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June 24, 2012

Libyan production was restored to 1.45 million to 1.55 million barrels daily by the end of May
15:00 GMT
Libya is seeking to boost its oil production by a third to two million barrels a day by year-end, surpassing last year's pre-conflict level, Libyan ambassador to Washington Ali Aujali says.
A genuine union, would empower the alliance and avoid political irrelevance
15:00 GMT
Simply stated, GCC rulers could no longer afford to sit on the fence, and it seems that King Abdullah has mustered the courage to exercise his “will-to-power” to lead increasingly awakened societies in a new direction.
Capital owners are urged to create a special fund that provides grants to the nation's needy students, researchers, academics and experts
15:00 GMT
The private sector should invest more money in education and in developing knowledge and scientific research in Egypt.
Implementation cost for new green plans are currently being debated at the global level
10:31 GMT
Bahrain has taken recent measures to transform the country’s construction and economy to a green technology, shifting to other forms of energy and reducing resource consumption.
The decision to impose the new prices, was dictated by the need to pre-empt hoarding by malicious traders
09:16 GMT
The immediate trigger of the demonstrations was the government's decision to abolish fuel subsidies.
Dubai Mall is the world's most-visited shopping and leisure destination
07:53 GMT
Highlighted in the global study as a 'small gem', Oman represents an attractive destination for global retailers, particularly for specialty and luxury players.

June 21, 2012

Today, there are four Islamic commercial banks operating in KSA
15:00 GMT
Saudi Islamic Finance Assets, valued at $94 billion, represent 26 percent of total GCC Islamic finance assets and 8.2 percent out of total global Islamic finance assets.
Higher demand for education will propel growth in the number of schools in the region
15:00 GMT
The GCC Education sector is poised for robust growth in the future, a leading regional investment bank has said.
The new property law had many advantages compared to the old one
15:00 GMT
After evaluating the situation, there would be an appeal period before the property tax law was actually implemented.
Transportation will be the fastest growing oil consuming sector in the world
10:54 GMT
The global oil consumption will rise by about 60% by 2020 said Institute for Analysis of Global Security.
Currently, Spain’s banking sector needs a bailout of billions of dollars after a precipitous collapse
10:28 GMT
The economic differences between Spain and Lebanon are, of course, stark. One country is snarled in a larger eurozone problem, while the other is a constant victim of political instability.
The power of mobile computing and availability of the critical information on these smart devices has introduced new security threats to business and privacy of individuals
09:51 GMT
In many ways, the line between a computer and smart phone or tablet is vanished, making it susceptible to similar attacks as desktop or laptops.

June 20, 2012

Euro slightly declined today against the dollar with the beginning of today’s session
21:32 GMT
Major currencies witnessed hesitant moves during today’s Asian session amid investors’ worries over markets.
Greatest opportunities for stores are in UAE but competition is fierce
21:12 GMT
The Middle East may have seen revolution, riots and rebellion last year - but they show little sign of deterring retail brands from coming to the region.
South Sudan is looking for foreign loans in order to finance some of the significant service delivery and infrastructural projects
15:00 GMT
Civil servants in South Sudan are expected to be negatively affected by the country's recently introduced austerity measures as a result of the halting of oil production in January.