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July 23, 2012

Occupancy rates are much higher, especially in Ramadan
08:49 GMT
About 10,000 Syrians crossed into Lebanon Saturday through Lebanon’s main border crossing in Masnaa. The influx came days after a record 30,000 entered the country in the wake of heavy fighting in several neighborhoods in and around Damascus.

July 22, 2012

The tourism investment will provide 1,500 job opportunities
10:44 GMT
The Development Zones Commission (DZC) predicted on Saturday that tourism investments at the Dead Sea will reach JD300 million this year.
There are 10 arguments in favour of equities, some of which directly benefit investors, and some which benefit the markets and economies as a whole
09:37 GMT
While caution may be advisable over the short-term, there are many good reasons to invest in equities in the long-term to boost savings.
Power supply has deteriorated across the country over recent months
08:42 GMT
Dwindling electricity supply presents a major setback to economic growth, economists said as local businesses in and around the capital complained that the power crisis had become “unbearable.”

July 19, 2012

EU sanctions that went into force July 1 prohibit European companies from providing insurance for ships carrying Iranian crude oil
15:54 GMT
The Iranian government will provide insurance coverage for foreign ships entering its territorial waters, the managing director of the port authority said.
Neither the bigger economies nor the smaller economies have so far been able to reach agreement on what concessions they should make under Doha
15:14 GMT
A top official from the World Trade Organisation (WTO) admitted yesterday that efforts to conclude the long-awaited Doha free trade deal look doomed until the global economy picks up.
There are a few who believe the economy will recover
08:55 GMT
Most Arab investors are fed up with Lebanon’s deteriorating political and security situation and are either putting their investments on hold or simply withdrawing from the Lebanese market.

July 18, 2012

The white metal prices touched an intraday high of $27.4/oz and closed at $27.3/oz on Tuesday
16:08 GMT
Technically market is getting support at 52483 and below could see a test of 52075 level. And resistance is likely to be seen at 53185 a move above could see prices testing 53479.
The discovery of gas fields spanning a large area within the Mediterranean, west of the coast of Israel, significantly broadens the challenges facing the Israeli navy
15:46 GMT
Faced with new challenges posed by major offshore gas discoveries, Israel is looking to significantly increase its military presence on the high seas in a bid to protect its economic waters.
88 percent of Lebanese respondents said that the current economic situation in Lebanon is bad or very bad
08:46 GMT
The majority of Lebanese people have a grim outlook on their national economy's performance, a U.S. survey group said.

July 17, 2012

When calculating the number of tourists visiting a country, their daily expenditure needs to be taken into account
12:13 GMT
Oman has benefitted from tourism due to the high level of Omanisation in the tourism sector, the highest among GCC countries, according to an expert.
Food prices have jumped by 4.8 percent as Ramadan approaches
11:16 GMT
Food prices in Saudi Arabia are increasing as Ramadan draws closer, according to the latest NCB report.
Naturally, deposits in Lebanese banks in Syria have shrunk since the crisis started
08:36 GMT
The net profits for all commercial banks may fall by 5-8 percent if the economy and political situation continue to deteriorate.

July 16, 2012

The Arab Spring was not about ideology but employment and economic problems
12:41 GMT
Arab politics now faces two difficult tasks: One is economic recovery in urban areas. The second is critical as failure in this field may help extremist like the Salafis in the long term.
OPEC,which produces a third of global oil, said daily average demand for its crude in 2013 would stay below its current production levels
11:34 GMT
World oil demand growth will slow in 2013 from the already weak 2012, The Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) said.