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March 14, 2012

Consumers account for 56pc of the amount of electricity consumed, followed by commercial use at 28pc and industry at 15pc, with the remaining used by the agriculture sector
09:10 GMT
Bahrain has been urged to launch a national initiative to encourage all sectors of society to make better use of energy.

March 13, 2012

Gaining access to this booming market, is still not that easy
15:45 GMT
In this private environment, Dubai and the wider UAE became a retail destination for the world, rivalling London, Paris and New York for the sheer number of stores and brands available to shoppers.
Numbers of passenger ships fell from four to one last month
15:35 GMT
The latest signs show the numbers of trading vessels passing through the canal steadily trickling away.
The Middle East and North Africa will never be the same
15:06 GMT
2011 was a tough economic year for revolutionary and evolutionary countries.
Banks that take a retail approach to customer-centricity focus on creating a comfortable and enjoyable banking experience
12:20 GMT
Customer-centricity may be defined as ‘a way of banking based on trust and fairness that uses knowledge of customers to meet their needs and achieve sustainable, valuable, long-term relationships’.
Rents will continue to face downward pressure until this oversupply is absorbed
11:51 GMT
Following a peak in rents in 2008 and the subsequent plunge in the market, experts said, the capital could this year see a spate of initiatives that will consolidate and strengthen players.
On the supply side, the study suggests that the labor markets in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan face similar structural imbalances resulting from an ongoing demographic bulge in the youth segment
11:00 GMT
High youth unemployment, estimated at 19 percent, remains a major obstacle to the development of Lebanese economy, according to study published Monday.

March 12, 2012

Trade liberalisation offers SMEs an opportunity to not only survive but grow their business beyond the borders of their country
16:56 GMT
The importance of the SME sector cannot be understated in any country, least of all in the UAE where they account for 98.5% of all firms. SMEs by their virtue have the potential of being the engine of economic growth.
These days, some big businesses are being pushed to invest in more sophisticated means to keep pace with consumers who demand different kinds of contact points
16:42 GMT
A quick scan of tweets sent by companies such as the telecommunications operators du and Etisalat will reveal plenty of back-and-forth digital discussion between them and disgruntled customers.
Investors have been seeking refuge in gold out of fear that there will be more currency devaluations, especially in the Eurozone
15:32 GMT
Gold’s overall performance is still remarkable, though it is but a small part of a bigger picture.
Now if UAE publishers are going to move from printed media to online they are in for a nasty shock in revenue terms
09:35 GMT
Digital is the future of advertising in the UAE but currently the rates offered to publishers are so low that most of them are going to end up bankrupt.
Since tourism touches all sectors of the economy, its real direct and indirect impact is even greater
09:00 GMT
The tourism industry’s direct contribution is expected to grow by 3 percent per year in real terms during the 2012-2022 period compared to a 4.1 percent real growth rate for both the Middle East and the world.
For years, the government has resisted cutting subsidies for fear of igniting inflation and the wrath of its citizens
08:04 GMT
The subsidy problem has become more difficult politically since the uprising which overthrew president Hosni Mubarak last year, because the turmoil slashed economic growth, pushing up unemployment and poverty.

March 11, 2012

SIM box fraud is a global problem that is affecting operators worldwide
16:24 GMT
Mobile operators in Jordan lose millions each year as a result of "SIM box" fraud, according to Revector, a UK-based anti-fraud company.
Some argued that a rate war when hotels slash prices in the face of competition is underway
13:54 GMT
Hospitality consultants have said that the projects have pushed the hotel market to a point of saturation.