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May 10, 2012

A lot of the Middle East oil and gas reserves are mature, and they need a higher degree of expertise to remove the oil and gas
12:22 GMT
A chronic talent shortage in the Middle East’s vitally important oil and gas sector could lead to considerable revenue losses and the scenario of wells remaining untapped.
The GCC economies face important demographic challenges
11:40 GMT
Strong demand from emerging markets will particularly benefit the GCC economies.

May 9, 2012

The Skills Strategy supports governments with gathering and using better intelligence about changing skill demand
15:00 GMT
The world in general and the UAE in particular should concentrate on investments in human skills as a means to improving their economies.
More likely and simply gold may be suffering from investor fatigue
15:00 GMT
It is less clear why gold has fallen so sharply it could as well be attributed to Euro weakness on a deteriorating Greek situation (are the Greeks losing their marbles ? English joke) or possible selling of oil by Iran to China in exchange for gold.
15:00 GMT
On Apr. 22, Egypt unilaterally cancelled a 2005 export agreement for the sale of natural gas to Israel, which for the past five years had ensured a steady supply of Egyptian gas from the northern Sinai Peninsula to Israel.
European air traffic body Eurocontrol, said there were 2.12 million flights in Europe between January and March this year, down 3.3 percent on the first quarter of 2011
13:46 GMT
European air traffic fell in the first quarter of 2012 compared to the same period last year, two aviation bodies said on Tuesday, with the decline blamed on Europe’s debt crisis and the lingering effects of the Arab Spring unrest.
Saleh bin Eid Al-Husaini, Shoura Council member, said the performance of the workforce should be oriented toward improving the Saudi economy
10:52 GMT
To increase the percentage of the Saudi workforce; the Saudi Economy Conference called for providing incentives to national companies.
The Arab Spring pushed the doors wide open for media, politics and law studies
08:48 GMT
Earlier, parents would discourage children to go into such fields as law, politics and media because they were viewed as non-practical or as tools of the authoritarian regime.

May 7, 2012

High prices of petrol and fuel heavily affect the lives of people with low and medium income
15:05 GMT
The petrol price in the UAE is the third highest in the Arab world after Syria and Tunisia.
Arabtec, which employs more than 40,000 people, has contracts in housing, sports facilities and office complexes
15:00 GMT
Consolidated Contractors Company is the largest construction company in the Middle East.
The hotel industry has witnessed significant capital investment and growth in recent years
14:14 GMT
Qatar’s strong economic performance driven by high energy prices and the government’s investments as well as preparation for Fifa 2022 are driving real estate demand in the country, a report said.
The report said passenger growth for the Middle East's airlines was up 20.9 percent, underpinned by a 12.4 percent rise in capacity
09:36 GMT
Middle East airlines' demand jumped by more than a fifth in March compared with the same month last year, the largest rate of growth for any region.

May 6, 2012

According to an estimates," the report states, "China will replace Japan as the second wealthiest country in the world"
16:00 GMT
By 2016, another 17 million people around the world will join the ranks of the millionaire set - including 14,000 new millionaires in the UAE... will you be in the club?
The communications industry is an increasingly significant contributor to the global consumption of energy
16:00 GMT
The global communications sector has made notable progress in greening their practices.
The value of awarded contracts during Q1, 2012 signals that 2012 is off to a rapid start as heavy spending across most of the sectors has led to an impressive beginning to the year
14:23 GMT
The value of awarded contracts in Saudi Arabia during the first quarter of 2012 continued unperturbed, signaling a strong start in awarded contracts for the year.