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February 13, 2012

With the massive share the region has in oil production, it is a critically important region on the global trading map
09:56 GMT
Now a new trade corridor linking Africa through the Middle East has opened. Going forward, we expect a number of new markets that went through regime changes will join this trade corridor.
The government on Sunday said that there will be no compromise regarding its position on teachers’ demands for a pay raise
09:00 GMT
The National Committee to Revive the Teachers Association and the Amman Free Teachers Committee pledged to continue the strike, which entered its second week yesterday.

February 12, 2012

UAE is the biggest export market for the United States
16:49 GMT
United States trade with UAE last year marks a jump of 26 percent compared to 2010.
The Jordanian economy has been strained due to a drop in foreign direct investment, tourism, remittances and exports
16:20 GMT
Jordan remains vulnerable to external shocks, the World Bank said Saturday in a press release at the end of talks between a senior management team and top Jordanian officials.
Kuwait could look to develop the exhibitions and events sector, effectively bolting-on a programme of leisure activities either before or after business people conduct their meetings
16:11 GMT
Kuwaiti is aiming to double its tourist arrivals to one million by 2015.
There is every reason to be upbeat about the oil and gas industry over the coming 12 months and beyond
11:40 GMT
The global oil and gas industry is brimming with confidence despite widespread concerns over the global economy and wages are surging in the sector, according to an annual salary guide.
Maha Abouelenein, Head of Communications — MENA for Global Communications and Public Affairs at Google, said the new policy will enable Google to treat its users as a single user across all products
09:50 GMT
The new policy unifies 60 privacy policies, and applies to all Google services.
Construction companies will have to wait a while and be a bit cautious
08:13 GMT
Worries about uncertain investment laws, local partnerships, corporate governance and the fate of business deals made with the former regime are forcing construction companies to take a more cautious approach to the Libyan market.

February 9, 2012

Pure Gold Jewellers has launched a romantic collection of heart-shaped pendants in diamonds, gold and silver exclusively for Valentine's Day
20:26 GMT
Grand Hypermarket at Ruwi aims to provide its customers with a wide range of about 23,000 products, catering to the local and expatriate community in Oman.
The latest analysis by Point Carbon, which provides market intelligence, news and advisory services, calculated the cost based on the price of EU emissions allowances traded as of Monday at €8.56 and the latest emissions forecasts for carriers
20:00 GMT
Airlines face a carbon pollution bill of €505 million ($670m) for this year under a controversial EU emissions trading scheme, an analysis by Thomson Reuters Point Carbon on Thursday shows.
Analysts estimate the size of Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund at some $100 bn
16:20 GMT
The question is whether growth will be high enough to absorb property supply created by last year’s surge in real estate lending.
The central bank revealed this week that foreign reserves continued to fall rapidly in January, threatening a currency crisis
13:44 GMT
A strong performance by Egypt's stock market in the last few days, despite a string of negative political and economic news, suggests the market's year-long downtrend has ended and investors will continue flocking back.
The authorities have approved four new projects at the Bahrain International Investment Park (BIIP), making Bahrain an industrial hub
11:01 GMT
Bahrain's business-friendly credentials and economic potential have got an endorsement that speaks louder than most, it is the voice of the industry that has come at a time of global economic turbulence.
Analysts said facebook would have to manage and censor content heavily to gain Beijing’s blessing for this to change
10:32 GMT
Facebook was already blocked from the world’s second-biggest economy nearly three years ago following deadly riots in the western province of Xinjiang that authorities say were abetted by the social networking site.
09:35 GMT
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