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March 21, 2012

Egyptian rice is meant to be sold to the domestic market at subsidized prices
10:05 GMT
Smugglers in the Middle East are enjoying an unlikely moneyspinner — illegal medium grain rice.
Platinum Group metals prices have remained well supported despite the selloff in both gold and silver in recent weeks
09:32 GMT
The gold price fell to its lowest level in two months last week.
An escalation in the ongoing Iran crisis will hit the region’s economies
09:16 GMT
The Iranian situation, if escalated, would adversely affect a lot of things, including inflation, oil prices, the flow of trade and the flow of investment,” said the Omani minister.

March 20, 2012

Food prices and education costs have in fact seen an upward trend since April 2009, rising 19 percent and 31 percent respectively since April 2009
17:02 GMT
Any rise in the prices of essential commodities like food naturally causes people with lower income levels to have to spend a greater portion of their earnings.
Holding up better than gold to the current down pressure is a good sign for silver
15:36 GMT
Silver prices are better supported than gold by investment flows, particularly as total silver reserves are reckoned to be less than half the amount held in gold. It is a supply and demand issue.
The key question will be who gets to control the various payment mechanisms
15:20 GMT
The conventional wisdom says that debt and regulation are the big challenges for banks, most of them scrambling to recover from the financial crisis.
Female bosses had a hard time in the workplace because of stereotypes that to achieve
13:10 GMT
In the survey, almost three-quarters of women who earned more than their partners said the men didn't mind.
There is no dearth or shortage of crude in the market, everyone agrees
11:39 GMT
The current crude scenario has the potential to derail growth and push global economy into recession and indeed depression, most agree.
The public transport network in Abu Dhabi conducted 64 million passenger journeys last year and plans to raise that figure to 76 million this year
08:06 GMT
By 2030, Abu Dhabi mass transport system will be more than sufficient to serve all commuters, leaving wider spaces for those who would prefer to walk or ride their bicycles to work.

March 19, 2012

Some of the Gulf state's major tourism infrastructure investments include the $8 billion expansion of Dubai International Airport
15:50 GMT
The total direct contribution of travel and tourism to gross domestic production (GDP) in GCC countries is expected to reach $44 billion this year, up 27 percent from 2009.
Money printing is not necessarily a natural boost to stock markets
15:33 GMT
The most seductive argument in the investment universe at the moment is that the liquidity pouring into global financial markets guarantees a continued rally into the distant future.
A key challenge we have here is attracting males into the profession simply because there are better opportunities with better remuneration out there
15:10 GMT
The fact remains that the number of Emiratis pursuing a career in education is skewed in favour of the women, which yields a clear imbalance in the country’s education system.
Sudan has been on the U.S. economic sanctions list for more than a decade over allegations of supporting terrorism as well as human right abuses
12:39 GMT
A comprehensive political settlement in Sudan is a crucial prerequisite to resolving the current economic crisis, an opposition figure said.
The main asset class in the region remains equities by virtue of the large number of listed stocks
08:34 GMT
The Middle East stock markets, particularly the Gulf markets, are ready for a sustainable rebound as strong macroeconomic fundamentals and attractive valuations are improving the investor sentiment and risk appetite.
Localisation and Arabicisation are essential if international players are to reach a mass market in the Middle East
08:01 GMT
Average mobile phone penetration in the region is estimated to exceed 100 percent in 2012.