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September 26, 2012

Does the Arab mentality towards work need to change?
12:19 GMT
There is a need to change the Arab workforce's mindset to make them more productive, according to a Jordan-based regional training consultant.
The IT sector in the Saudi Kingdom is booming and will account for almost 50 per cent of GCC total ICT investment
12:10 GMT
Saudi Arabia has become one of the fastest growing IT markets in the Middle East region and is set to account for around 50 per cent of the GCC region’s total ICT investments by the end of 2012.
Sudan is struggling to implement austerity plans as the economy shrinks
11:40 GMT
The Sudanese government has revealed that is struggling to implement budget cuts as it seeks to deal with a contracting economy.
Internet shopping is set to take off int he Middle East
10:19 GMT
Shopping in the Middle East and around the world is set to become more sophisticated as an increasing number of international retailers sell their products online.
Tuition fees in Lebanon could 30 per cent, if a draft law proposing higher salaries for public-sector workers is introduced.
08:47 GMT
If a draft law introducing higher salaries for different public sector workers is implemented inflation would rocket to 10 percent, Lebanon's economic committee warned on Tuesday.
Youth unemployment in the Middle East is set to be twice the global average
07:16 GMT
Bahrain's Labour Minister claimed that a quarter of youth in the Middle East will be unemployed by 2017, double the global average.

September 25, 2012

Are railways on track in the Middle East?
13:54 GMT
A project rail boom within the transport sector in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) is expected to materialise in the next three years as the region allocates more than $250 billion worth of investments in various rail project
Saudi Arabian students studying at London Metropolitan University have faced being deported after UKBAs action
13:18 GMT
London Metropolitan University has been given a reprieve by the UK High Court, allowing students to continue their studies after action taken by the UK Border Agency removed the university's status to issue visas for non-EU nationals.
The apple industry in Lebanon is facing a growing crisis
13:04 GMT
A total of LL40 billion in subsidies is needed to shore up Lebanon’s ailing apple production, the Farmers Association said on Monday as north Lebanon growers voiced fears that the current season could crumble despite high produce.
Global sukuk market is set to double, according to Standard and Poor's
11:11 GMT
The global Islamic finance market will more than double in value during the next three years to more than US$2 trillion (Dh7.34tn), the ratings agency Standard & Poor's says, as the Arabian Gulf embarks on a renewed deal-making boom.
Jordan set to host World Economic Forum on the MENA region
09:31 GMT
Jordan will host next year’s World Economic Forum (WEF) on the Middle East and North Africa, the organization said in a statement on Monday.
After the revolution in Egypt, could further change happen fuelled by trade unions?
08:00 GMT
After playing a pivotal role in the Egyptian Revolution, trade unions feel empowered to take action, with 300 protests taking place in the first half of September 2012, with some predicting further social upheaval.

September 24, 2012

As Sudan struggles with an increasing financial crisis, Saudi Arabia is less than forthcoming with aid for the North African nation
13:16 GMT
After posting impressive GDP growth figures, one might suspect Saudi Arabia to help fellow nations in the MENA region. Whilst some neighbours of the Kingdom have benefitted, Sudan is left floundering with an ever increasing financial crisis
Struggling to get Dinars from the bank? A new banking crisis is hitting the Kingdom, according to customers
13:03 GMT
A new banking crisis is hitting Jordan, with customers repeatedly complaining of staff-shortages in the Kingdom.
Saudi Aramco says that its proven crude oil reserves have fallen to the lowest level in eight years
11:43 GMT
Saudi Aramco says its proven crude and condensate reserves dipped to their lowest level since 2004 last year as the company pushed its oil production to one of the highest levels in decades and achieved only limited exploration success.