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April 9, 2012

A tourist can come to Jordan, enjoy his time, and at the same time undergo a medical checkup
11:04 GMT
Private Hospitals Association (PHA) Executive Director Abdullah Hindawi said the PHA is working on a plan, in cooperation with the Jordan Hotels Association (JHA), to offer new sightseeing and medical tourism packages.
Is it realistic for investors to shift their focus from real estate to the stock market?
10:34 GMT
Now, saying that Saudi investors are shifting focus from real estate to the stock market is not that accurate. Instead, it can be seen as a diversification across different asset classes.
Oman is expected to award more than $30 billion, followed by Qatar with $26 billion, Kuwait with more than $25 billion projects up for tender, and Bahrain with $10 billion
09:36 GMT
The construction sector in the GCC is poised for a rebound, with $286 billion (Dh1 trillion) in projects set to be awarded between 2012 and 2016, according to a new research report.

April 8, 2012

Online sales in the Arab world are forecast to top $2 billion by 2016
14:18 GMT
The biggest increases in prepaid channels was recorded in Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt, followed by the UAE, Kuwait and Oman (each increasing threefold), Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.
On the supply side, there is a similar difference between short-term and longer-run effects
13:26 GMT
A given time, people can and do respond by lowering their consumption of oil.
Apple failed to increase its market share in the region despite the launch of the iPhone 4S
09:07 GMT
As for regional smartphone sales only, Nokia was still the dominant manufacturer followed by Research in Motion and Android taking third spot.

April 5, 2012

Plans to re-open the country’s first oilfield, Dammam, which could add an extra 40,000 bpd are still under study
14:21 GMT
Top global oil exporter Saudi Arabia is set to use a record number of drilling rigs this year as it ramps up production, in the face of possible supply shortages due to Western sanctions on Iran.
As Gulf markets began this year in bullish mood, a number of companies dusted off plans for IPOs planned before markets fell after the global financial crisis
13:46 GMT
A single initial public offering in the Gulf during the first three months of the year raised US$62.4 million (Dh229.2m), according to data from Bloomberg News.
Emerging Markets will lead the global expansion
09:20 GMT
The global economy faces three key risks in 2012, first an oil price shock from supply disruptions in the Middle East, second the euro zone sovereign debt problems and lastly, China's real estate market downturn.

April 4, 2012

Clarke predicts that other sectors, such as oil and gas will also likely see M&A activity
12:46 GMT
The majority of M&A transactions over the past two years have concentrated on the GCC region, in particular the UAE and more recently Saudi Arabia, indicated the M&A report from Deloitte, a professional services firm.
Some firms are good at managing IT spending consistently
10:17 GMT
Investing in IT departments can have a bigger impact on a firm’s profits than similar spending on R&D and some marketing endeavors, according to a team of university researchers.
According to the Land Department figures, the heaviest investment was in apartments through sales and mortgages
09:53 GMT
Dubai's Land Department, which issued its annual report yesterday, claims that a 20 percent increase in property transactions in 2011 — at a value of Dh143 billion — is a sign of real estate market recovery and growth.

April 3, 2012

The education was the fastest growing sector, with 37 percent more postings year-on-year
11:59 GMT
The number of jobs advertised online in the Middle East rose 14 percent in February, with Saudi Arabia offering the most opportunities to jobseekers.
Mobile subscriber penetration now stands at 149.1 percent, less than previous estimate of almost 200 percent
10:04 GMT
Revisions to internet and mobile phone penetration figures in the UAE haverevealed a smaller proportion of the population use such services than was previously thought.
The shipping business in general now has to address growing piracy threats
07:50 GMT
Piracy threats pose major challenges to the global shipping industry, a top UAE government official said.