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September 12, 2012

The attack hit Aramco, one of the larger oil producers in the world, on Aug. 15
10:27 GMT
Saudi Aramco confirmed this week that investigations were still underway to find out the origins of a virus named “Shamoon” which attacked the company's networks last month.
Illegal vis trading is causing unemployment and creating a bad image of Saudia Arabia around the world, according to minister
10:20 GMT
The black market for visa's in Saudia Arabia is booming, with 30 per cent of the visa's that are issued ending up being traded illegally. The trade in visa's is being blamed for the rise in unemployment in the Kingdom, which the government is desperate to reduce.
With a good urban transport service the number of car journeys could be cut and road safety improved
09:04 GMT
A modern, energy-efficient mode of public transport system for Oman is the need of the hour, said Anthony Pearce, honorary life member and former director-general of the Geneva-based International Road Federation.

September 11, 2012

Fancy a brew? Argo Tea is set to launch a store in Lebanon, trying to do for tea, what Starbucks did for coffee
15:02 GMT
Like Starbucks but don't like coffee? Argo Tea set to expand in to the 'window of the Middle East', with their first store outside of the US.
Taxation on tobacco products in the eastern Mediterranean region is one of the most under-utilised tools for tobacco control
13:58 GMT
The Ministry of Finance (MoF) has given its go-ahead to increase taxes on all tobacco products, according to a senior official from the Ministry of Health.
The union complied and invited delegates directly from union boards
12:50 GMT
The GFBTU has over 60 trade unions covering close to 15,000 members under its umbrella, but only trade union heads can nominate themselves to contest seats on the GFBTU board.
Inflation is easing in South Sudan, but fuel crises remain a concern
11:31 GMT
South Sudan's inflation has dropped from 60.9 per cent in July, to 43.3 per cent in August, the National Bureau of Statistics reveled. After seceding from its northern neighbour in 2011, fuel crises have rocked the new nation causing massive inflation.

September 10, 2012

The consumer spending growth moderated thus far in 2012 following an unprecedented year in 2011
14:47 GMT
The consumer spending in Kuwait is set for another strong year in 2012 backed by solid salary increases and an improving employment scenario, according to a report by the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK).
Gold: The safe haven
13:32 GMT
The increasing price of gold is evidence in the lack of confidence in the global economy, as investors seek the traditional safe haven of the precious metal. Gold prices are helped by the 6 per cent decline in supply caused by lower recycling levels
China, the worlds second largest economy, and the UAE continue to forge links after fivefold increase in trade between the two nations
13:05 GMT
The UAE and China are registering economic growth, and are increasing trade relations. The relationship between the two nations has increased fivefold over the last ten years, with a growth rate of 395 per cent in spite of the global downturn.

September 9, 2012

According to a recent study by Dubai SME, a total of 230,000 mini firms are currently operational in the UAE, but only 140,000 of these are considered bankable, since the rest are too micro
15:50 GMT
There is tremendous opportunity for banks and financing institutions as almost 50,000 UAE-based small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are on the lookout for additional capital and financing.
Businesses need to start introducing truly bespoke solutions that utilise the full potential of the technology available to them
15:38 GMT
The Egyptian market is particularly well known for its aversion to automation in the area of customer service.
Offshore gas could prove lucrative for Lebanon
12:43 GMT
Lebanon's offshore gas fields could be larger than Cyprus and Syria's offshore field, according to early, better than average data. 26 companies are bidding for anchorage, despite government delays.

September 6, 2012

Organised under the patronage and support of the Saudi Ministry of Transport, Saudi Autoshop 2012, the 15th international exhibition will run from November 17 to 22 at Riyadh Exhibition Centre
13:58 GMT
Saudi Arabia’s automotive accessories, repair and after-sales service equipment market will reach around SR9 billion ($2.4 billion) in the coming years, said industry experts ahead of a major automotive event in Riyadh.
Businessmen said they had received frantic calls from customers in Saudi Arabia and the UAE on why goods they had ordered had not been delivered, as drivers take up to four days to cross the border
13:50 GMT
Companies in Bahrain could be set to lose major contracts as a result of delays being suffered by truckers crossing the King Fahad Causeway into Saudi Arabia.