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February 23, 2012

UAE prices are tied to the global market
09:04 GMT
The Federal National Council (FNC) that consists of 40 members demanded that prices should be brought in line with the rest of the GCC nations.
In order to remain viable, the Egyptian real estate market would need the support of the government and the banking system
08:36 GMT
Although the Egyptian housing market slowed last year due to political unrest and legal challenges facing several real estate developers, the market is improving as property appears to be regaining its reputation.
Businesses are evolving from mere acceptance to actual productivity gains
08:13 GMT
Users are moving from just messaging applications on mobile units to line-of-business applications, said Brian Duckering, senior manager with the endpoint management and mobility group at Symantec.

February 22, 2012

Much of the dissatisfaction stems from supervisors' unwillingness to listen to their employees
16:42 GMT
The survey was conducted by talent management expert DDI as a way to determine what today's leaders are doing right and what they are doing wrong.
S&P said it continued to observe structural imbalances in the financial sector stemming mainly from sharp growth in lending
16:19 GMT
International rating agency Standard & Poor’s said Lebanon’s path to recovery over the next few years will be slow, but maintained a stable outlook of the country’s banking sector.
Could silver still stumble?
16:04 GMT
What’s been holding the price of silver below $34 this year? It’s been the possibility of a disorderly default by Greece.
Dubai-based industrial bakeries are calling on the government to give them equal opportunities as they face stiff competition from their counterparts in Abu Dhabi
14:18 GMT
Manufacturers and retailers are forced to swallow the increases rather than pass them on to customers such as hotels, supermarket bakeries and the end-consumer — a move that is not sustainable in tough economic times, they told Gulf News.
Nahhas, who is refusing to sign off on a transport allowance decree whose legality he disagrees with, took a seeming final step Tuesday by tendering his resignation
13:19 GMT
To legislate the transport allowance or not to legislate the transport allowance?
In terms of online banking, the internet is becoming a popular channel for processing banking transactions, with four out of ten respondents engaging in at least one online banking transaction on a monthly basis
12:26 GMT
MENA has announced the findings of a UAE-focused deep dive report which shows that search engines are the most used and most preferred tool for finance research.

February 21, 2012

Inflation in the Arab world's biggest economy averaged 5 percent last year
16:38 GMT
A global drop in food costs and a weak property market are helping to offset increased government spending to keep inflation in check across the Gulf, the latest data suggests.
Beirut was ranked in 35th place globally and first place in the region in terms of the price of an apartment relative to its rent, or the price-to-rent ratio
16:28 GMT
Beirut apartments are still among the most expensive in the MENA region, and Lebanon’s real estate trend is unlikely to remain sustainable, said a recently issued report.
Ever since the 15-year Civil War ended in 1990, the country has faced daily power outages, which have gotten worse with time
16:00 GMT
Ironically, Lebanon, which has one of the world’s worst carbon footprints per capita, has some of the best potential for renewable energy, most of which has yet to be tapped.
To put International tourism in its proper perspective, the sector is directly responsible for 5 percent of the world's GDP
12:45 GMT
According to the report, 'International tourist arrivals grew by over 4 percent in 2011 to 980 million, up from 939 million in the previous year.
Throughout the evolution of the financial-services industry, banks have harnessed new technologies to offer current and prospective customers increasingly sophisticated products and services
09:18 GMT
The region’s banks may be feeling energised by the innovative potential technology is creating when it comes to new products and services, but it is not without its challenges.
"Today we are trying to look for alternatives to export Iraqi oil," said Shukri, whose OPEC member country is home to the world's fourth largest oil reserves
08:28 GMT
Iraq could lose more than half of its oil-exporting capability if neighbouring Iran shuts the vital Strait of Hormuz shipping lane, Iraq's planning minister said on Monday.