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September 18, 2012

Entrepreneurial flair is being rewarded in the UAE
09:53 GMT
Entrepreneurs in the United Arab Emirates are performing well, with 60 per cent already making a profit, according to a new report by Virtuzone.

September 17, 2012

The economy of Saudi Arabia continued to grow in the second quater of 2012, driven by the private sector
14:34 GMT
The Saudia Arabian economy continued to grow, albeit at a slower pace, in the second quarter of 2012, fuelled by the private sector.
Regulation of the islamic financial industry could come 'at any time'
12:47 GMT
The much-awaited regulation for Islamic banks and window operations of conventional banks will be announced through a Royal Decree at any time.
Oil industry consensus on prices is a fallacy, according to a report
09:17 GMT
Oil prices are likely to rise sharply from 2015, surpassing $150 a barrel in 2019 and 2020, Bernstein Research said, in a report at odds with a growing oil industry consensus that says rising supplies of unconventional oil will moderate prices.
Iraqi oil industry highlights political instability of the country, and the impunity with which companies can operate
09:00 GMT
Oil exploration and production in Iraq and the autonomous region of Kurdistan to the north, illustrate the inability to take action against MNCs operating in the country, and the political infighting that has beset the country since the invasion of 2003

September 16, 2012

Dubai is an expensive city, but remains attractive for expats
14:40 GMT
The cost of living in Dubai is increasing, making it the 12th most expensive city on earth, according to UBS. The housing market is beginning to rebuild itself after the crash of 2008-09, and buying is now the smart option in the Emirate
Recent protests against the PA illustrate there is still no freedom for Palestinians
13:58 GMT
While the political horizons have collapsed on them, Palestinians now face the deepest economic crisis in recent memory. A backlash is inevitable
Bank Muscat are underwriting Alizz Islamic bank, proving the success of the Islamic banking model
13:09 GMT
The continued success in the Islamic banking model was illustrated when Alizz bank announced it is to launch an Initial Public Offering of 400,000,000 share.
Drastic reform is needed in Kuwait to improve the economic situation in the Gulf state
10:58 GMT
Despite the oil sector booming in the Gulf state, drastic reform is needed in the Gulf State to increase its competitiveness within the GCC

September 13, 2012

Violence flared in Egypt and Libya after a film clip was posted to the site YouTube, but they have refused to remove the clip, but have blocked access to it
10:20 GMT
Following the violence in Egypt and Libya, which resulted in the death of the US Ambassador and 3 fellow Americans, YouTube has blocked access to the film clip that allegedly sparked the violent protests.
Government bonds in Egypt remained at B2 status, but Moody's say they have a negative outlook for the future
06:55 GMT
The ratings agency Moody's has confirmed that the Egyptian governments bond ratings are to remain at 'B2' status, with a negative outlook.

September 12, 2012

The ubiquitous iPhone, but how did the product come about?
14:35 GMT
The remarkable story of how tech giant Apple, which has been credited for creating the revolutionary iPod and Mactintoch computers, and how it invented its first iconic iPhone, has been finally revealed.
The attack hit Aramco, one of the larger oil producers in the world, on Aug. 15
10:27 GMT
Saudi Aramco confirmed this week that investigations were still underway to find out the origins of a virus named “Shamoon” which attacked the company's networks last month.
Illegal vis trading is causing unemployment and creating a bad image of Saudia Arabia around the world, according to minister
10:20 GMT
The black market for visa's in Saudia Arabia is booming, with 30 per cent of the visa's that are issued ending up being traded illegally. The trade in visa's is being blamed for the rise in unemployment in the Kingdom, which the government is desperate to reduce.
With a good urban transport service the number of car journeys could be cut and road safety improved
09:04 GMT
A modern, energy-efficient mode of public transport system for Oman is the need of the hour, said Anthony Pearce, honorary life member and former director-general of the Geneva-based International Road Federation.