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February 19, 2012

The hotels and tourism sector have lost more than 40 percent in revenues over the last year
19:10 GMT
Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) tourism committee chairman Nabeel Kanoo said more needed to be done to counter negative reports about Bahrain in the West.
Those who keep the shares have to believe that Facebook can attract more and more people at a terrifyingly fast rate and be able to turn that subscriber growth into profit
16:57 GMT
People generally show interest in an initial public offering (IPO) when a household name such as the country's post office or telecommunications company decides to go from state ownership into private ownership and offers incentives to do so.
The problem with the sanctions is that they are not very clear
14:35 GMT
Dubai's officials are asking the government for guidance about trading with Iran as exports to one of Dubai’s biggest markets has now shrunk.
The cement companies must increase their output to the maximum and make available sufficient quantity of the product in the local market
10:10 GMT
The experts called for urgent intervention of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to address the problem.
The survey concluded that millions of jobs will have to be created in order to meet that growth
09:08 GMT
Stereo-typing of nationals means that companies are reluctant to bring them on board.
There is every reason to be upbeat about the oil and gas industry over the coming 12 months and beyond
08:36 GMT
The average world wide salary of a full time professional is up by 6.1% in the last 12 months reaching to US$80,458 annually according to the Salary Guide.

February 16, 2012

If you decide to buy an established house, you need to take precautions, "because you do not want to spend more than what you have planned for
16:55 GMT
Buying an established house saves you a lot of time and pain, Joshua Ondyer, a property dealer says.
Bioplastic demand is on the rise and is expected to grow owing to novel applications in the packaging industry
16:36 GMT
The demand for plastic and plastic materials is rising with recovering economic conditions and resurgence across most end use markets.
The newly created portal is expected to not only speed up the process and make it easier but also increase transparency, efficiency and productivity
16:26 GMT
All tenders pertaining to projects, works and procurement by the government will soon be called for and accepted via the newly created portal www.tenderboard.gov.bh.
Via the Silk Route, cargo can be moved from China to Europe in 14 days compared to nearly four weeks by sea freight
09:48 GMT
The ancient Silk Road that connected China to East Asia and Europe is seeing a resurgence, thanks to expansion of the project cargo and heavy lift transportation business according to Breakbulk Magazine.
Hotels in Dubai and Saudi Arabia outperformed other markets in the Middle East last year
08:54 GMT
Dubai became a market leader with hotels recording the highest occupancy levels of 78 percent in the period January to December 2011, according to the E&Y study.
Banks in the Middle East and Asia that comply with Sharia law have demonstrated a strong appetite for new assets that meet their requirements
08:02 GMT
Sukuk instruments are, increasingly attracting attention as a source of funding and diversification.

February 15, 2012

A spike in oil prices would fuel inflation and upset a fragile economic recovery in both developed and emerging markets
16:24 GMT
Rising tension between Iran and the West has the potential to disrupt the fragile economic recovery across the developed world, deepen a European recession and slow down growth in the Middle East and emerging market economies.
A lot of people have already expressed their desire to sign up for next year’s event which should be an even stronger one
16:22 GMT
Deals worth millions of dollars were struck as more than 2,300 trade visitors attended the fifth Gulf Industry Fair.
The alliance would be for real action, leading to more jobs for young people
16:02 GMT
For young people, unemployment is not only a cyclical problem. It is also a chronic condition that is robbing them of a secure future and depriving society of their contributions to a healthier and more productive economic future for everyone.