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March 26, 2012

About 40 percent of the survey's respondents expressed interest in being self-employed, with the lowest being 29 percent in Algeria and the highest being 52 percent in Lebanon
11:05 GMT
An online survey has revealed that while the Arab Spring had an immediate negative impact on the economy in the region, its effect has been positive in driving higher interest in both economic and social development.
From an industry perspective, Saudi Arabia has over 267 billion proven oil reserves, which is one fifth of the world’s total
10:36 GMT
The effort is forecast to increase Saudi’s natural gas production by 40 percent by 2014.
Cyber criminals are targeting employees who conduct business transactions on smartphones on unsecure mobile networks outside the office
07:52 GMT
Facebook is a phenomenon – companies use it, individuals love it… and so do cyber criminals.

March 25, 2012

A total of 260,000 square metres of retail space is expected to be completed this year in Abu Dhabi
18:11 GMT
The number of retail stores in Abu Dhabi is forecast to increase dramatically this year.
Yet, on the industry level, blogs seem to be the least understood and appreciated online tool by businesses in the region
17:37 GMT
Globally, blogging is being adopted rapidly to build online business influence and take customer engagement to new heights.
Some of the most important considerations can be found in the UAE Commercial Company Law No 8 of 1984
16:50 GMT
Starting a business in the UAE isn’t just about deciding on a name and renting an office – there are many legal factors to be considered.
If a company wants to apply practices aimed at increased direct contact between management and employees, it could be easier with more women higher up in the organizational ranks
09:35 GMT
In line with known gender differences in individual leadership, the study finds that in workplaces with more women managers; more individualized employee feedback is carried out.
The Kingdom is expected to continue to increase output in the coming months
08:56 GMT
Observers wondering why the oil market is being hit with such a large volume in such a short timeframe.
As the eyes of the global investors focus on the region, an improvement in the framework supporting governance, compliance, and risk is needed
08:03 GMT
“Emerging financial market opportunities created by the Arab Spring varies across countries,” said Hirsh, the Middle East Economist for Capital Economics, London UK, and one of the panelists.

March 22, 2012

The UAE is expected to see $18 billion in prepaid card payments over the next five years
17:55 GMT
Prepaid card payments are likely to grow faster than credit and debit cards as they started from a smaller base, said Richard Bialek, Senior Business Leader of Prepaid Products at Visa.
Total UAE traffic movement in the first month of 2010 were 51,851
15:34 GMT
About 47 percent of the UAE’s total air traffic movement in January came from Dubai with 24,338.
According to the report, applicant profiles likely contain details that are off-limits in the hiring process
15:24 GMT
The average profile of a person can be overflowing with information that could be used to construct a fairly detailed sketch of a job applicant, which can differ greatly from the image that applicant would like to project to a potential employer.
Currently, the global annual sukuk market is valued at $180 billion
10:24 GMT
The supply-demand imbalance in the sukuk market means that issuers can place sukuk among a wide investor base and attract competitive pricing on sales.
18% of Middle East business leaders believe Turkey offers rapid growth opportunities
08:36 GMT
Business leaders in the Middle East look to emerging markets for growth lessons and best practice more than developed markets.
Economy Minister Nicolas Nahhas added that strict measures would be taken to control the import, storage and distribution of food
07:21 GMT
Residents of Beirut remain unconvinced that local establishments are meeting the proper health standards.