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June 6, 2012

The aim of the initiative is to develop events and activities that support the concept of sustainable tourism and reflects the interest of government departments in the preservation of the environment and to highlight their role and their social responsibility
16:00 GMT
The Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) has launched a new initiative to improve the service standards and excellence in the green tourism industry.
The whole three global currencies face significant different challenges
15:00 GMT
Currency uncertainties are an increasing concern for businesses from the real economy due to the rapid integration of global trade and capital flows over the past decades.
Increased production capacity is vital to satiate an energy hungry world
15:00 GMT
Without doubt Arab countries are committed to reinforce their role as major oil and gas producers.
Two years ago the UAE considered phasing out generous subsidies that mean both citizens and the larger immigrant population only pay $0.47 for a litre of gasoline
11:39 GMT
The combined losses of the four UAE state-owned retailers:Enoc; Eppco; Emarat; and Adnoc, are estimated at Dh8.5 billion ($2.31 billion) in 2011, expected to reach Dh12 billion ($3.27 billion) this year.
An organised Salam market, would allow for new forms of Sukuk to develop
11:28 GMT
In banking, new instruments must be developed but they need to be standardised in order to be accepted.
Oil revenues initially accounted for nearly 98% of South Sudan's annual budget
09:48 GMT
South Sudanese will have to dig deeper into their pockets, after statistics released by the country national bureau of statistics indicate annual inflation increased to a staggering 80 percent in last month.

June 5, 2012

Understanding what content and website features remain hidden from users with smaller browser windows is important for publishers
15:00 GMT
Google Analytics now detects the browser size of website visitors, a new metric that has gained relevance as the variety of internet-connected devices has increased in recent years, the company said yesterday.
Solar energy can be generated almost anywhere in Oman
15:00 GMT
Oman is blessed with abundant sunshine, and as research shows, it could be the prime energy source of the future.
According to the firm a key will be Chinese buying interest after the recent price decline
15:00 GMT
Copper could rebound to $7.500 $7.700 per metric ton within the next a week or two said R.J. O Brien Associates in a snippet.
Most Iranian banks have been blacklisted by the US and EU
09:25 GMT
The ease of doing business with Iran is deteriorating as a result of the difficulty of transferring money to and from the country.
Regardless of academic musings, there is no doubt that consumption is statistically the key driver for the Western economies
09:05 GMT
Despite the dangers of overconsumption by way of debt, the tendency to consume rather than save is valued very highly by most economists, who perceive a circular flow of income whose momentum must be sustained.
The private sector will not be worried by any price hikes because additional costs will be reflected directly on consumers
08:23 GMT
Experts believe the government should have limited hikes in power prices on large businesses and high-income earners in order to keep inflationary pressures under control and not to affect economic growth.

June 4, 2012

Of course in our globalised markets oil is the winner and loser as the world's trajectory changes.
13:06 GMT
Saudi Arabia, the top oil exporter, saw a high oil price as counter productive and has been raising output saying repeatedly it wanted prices of around $100 per barrel.
Authorities are taking the fight to shop owners who con customers with false discount
09:27 GMT
The Department of Economic Development (DED) said that some shoddy stores are trying to lure shoppers - especially tourists - with promises of bumper 75 percent discounts.
Due to its extreme complexity, plus the targeted nature of the attacks, no security software detected it, the cyber security firm said
08:53 GMT
The computer malware known as “Flame”, which recently infected computers across the Middle East and North Africa, has not affected public or private institutions in Jordan, according to government officials and private sector experts.