strategy, and developing a professional organisation are a few such challenges for established entrepreneurs
17:31 GMT
There are nascent plans by the local chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation (EO) to implement a programme that would actually go on to make a difference for business owners still finding their way.
The West has imposed the increasingly tight sanctions over Iran’s nuclear programme, which Tehran says is strictly peaceful but Western countries believe is geared towards building an atomic bomb
09:13 GMT
A new law, signed by president Barack Obama on New Year’s Day, imposing sanctions on financial institutions that deal with Iran’s central bank, the main clearinghouse through which OPEC’s second largest oil exporter deals with clients around the world.
For social networks, Facebook was the top dog in 2011 with more than 137 million unique visitors per month, according to Nielsen
08:44 GMT
The Nielsen study showed that Google was the most-visited website in 2011, with an average of more than 153 million unique visitors a month. Facebook was second with more than 137 million, and Yahoo was third with 130 million.
Gold was on the rally up until mid-September and the market was bullish, there was no looking back for trading activity
07:46 GMT
Gold was on a winning streak as it topped Dubai’s exports in the first nine months of last year amounting to Dh45 billion on the back of high demand from India and a bullish market, latest statistics and analysts say.

January 3, 2012

Banks have improved their balance sheets after the bursting of a property-fuelled asset bubble during the global financial crisis of 2009 left many exposed to soured debts
17:50 GMT
Net profits of banks grew by 11.3 percent to reach Dh24.98 billion (US$6.8bn) in the first 10 months of last year, Sultan Al Suwaidi said yesterday.
"Sales prices for apartments and villas are expected to see marginal declines, predominantly for areas with ongoing construction and incomplete infrastructure," Asteco, a property firm  predicted
17:21 GMT
Housing prices and rents will continue to decline in the UAE next year despite growing demand, local analysts predict.
Saudi International Petrochemical Company's profitability would be affected the most if the price of natural gas was increased, the Mr Al Alaiwat said
09:13 GMT
The profitability of Saudi Arabia's petrochemicals companies could be reduced this year if the government increases its gas prices, NCB Capital says.
Economic failure on Egypt’s path forward would mean a rise in radicalism, security threats, disruption of energy flows and migration pressure – and is simply not an option
08:51 GMT
Egypt’s economy may face a severe crisis due to persistent street protests, strikes, capital flight, rising inflation, increased food prices and unemployment.
Government companies are expected to offer employment opportunities for 2,000 aspiring Omani youths
08:06 GMT
The budget aims at providing employment for 36,000 people in the government sector this year, including defence forces.

January 2, 2012

Economists say cutting energy subsidies, which represent about 20 of total spending, is one of the few practical options the country has to cut the deficit
20:28 GMT
Egypt's government will increase natural gas and electricity prices paid by heavy industries by 33 percent this month to narrow its growing budget deficit.
Economies in the Gulf should continue to benefit from healthy income from their crude trade
20:04 GMT
Despite a faltering global outlook, ongoing weakness in the US and a seemingly intractable European debt crisis, the GCC should still make healthy energy revenues this year.
The difference between a money investment and a gold one is that gold is resilient to major economic and monetary crises fluctuations and inflation
19:22 GMT
In these times of financial and economic turmoil there is one certainty: the value of gold has proven time and time again that its course can only go up thus reassuring your confidence in it as the most suitable class of investment.
The projected increase in UAE salary is expected to be higher than the average global base salary increase across all jobs and locations
11:06 GMT
According to Towers Watson research, one of the finest global market intelligence services, salaries in the country are expected to rise by a further 5.7 percent in 2012.