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October 3, 2012

Marxist intellectual Samir Amin discusses capitalism and left wing Islam
08:55 GMT
In a wide ranging interview, renowned Marxist intellectual and economist Samir Amin, discuses capitalism, and its latest manifestation in Neo-Liberalism, and the potential rise of a left-wing Islamist movement.
Iran's currency in crisis
08:00 GMT
Fears are rising over the continued viability of the Iranian economy and as the US claims success for the sanctions, seeing the Riyal lose 25% of its value in one week alone, leaving investors and citizens alike scrambling for safer currencies.
Saudi's banks profits surge
07:00 GMT
Saudi Arabia's banks are set to report higher third-quarter profit after they extended loans to real estate and petrochemical projects, and helped arrange record Islamic bond sales.

October 2, 2012

Lebanon’s Economic Committees handed Prime Minister Najib Mikati a copy  of a study that warns of negative ramifications if the pay rises get the go ahead
12:00 GMT
The long-running saga over the potential increase in public sector pay hit another hurdle on Monday as Lebanon’s Economic Committees handed Prime Minister Najib Mikati a copy Monday of a study that warns of negative ramifications.
As winter nears in Jordan, fears are raised over the Kingdoms fuel and energy needs
09:52 GMT
Winter is rapidly approaching Jordan, leading to concerns of the availability of fuel imports, which account for 96 per cent of the Kingdoms energy as fuel subsidies are likely to hit JD1 billion by the end of the year.
The Lebanese smoking ban is slowly gaining support as activists take to the streets to help enforce the ban
07:40 GMT
The controversial smoking ban in Lebanon is slowly gaining support, as activists take to the streets to help enforce the new law.
The tunnel between Egypt and Gaza could have been closed permanently if the free trade agreement went ahead
07:23 GMT
There is no plan to establish a free trade zone between Egypt and Gaza, as Hamas has previously hoped. The agreement would have closed the tunnels linking Gaza and Egypt, but the Egyptian government are wary over its tense relations with Israel.
DEspite high fuel prices and concerns of the global economy, airline profits are expected to rise
06:50 GMT
Profits in the airline industry unexpectedly rose, even as fears of the stability of global economy remain. The International Air Transport Association (Iata) upgraded this year's anticipated global airlines earnings to $4.1bn from its June forecast of $3bn

October 1, 2012

Women in the Kingdom are demand reforms to childcare after violent attack
15:14 GMT
Childcare has come sharply in to focus in Saudi Arabia after an attack on a 4 year-old girl by her maid. Now, Saudi's burgeoning group of career women demand that daycare provision needs to be reformed.
The latest iPhone will be highly desired item for many professionals
15:00 GMT
Smartphones have emerged as the number one consumer electronic gadget to be used by professionals during business and leisure situations, according to a new CNN survey into consumer electronics.
Foul-play? Campaigners used Twitter and Facebook to organise action of the dramatic price increases
14:19 GMT
After a sudden rise in the cost of poultry in the Saudi Kingdom, campaigners took to social-networking sites Twitter and Facebook calling for a boycott of chicken and other products.
is the smoking ban detrimental to Abu Dhabi's businesses?
09:39 GMT
As the smoking ban in Abu Dhabi takes effect, many business owners are complaining that the new law is having a negative impact and report declining sales.
Iraq is planning huge investment in the oil sector
09:12 GMT
Iraq will invest around $500 billion in energy and linked industries with the help of the private sector by 2030, generating around $6 trillion in revenues, said a report.
Will advertisers try to make money from new technology?
08:56 GMT
As news migrates to online platforms, traditional media is still where advertisers prefer to put there money,– a problem for Lebanon, where many news outlets compete to make a profit while staying true to their mission.

September 29, 2012

Iran responds to threats by the West and starts to find new oil markets
00:08 GMT
A senior Iranian Oil Ministry official said Tehran has adopted measures to easily cope with the western sanctions against its oil supplies, and emphasized that the West will be the main loser of oil bans and embargoes against Iran.