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January 25, 2012

ADTA in spearheading the emirate’s tourism agenda will continue to explore major event opportunities that inject vibrancy and diversity into the destination’s product portfolio
07:56 GMT
While the ADTA has leveraged the golf championship quite successfully to boost leisure tourism in the emirate, they are also big on niche sports like triathlon and take pride in the manner the capital has made giant strides as a sporting hub in the Middle East.

January 24, 2012

Officials and spokespersons of major international airlines have said they were not interested in investing in the Indian aviation market
16:53 GMT
Several major international airlines seem to be wary of picking up stakes in the loss-making Indian carriers at this stage, even as the government plans to take steps to allow them to do so.
By allowing the government to find new sources of funding without resorting to direct taxation of income, thus bypassing socialist principles in favor of more passive methods of taxation, Lebanon can succeed in empowering its youth and advancing its economy
16:30 GMT
As the resources of the government are limited, it is only natural that sacrifices must be made by many layers of society to provide the funds necessary to ensure welfare.
The educational community needs to ensure that curricula are up to date and in line with global standards
16:15 GMT
The kingdom should make it a priority to ensure its young people are well prepared for the challenges of working in the modern economy," inJAz Bahrain executive director Shaikha Hessa bint Khalifa Al Khalifa said.
After three years of continuous crisis conditions in global labor markets and against the prospect of a further deterioration of economic activity, there is a backlog of global unemployment of 200 million, the report said
12:40 GMT
The global economy needs to create 600 million jobs in the next 10 years to sustain economic growth and maintain world social stability, a U.N. report said.
Despite the slowdown in the construction industry, growth continues to be strong, thanks to a thriving import and re-export market
12:12 GMT
Growth prospects for the hardware, machinery and tools industries in the Middle East continues to look buoyant, driven by what is primarily an import-dependent market due to minimal local production.
If the region became a warzone it would hardly encourage tourism and both Dubai and Abu Dhabi have their hotels to fill
11:22 GMT
What does this long shadow cast over the UAE economy mean? Does it call the UAE’s status as a safe haven from the Arab Spring uprisings into doubt?

January 23, 2012

Cairo ICT 2012 will present a completely new image
16:57 GMT
“The positive political developments Egypt is witnessing must be combined with the desire to develop and grow all our sectors with similar speed and force.” Hossam Saleh, Executive Vice President of Trade Fairs International, the company organising Cairo ICT, said.
You need more tourism to create more jobs, more sales and that’s what’s happening in Dubai,” said David Macadam, head of retail at Jones Lang Lasalle
16:27 GMT
Retail needs high footfall to be successful so the higher the levels of footfall when you’re talking about tourism causes a growth in retail.
UNWTO forecasts a recovery in visitor numbers in the Middle East this year
16:17 GMT
'Tourism arrivals to the region slumped eight percent in 2011 but the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Oman still recorded "steady growth'. UN's World Tourism Organization has said.
The central banks have a duty to preserve the value of their assets in real terms and holding depreciating paper currencies is not a prudent way to do it
13:37 GMT
ArabianMoney sees this allocation to gold by emerging market central banks as an obvious and highly predictable development in a world of mounting government debts denominated in devaluing currencies.
Production and technology advances have led to a sharp decrease in the cost of production, and the market value of the renewable sector has increased from one billion dollars to 211 billion dollars
12:41 GMT
Steve Bolze, senior vice president, president and CEO of GE Power and Wind, said that only those companies that invested significantly in R&D and innovation will thrive.
“If Iran was to close the Strait of Hormuz, the biggest impact would be on investor confidence,” said Craig Plumb, head of research at Jones Lang Lasalle, MENA region
11:42 GMT
Dubai and Abu Dhabi have so far benefited from being relative save havens away from the turmoil across the Middle East. But the turmoil in Iran is much closer to home.

January 22, 2012

There is a high level of willingness and commitment from the government, as well as the private sector to develop the renewable energy sector in the sultanate
09:52 GMT
Oman has a Royal Decree and a vision to produce ten percent of its total electricity requirement from renewable energy resources by 2020.
One theory is that they came under pressure from oil companies seeking to protect one of their key markets. But whatever the reason, their stance consigned the turbine car to a footnote in motoring history
08:44 GMT
Back in the 1930s when climate change was still in the realm of science fiction, Chrysler began development of a turbine engine. Unlike a petrol car, a turbine could run on more or less anything combustible including kerosene and vegetable oil.