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February 5, 2012

To this date, the government and the Energy Ministry have not engaged in any serious talks with the commercial banks
16:10 GMT
Lebanese banks have offered the state a chance to take part in the rehabilitation of electricity either through a build, operate and transfer system or through a partnership with the state.
In Jeddah, consumers say that there is adequate supply of cement but only in the black market
16:00 GMT
A cement crisis resulting from illegal trading and a steep hike in prices is spreading from Jeddah and Madina to other major cities.
with security budgets people should realise that if they bought the same solution they bought five years ago then they are foolish,” said Sweeney, VP of product management at Internet security firm SonicWALL
12:36 GMT
The new power visualisation means you can see exactly what’s going on everywhere across the network.
To do best as an investor you want to buy your hard assets when the price is low
11:40 GMT
The art of investment in today’s world is surely to exchange paper for hard assets and watch the price go up.
Education has been one of the components of Dubai FDI's strategic action plan in 2011
08:22 GMT
Dubai enjoys the advantage of being a strategic and investment hub in the region.

February 2, 2012

According to the World Energy Council, the GCC will require 100 GW of additional power over the next 10 years to meet growing demand
17:05 GMT
New power, water, and energy projects valued at $180 billion are planned in the Middle East, as the UAE forges ahead with 20 projects worth $34.2 billion, said the organisers of an upcoming energy event in Dubai.
Tourism has seen a 20% growth two years in a row, as more Asian tourists discover Nepal’s potential for adventure
16:58 GMT
New trade and investment agreements between Qatar and Nepal will allow investors to explore the “abundant potential for promoting bilateral trade, tourism and foreign direct investment,” according to the Nepalese ambassador to Qatar.
 A little known law that makes owning outsourced silver one of the smartest moves for investors
16:33 GMT
Everyone should buy silver for their portfolios says Peter whether they are traditional value investors dividend hounds risk loving day traders or confirmed gold bugs.
Plans are for one OA to be set up for each cluster within DG and IC
14:24 GMT
The Dubai Land Department (DLD) is in talks with Nakheel to establish owners' associations (OA) in Discovery Gardens (DG) and International City (IC), a senior official said.
Early estimates say the company expects to raise between $5 billion and $10 billion
08:52 GMT
The California-based firm was yesterday poised to file to sell its stock on the open market in a debut likely to be the most talked-about initial public offering (IPO) since Google in 2004.
The rapid growth in social media usage among Arab consumers means that uptake will continue strongly in 2012
08:11 GMT
Social media platforms open brands and businesses to a closer interaction with customers than any other marketing medium.

February 1, 2012

Some 57% of the leaders and experts polled said they believe the world is in the midst of a cyber arms race
16:52 GMT
As they grapple with a growing crop of increasingly sophisticated threats that know no political borders, nations must dramatically improve their framework for coordinating on cybersecurity policy and preventing and responding to attacks.
Extra crude oil from Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Libya will more than make up for any lost from Iran after the ban is imposed on 1 July
16:43 GMT
The world is likely to have more oil, not less, this summer even as Europe imposes sanctions on Iran over its nuclear programme.
The drying up of regional liquidity has had many effects on the GCC
16:21 GMT
If there is one theme for Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) stock markets, it is the evaporation of liquidity.
Phase 2 will see the network extended to the greater Doha area and to neighbouring areas
13:32 GMT
The country has been on an accelerated programme to complete its inner city railway project before the upcoming Fifa World Cup 2022.