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July 17, 2012

When calculating the number of tourists visiting a country, their daily expenditure needs to be taken into account
12:13 GMT
Oman has benefitted from tourism due to the high level of Omanisation in the tourism sector, the highest among GCC countries, according to an expert.
Food prices have jumped by 4.8 percent as Ramadan approaches
11:16 GMT
Food prices in Saudi Arabia are increasing as Ramadan draws closer, according to the latest NCB report.
Naturally, deposits in Lebanese banks in Syria have shrunk since the crisis started
08:36 GMT
The net profits for all commercial banks may fall by 5-8 percent if the economy and political situation continue to deteriorate.

July 16, 2012

The Arab Spring was not about ideology but employment and economic problems
12:41 GMT
Arab politics now faces two difficult tasks: One is economic recovery in urban areas. The second is critical as failure in this field may help extremist like the Salafis in the long term.
OPEC,which produces a third of global oil, said daily average demand for its crude in 2013 would stay below its current production levels
11:34 GMT
World oil demand growth will slow in 2013 from the already weak 2012, The Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) said.
Globally, the United States topped the list of attractive countries for oil and gas investments
10:48 GMT
Lebanon ranked seventh in Middle East and North Africa in terms of attractiveness for upstream oil and gas investment, according to a recent report by the Fraser Institute, a public policy research organization.

July 15, 2012

Central banks know that the only protection for their deposits against their own money printing is to buy gold
13:10 GMT
Emerging market central banks have been the biggest official buyers of gold over the past year or so with total net central bank purchases the largest since 1964 last year at 445 tonnes.
The Sudanese government, struggling to fill the budget gap
11:57 GMT
The effectiveness of the Sudanese government’s austerity measures to contain an economic crisis, which have sparked protests in the capital and several towns, is yet to be seen, some economists say.
Hundreds of small investors and owners are affected
09:53 GMT
Bahrain's real estate market is passing through a critical phase and the situation is more serious.
The UAE has the highest petrol price in the oil-rich Gulf and the third in the Arab world
08:11 GMT
Official data showed the UAE, the second largest Arab economy, was ahead of all other members of the GCC in terms of fuel prices and third only to Syria and Tunisia in the entire Arab region.

July 12, 2012

Limousines continue to remain the main means of public transport due to the inadequate number of buses and trains
14:40 GMT
The Labor Ministry’s new plan to intensify Saudization in the limousine sector will not work well, according to industry sources.
Keeping the security systems on your operating system up to date is very important
13:06 GMT
As the volume and sophistication of malware attacks continues to increase, internet uses in the Middle East need to take proactive measures to protect themselves.
The five-year strategy aims at increasing tourism receipts to JD4.2 billion in 2015
10:50 GMT
The Kingdom’s tourism sector showed signs of recovery in the first six months of 2012 after a year of decline in both revenues and visitor numbers, Minister of Tourism Nayef Fayez said on Wednesday.

July 11, 2012

Gold saw some support on sentiment that Beijing will eventually stimulate its economy via rate cuts or other easing measures going forward
16:24 GMT
The yellow metal touched a low of $1563.89/oz and closed at $1564.5/oz in yesterday's trading session.
From 2007 to 2011, indeed the top 30 GCC insurers have increased their retention from 48
16:01 GMT
New GCC study highlights an insurance profitability deterioration trend over the last four years across top 30 conventional insurers dropping from 28 per cent in 2007 to nine per cent in 2011.