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February 16, 2012

The newly created portal is expected to not only speed up the process and make it easier but also increase transparency, efficiency and productivity
16:26 GMT
All tenders pertaining to projects, works and procurement by the government will soon be called for and accepted via the newly created portal www.tenderboard.gov.bh.
Via the Silk Route, cargo can be moved from China to Europe in 14 days compared to nearly four weeks by sea freight
09:48 GMT
The ancient Silk Road that connected China to East Asia and Europe is seeing a resurgence, thanks to expansion of the project cargo and heavy lift transportation business according to Breakbulk Magazine.
Hotels in Dubai and Saudi Arabia outperformed other markets in the Middle East last year
08:54 GMT
Dubai became a market leader with hotels recording the highest occupancy levels of 78 percent in the period January to December 2011, according to the E&Y study.
Banks in the Middle East and Asia that comply with Sharia law have demonstrated a strong appetite for new assets that meet their requirements
08:02 GMT
Sukuk instruments are, increasingly attracting attention as a source of funding and diversification.

February 15, 2012

A spike in oil prices would fuel inflation and upset a fragile economic recovery in both developed and emerging markets
16:24 GMT
Rising tension between Iran and the West has the potential to disrupt the fragile economic recovery across the developed world, deepen a European recession and slow down growth in the Middle East and emerging market economies.
A lot of people have already expressed their desire to sign up for next year’s event which should be an even stronger one
16:22 GMT
Deals worth millions of dollars were struck as more than 2,300 trade visitors attended the fifth Gulf Industry Fair.
The alliance would be for real action, leading to more jobs for young people
16:02 GMT
For young people, unemployment is not only a cyclical problem. It is also a chronic condition that is robbing them of a secure future and depriving society of their contributions to a healthier and more productive economic future for everyone.
Web-based business greatly reduces barriers to market entry
13:14 GMT
“The only way to go is to go Web. It’s the only way to tap into a borderless market of 60 million Arabs,” Cinemoz CEO Karim Safieddine, 27, tells The Daily Star from his workstation on Hamra Street.
The rail link will start in Kuwait and pass by the eastern Saudi city of Dammam, connecting with Bahrain
11:40 GMT
A feasibility study conducted in 2009 suggested the 90km railway link from Dammam to Bahrain would cost between $4.2 billion and $4.5 billion according to 2008 figures.
A reduction or re-targeting of Iranian oil exports might increase the price that Gulf oil exporters can expect
11:10 GMT
The likelihood of severe disruption of oil supplies through the strait, through which 20 percent of the world’s oil flows, is 'very low,' though if one did occur, it might boost oil to US$150 a barrel and push economies into a recession, according to the reports.

February 14, 2012

Hotels in Manama are the worst hit
16:19 GMT
Protests are driving customers away from Bahrain's hotels.
Tenders are provided with whole details
16:04 GMT
Today, the most tenders are from Iraq and Qatar.
There could also be an excess of supply of building materials which may be bringing the prices down
13:39 GMT
The average prices of several building materials in Abu Dhabi fell in January compared with December with the largest fall recorded in the average price of steel.
Strong performance by banking stocks overshadowed weaknesses in Solidere’s Class A shares
09:58 GMT
Record profits at Lebanon’s listed banks are breathing new life into the country’s fading stock market.
These quantities must be increased in the future to meet the demands of the ongoing mega projects in Makkah and Jeddah
09:23 GMT
Saleem Al-Harbi, chairman of Manar Construction Company and a member of the board of directors of Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, considered the new quantities of cement that were brought to the region a compromise solution at the moment.