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October 17, 2012

The Turkish  economy is faltering as it looks set to record a huge deficit
14:06 GMT
The Turkish economy is starting to struggle, being beset by weak growth and high spending as the country, among the fastest growing in 2012, is looking set to record a budget deficit of $18.4 billion.
Could the economy be causing violence in the UAE?
13:08 GMT
Members of Parliament in the United Arab Emirates have said that low standards of living were driving people onto the streets to commit acts of violence. They said extremists were exploiting youths from poor families and have called on the government to take action.
Siemens sign lucrative deal with Dubai Electricity and Water Authority
12:30 GMT
Siemens Energy Service has signed long-term service contracts with Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s (Dewa) for its newest power station in operation, the Jebel Ali M-Station, in a deal worth $450 million.
Will renewable energy be the future?
10:30 GMT
Initiatives in renewable energy in developing countries will inspire the world to adopt clean energy to address energy poverty and climate change caused by pollution, as countries in the MENA region slowly move to less oil-dependent energy sources.
Too few SMEs in Dubai have adequate internet presence, a new survey has found
10:09 GMT
Small and Medium sized Enterprises in the United Arab Emirates have a "substandard" presence on the internet, according to a new survey by 'Local Media' an online directories company based in Dubai, claims The National.
iPhone 5: Bigger handest, big in Gaza and even bigger price tag
09:22 GMT
Apple's new iPhone 5 is selling well in Gaza, despite prices well above $1,000, double the price in the US and is getting to the Palestinian enclave via smuggling tunnels even before neighboring Israel received official deliveries of the gadget.

October 16, 2012

The Kingdom is introducing another round of 'Saudization' in an effort to increase employment
13:28 GMT
Saudi Arabia has announced further rounds of 'Saudization', or Nitaqat, in an effort to increase employment in the Kingdom, as concerns are voiced by the government that too many jobs go to foreigners.
Exports to the Middle East from Scotland are booming
13:14 GMT
Scottish exports to the Middle East, driven primarily by the food and drink, energy, business and financial services and the metal goods sectors, currently stand at $1.59 billion, with food and drink alone, growing by 28 per cent last year.
The UK parliaments Foreign Affairs Committee has started an inquiry over the Saudi-Bahrain relationships
12:59 GMT
Saudi Arabia has reacted angrily over an inquiry by Britain's Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee (FAC) which will review UK’s relations with Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Trade between the UK and Saudi is more £4 billion, and the two countries have huge defence deals.
Bahrain needs 'stability' to boost tourism, says industry expert
10:24 GMT
As the security situation in Bahrain remains fragile, with protests continuing and activists being arrested for taking part in pro-democracy demonstrations, the kingdom's tourism expert, Jamil Wafa, says that stability is the key to boosting tourism.
An increasingly vocal President of Lebanon calls for investment in agriculture, coinciding with World Food Day
10:10 GMT
The increasingly vocal President of Lebanon, Michel Sleiman, said on Monday that Lebanon should step up agricultural development to raise the important sector’s share in gross domestic product, boost employment and improve food security.
Will railways be the future of transport in the MENA region?
09:25 GMT
Despite having planning railway projects worth an estimated Dh700 billion (US$190 billion) in the MENA region, only Dh66.3 billion ($18 billion) has so far been invested, as countries look for alternative modes of surface transport for the public and freight.

October 15, 2012

Is a logistical revolution happening in Lebanon?
13:00 GMT
The world might not have a magical solution to shore up ailing economies, but an international private-public coalition says it is developing a comprehensive digital platform that could kick-start an unprecedented upturn in trade and growth.
Egyptian port of Ain Sokhna is forcing a local transit company to ship Turkish goods through Israel instead
11:14 GMT
A strike at the Egyptian port of Ain Sokhna, has ceased operations forcing ships to delivery their cargo via Israeli dockyards, adding pressure to the Egyptian economy.
Recent statistics from the Board of the Saudi Chambers of Commerce confirm that the Kingdom has become one of the largest automotive markets rolling out around 700,000 vehicles in 2011
10:58 GMT
The automotive industry in Saudi Arabia is in the fast lane as sales look set to hit $6.9 billion and the Kingdom is becoming one of the biggest car markets in the world.