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June 19, 2012

Increasing wealth in emerging markets and a weaker dollar may also boost prices
15:00 GMT
Global prices are poised to climb during the next three to five years as developed nations seek to reduce debt burdens.
Ramadan is another reason that has influenced summer plans
09:50 GMT
Current political turmoil and security developments in Lebanon have forced many UAE-based expatriates to cancel their summer bookings or put them off till the situation stabilises in Beirut.
The world's largest crude exporter stored 284 million barrels inside the country in April, 3.8 percent more than in March
09:24 GMT
Saudi Arabia kept more oil in storage in April than at any other time in a decade as OPEC's biggest producer pumped at the highest level for at least 31 years.
Jordan ranked second in the Arab region after the UAE in population penetration of Facebook, and sixth in population penetration of Twitter
08:13 GMT
The report, issued by the Dubai School of Government, showed that 1,923,780 Jordanians are on Facebook — over 50 times more than the Kingdom’s 36,900 Twitter users.

June 18, 2012

Now, it is time to form a consultative committee made up of experienced practitioners who could take suggestions to put together a mission statement to give guidelines for the next 10 years
15:00 GMT
What this country needed, and still needs, is reasonably priced housing for its citizens.
Smart grid regulatory frameworks are in the early stages of development but progress is being made
15:00 GMT
Smart grid is an opportunity for MENA countries to incorporate their vast solar and renewable resources, manage growing demand, reduce carbon emissions and cut down on electricity system losses.
The proposed law received applause from Kuwait
15:00 GMT
Industry and Trade Minister Shabib Ammari told a press conference in Amman on Saturday that the new law will ensure smooth registration and implementation of projects to benefit from the legislation.
After averaging nearly $120 in the first quarter of this year, Brent crude oil has slipped as low as $95 a barrel this month “ the lowest level since January 2011
10:33 GMT
Cheaper oil may boost growth in some of the weakest states while cooling it in the booming Gulf energy exporters.
One reason why is probably that finding common ground between mainly Iran and Saudi will be hard still, particularly given their conflicting interests in view of the upcoming sanctions
10:07 GMT
OPEC has the chance to re-engage, but of course it means setting individual quotas and sticking to them, which is fraught with peril.
Cabinet members underscored that the recent economic decisions were aimed at correcting loopholes in the state’s finances
08:45 GMT
The government on Saturday said that the economy has started showing signs of recovery, thanks to a series of austerity measures that saw hikes in fuels and prices of other commodities.

June 17, 2012

The initiative comes after the Industry and Commerce Ministry called for serious efforts to be taken to encourage Bahrainis to work in the sector
15:00 GMT
Authorities could finally decide on the Bahrainisation level needed in the gold and jewellery sector.
The rate of unemployment is expected to rise in the Middle East from 10.2% in 2011 to 10.5% by 2013
15:00 GMT
While job seekers are scouring the internet and classifieds on the hunt for jobs, scammers are doing the same thing, except they’re on the hunt for unsuspecting victims.
MFS has introduced the highly insightful and easy to use “One Account- All markets” concept with the lunch of DUTrade creating multiple levels of investment opportunities for individual traders
15:00 GMT
Qatari stock market investors can access around 35 stock markets across the world using the same account through a new service named Mubasher DUTrade launched by Mubasher Financial Services (MFS) recently.
After the training, trainees should have ample time and opportunities to use what they have learned in the real world with real feedback
12:42 GMT
A new study has revealed that "training and development activities allow organizations to adapt, compete, excel, innovate, produce, be safe, improve service and reach goals in the workplace environment".
Since commodities are available at all major outlets, there is no need to hoard or to rush purchases at any time of the year as this will affect the supply and demand formula
09:36 GMT
The UAE will fix the prices of 1,650 basic commodities until the end of 2012 after the Consumer Protection Department (CPD) reached an agreement with 320 outlets and cooperative societies.