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October 31, 2012

After the Arab spring, economists have said that they feel that market economies will prosper in the new democracies
04:00 GMT
Market economies are likely to prevail in countries affected by the Arab Spring despite calls for widespread change, according to economists and academics gathered at a Tunisian conference.
Are international sanction on Iran hitting Hezbollah?
03:00 GMT
International sanctions are forcing Iran to cut back aid to its anti-Israel Hezbollah allies in Lebanon, but the Lebanese group remains a potent force, a top Israeli military official said Monday.

October 30, 2012

The regulations in India have hurt Dubai’s gold trade hard
11:17 GMT
The gold industry in Dubai has taken a substantial hit over recent months, as Indian authorities have ramped up duties on imports, losing 30 per cent over three-months, but the festival of Diwali could provide a glimmer of hope for the markets.
Employees in the UAE could benefit from being emancipated from their emails
10:54 GMT
We live in a world where communication is valued more and more, our phones act as mini-computers and where ever we are in the world, we can get that e-mail from the boss asking us to work. But is it time for workers to assert their rights and switch off after hours?
More than half of employees (54 percent) are still using only smartphones for basic work functions
10:54 GMT
The smartphone and the tablet are slowly making their presence felt in the work place, as workers move to intuitive and user-friendly systems. But are we witnessing a revolution or is it just a phase?
The IMF thinks the GCC needs to reduce government expenditure
08:57 GMT
Most Arab oil exporting countries in the Gulf should plan to reduce growth in government spending to make their budgets more sustainable, as their combined surplus could turn into a deficit around 2017, the International Monetary Fund said yesterday.
Many Lebanese are struggling with personal finances, as inflation rises and the economy struggles
08:53 GMT
Over half of Lebanese cannot afford to save money while two thirds face difficulties securing food and other necessities, a Finance Ministry survey showed Monday as inflation figures soared in first nine months of 2012.
Is oil a curse for the MENA region?
03:00 GMT
Oil, often referred to as black gold, it can make a country and wealthier than they ever imagined, but there is a dark-side to the black stuff. It has lead to the deaths of many where good geology has led to bad politics.

October 29, 2012

what is the future for the GCC?
11:47 GMT
The Gulf Cooperation Committee is doing relatively well in the face of the globale economy that is beset by the Eurozone, the US's so-called 'fiscal cliff', and a slowdown in China, but what is the future for the organisation?
Who holds the purse string in you house?
11:15 GMT
It's an age old question in every household, one bound up in tradition and custom, but who are the better money managers for your house? A new survey has set out to found out, with potentially interesting answers.
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood are increasingly vocal against trade unions
11:07 GMT
Trade union leaders in Egypt are joined in opposing the Muslim Brotherhood’s approach to rights and freedoms for union action.

October 28, 2012

Iran is planning a second currency to the rial to try and bring stability to the market
09:52 GMT
The Central Bank of Iran is planning to introduce a second official currency exchange rate for imports, Mehr news agency has recently reported. The new measure, which should be implemented within the next few weeks, has been approved by the government.
Many workers have made Eid a success in the UAE
09:41 GMT
While thousands across the country enjoyed the Eid festivities and took the chance to get some rest and relaxation, many dedicated residents were out in force working through the holiday to keep the country running smoothly.
Lebanese farmers have been working on the fields for decades, but it is becoming increasingly dangerous
09:07 GMT
For decades, Lebanese farmers have been working the fields along the banks of the river Assi inside Syrian territory. Over the last few months, armed groups have repeatedly assaulted many of their villages, leaving death and destruction in their wake.

October 25, 2012

The attack follows a campaign of intimidation against Habshi and other union activists
12:11 GMT
Moukheiber Habshi, a member of the founding committee of the Spinneys-Lebanon workers union, was assaulted Monday night by attackers in the latest round of violence trying to sabotage their activity.