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March 18, 2012

STR Global data said Qatar's tourism sector was likely to see a near 70 percent growth in hotels
12:12 GMT
Qatar is set to see the fastest growth in tourism this year, with the World Travel & Tourism Council forecasting 13.2 percent growth.
The local food market is witnessing a severe slowdown due to weak consumer purchasing power
11:49 GMT
Late last month, merchants threatened to increase the prices of food items, particularly frozen meat, poultry and dairy products, by 20 percent as of early March in response to a government plan to raise electricity tariffs as traders were expecting their power bills to double.

March 15, 2012

The collaboration will play an important role in helping to strengthen both companies in the area of air and sea freight
15:46 GMT
Saudi Airlines Cargo and the National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia established a three-year agreement toward freighting NSCSA urgent goods and equipment through Saudia Cargo.
Do not put so much effort in "making up" a website with poor content
15:27 GMT
The possibilities of making money online are real and with proper planning, your website can be your new employer and real profits are attainable.
This sector is important for the economic cycle, forming an inverse relationship with the formal economy
15:15 GMT
Economists have to be careful and to abandon policies that may threaten the informal sector or its employment.
The metro will be developed over five phases
14:35 GMT
The metro service is designed to improve Kuwait's public transport infrastructure and will involve the development, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of a three line network.
Renewable energy is cheaper than nuclear energy for Arab countries
10:17 GMT
The question is: Will Arab countries provide all transparent data and analysis promptly in case of an accident in a nuclear power station?
Lebanese GDP growth fell to less than 2 percent  in 2011 due to the negative ramifications of the Syrian crisis
07:51 GMT
Tourism and banks are the two main sectors which have been hit by the turmoil in Syria.

March 14, 2012

Dewa has enough reserves of electricity and water until 2020
21:49 GMT
"Dubai has a 30 percent energy surplus and the completion of the M station for power generation and water desalination plant in Jebel Ali, will increase the power generation capacity in the emirates." Saeed Al Tayer, CEO and Managing Director of Dewa said.
Consumers interviewed by The Jordan Times on Tuesday said that since large shopping centres would remain open for business, the planned strike would not affect them
21:26 GMT
If traders go through with a nationwide strike next Sunday to protest the Landlords and Tenants Law and rising electricity tariffs, consumers said they did not expect the work stoppage to greatly affect their daily lives.
Banks have been mostly accused of playing too cautious and the fact that they need sufficient and reliable guarantees before any loans are considered
11:05 GMT
Efforts are underway in the Gulf region focusing on the financial and banking sectors to resolve the crisis of financing small and medium-sized projects which have almost stopped as a result of the credit crisis which hit the world economies in mid-2008.
Bayt was always a search medium, to search for talent, which is what LinkedIn is increasingly becoming
09:57 GMT
Bayt.com, one of the largest online recruiters in the region, is going head-to-head with the global social media giant LinkedIn.
Consumers account for 56pc of the amount of electricity consumed, followed by commercial use at 28pc and industry at 15pc, with the remaining used by the agriculture sector
09:10 GMT
Bahrain has been urged to launch a national initiative to encourage all sectors of society to make better use of energy.

March 13, 2012

Gaining access to this booming market, is still not that easy
15:45 GMT
In this private environment, Dubai and the wider UAE became a retail destination for the world, rivalling London, Paris and New York for the sheer number of stores and brands available to shoppers.
Numbers of passenger ships fell from four to one last month
15:35 GMT
The latest signs show the numbers of trading vessels passing through the canal steadily trickling away.