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October 23, 2011

How is it possible that humanity being evolved technologically can't sustain itself financially?
15:49 GMT
It's time to stop and ask if there is something wrong with the system in which so many people are being undermined in terms of wealth compared with the minority that can still live a comfortable life in these times.
Gone are the days when people buy a PC or a phone on the basis of technical specifications alone. Today it’s about the product innovation and user experience
15:42 GMT
Heightened competition among major global brands such as Apple, Research in Motion (RIM), Samsung and Nokia, to name a few, has kept the mobile electronics industry bustling this year with new product launches at competitive pricing.
Oman has a mix of both family-owned businesses and public companies
15:30 GMT
Family businesses make up for an overwhelming share of the national economy in both Oman and Germany." The future of family-owned businesses is key to Oman's economic development model.
One of the biggest concerns for foreign investors is the status of the Egyptian pound. If instability and economic stagnation weaken the currency against the dollar, the dollar value of companies' profits - and the dollar-value of investors' returns - also weakens
08:29 GMT
The revolution caused many companies to put the brakes on scores of deals then under negotiation. It also dampened economic growth, which is estimated at 1.2 percent this year.
The GCC, which possess more than 70 percent of OPEC’s oil production capacity, plays a pivotal role in world markets, particularly due to the world financial crisis which has hit the confidence of world economies
07:42 GMT
“GCC countries will fill any shortage in oil to stabilise oil prices worldwide and will cooperate with international institutions to regain world economic stability,” said Shaikh Hamdan during a meeting of GCC finance ministers and central bank governors.
Jibril outlined Libya’s needs with much more clarity than seems possible, having been watching the chaos of the fighting on TV every night for the past six months
06:52 GMT
The new Prime Minister of Libya, Mahmoud Jibril's target was much longer-term, which was to define how to replace oil in the Libyan economy as more than 60 percent of the country’s oil reserves have been used up, leaving the country with only 20 years to prepare for a non-oil economy.

October 22, 2011

Some of the Arab world’s brightest and best head for the Dead Sea this weekend to the World Economic Forum’s Special Meeting on Economic Growth in the Arab World, to brainstorm on how to tackle this supreme challenge
17:39 GMT
If millions of well-educated and highly-motivated people enter the work force, the Arab world can look forward to an astonishing renaissance as 100 million new jobs are launched in the next decade, creating huge wealth and new-found long-lasting social stability.

October 20, 2011

The benefits that can flow from challenging barriers to entrepreneurship are immense in terms of unlocking human potential and setting out paths for growth
15:50 GMT
The Arab world must embrace a reliable path to economic growth. Nurturing an entrepreneurial culture is crucial.
Bashir said that we need to broaden the tax base to tax those outside the tax system,". He also stressed that reducing government spending is needed along with seeking more revenue sources in order to adjust with the new economic reality
15:34 GMT
The Sudanese president Omer Hassan Al-Bashir said that losing oil as a major source of revenue has led to a budget deficit and an unfavorable balance of trade which he said put the government in the dilemma of needing to raise new revenues without having to raise taxes.
In 2012, however, new supply growth is expected to reach 9.6 percent, the hotel information firm says, causing both rates and occupancy levels to slow down
15:16 GMT
“Modern infrastructure, new hotel inventory and delayed openings” have allowed the market to balance supply and demand. This is good news for hoteliers who can now build their occupancy and rate.
With the economy floundering and formal jobs scarce, more Egyptians are trying to make ends meet in the massive gray economy, which operates outside the tax system and most government regulation
11:31 GMT
One fifth of Egypt’s 80 million people live in poverty, according to official figures, and in the short term, the overthrow of Mubarak in February has made life harder for many of them – political unrest and uncertainty have hit the economy hard, deterring investment and disrupting trade and tourism.
"We're on the up and are seeing the start of a recovery. There has been a sustainable increase in recruitments since September," said Mike Hynes, Managing Partner of recruiting agency Kershaw Leonard
07:45 GMT
Top recruiters and management consultancies say the job market is finally looking up, riding on the back of improved performances by companies, merit-based salary hikes and a positive outlook for the future.
IT investments have already helped the UAE fuel impressive growth across the country
06:58 GMT
Game-changing innovations like in-memory computing, mobility and cloud technology have the power to not only transform business and government, but also improve people’s lives.

October 19, 2011

Everyone in the IT sector is talking about cloud computing but not many are aware of its practical applications and how good it is for all businesses
15:23 GMT
Experts said that cloud computing usage is still below the desired level in Jordan and this is not only the case in Jordan, but in the entire region.
Islamic banks are still considered more “rigid” than many of their conventional peers – and they should invest in strong branding and modern conveniences for customers to compete
15:11 GMT
Research showed that the majority of Muslims still bank with conventional institutions. And, just advertising services as ‘Sharia-compliant’ is not going to be enough to make them move to an Islamic bank.