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August 8, 2012

Bahrainis continue to show lower levels of work engagement than expatriates
10:29 GMT
Bahrainis are keen to bridge the gap between their educational preparation and actual job requirements.

August 7, 2012

All reports will only be generated at the request of the customer to comply with data protection and information sharing laws
15:30 GMT
The "Expat Financial Screening" service is designed to help financial institutions understand the background/financial history of their customers.
GCC countries' natural resource endowment makes PPPs a development option rather than a fiscal necessity
15:22 GMT
When used in a rigorous and targeted manner, Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) can ensure efficiency, speed, transparency, and economic impact in the delivery of services or vital infrastructure.
Small businesses lack the money of larger companies to buy expensive technology that can bolster defences
15:11 GMT
Attacks aimed at small businesses doubled in the first half of 2012 suggesting that hackers are dedicating more resources to what they see as the most vulnerable marks, according to Symantec.

August 6, 2012

Operators of renewable energy projects are often small, privately held and sub-investment grade
14:19 GMT
The decentralized model of alternative power generation can be a bonus, cutting grid transmission losses and construction times, but it can also be a burden for investors, particularly during a downturn that favors defensive stocks.
The global economy is recovering as a result of a review in the fiscal policies over the past few years
11:48 GMT
The Middle East economies will be hit by a decrease in tourism, trade and direct investment from Greece and other Euro zone countries.
The general world oil demand that has settled around 700,000 bpd last year is expected to increase by mere 100,000 bpd to reach 800,000 bpd expected growth in world oil demand by next year
10:04 GMT
Oil demand in emerging markets and oil producing countries will top 45.7 million barrels per day (bpd) that is some 600,000 bpd more than expected demand from OECD countries.

August 5, 2012

The prominent Arab tourists come from the Arab Gulf countries
10:15 GMT
Big numbers of Arab tourists are seen everywhere in Istanbul and other Turkish cities this year, as other tourism destinations, especially Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon, are grappling with the Arab Spring and its aftereffects.
The company assured the Lebanese that power rationing would be normalized in the next few days
09:52 GMT
Electricity supply deteriorated across Lebanon to unprecedented levels over the past months due to the standoff at EDL.
Iran needs to mobilise "the nation, government, officials and armed forces" to tackle its "special and serious economic problems"
08:24 GMT
Iran is being hit by a "war" on its economy, according to officials facing tightened US sanctions and renewed Israeli threats of imminent military action over Tehran s nuclear activities.

August 2, 2012

The Regulation transfers regulatory responsibility for the licensing and marketing of investment funds and for a number of related activities from the UAE Central Bank to the SCA
13:59 GMT
The new Investment Funds Regulation implemented by the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) this week applies to all matters relating to domestic investment funds and to the promotion and offering of foreign funds in the UAE.
Around 69 percent of Oman's residents think that it is the right time to find a job
13:44 GMT
With the globe still reeling under the scourge of recession and people of over 100 countries still finding it difficult to find jobs, the Sultanate has bucked the trend with Omanis quite optimistic on the job front.
Global IPO activity saw an improvement in second quarter 2012, according to Ernst & Young's Global IPO update
13:26 GMT
Regional companies raised a total of $1.29 billion through five initial public offerings (IPOs) in the second quarter of 2012.

August 1, 2012

With growing confidence in e-commerce sites and the safety of web-based transactions, a critical mass of travellers are now searching for options online
15:14 GMT
The method by which travellers in the UAE purchase their flights and hotel nights is changing rapidly according to a pilot study of 50,000 users of travel comparison site, Wego.
Gulf visitors appear to be increasingly favouring the home comforts
14:47 GMT
Ramadan is more of a prompt for Gulf citizens to stay at home rather than venture overseas. Ernst & Young’s data bears this out.