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March 20, 2012

The public transport network in Abu Dhabi conducted 64 million passenger journeys last year and plans to raise that figure to 76 million this year
08:06 GMT
By 2030, Abu Dhabi mass transport system will be more than sufficient to serve all commuters, leaving wider spaces for those who would prefer to walk or ride their bicycles to work.

March 19, 2012

Some of the Gulf state's major tourism infrastructure investments include the $8 billion expansion of Dubai International Airport
15:50 GMT
The total direct contribution of travel and tourism to gross domestic production (GDP) in GCC countries is expected to reach $44 billion this year, up 27 percent from 2009.
Money printing is not necessarily a natural boost to stock markets
15:33 GMT
The most seductive argument in the investment universe at the moment is that the liquidity pouring into global financial markets guarantees a continued rally into the distant future.
A key challenge we have here is attracting males into the profession simply because there are better opportunities with better remuneration out there
15:10 GMT
The fact remains that the number of Emiratis pursuing a career in education is skewed in favour of the women, which yields a clear imbalance in the country’s education system.
Sudan has been on the U.S. economic sanctions list for more than a decade over allegations of supporting terrorism as well as human right abuses
12:39 GMT
A comprehensive political settlement in Sudan is a crucial prerequisite to resolving the current economic crisis, an opposition figure said.
The main asset class in the region remains equities by virtue of the large number of listed stocks
08:34 GMT
The Middle East stock markets, particularly the Gulf markets, are ready for a sustainable rebound as strong macroeconomic fundamentals and attractive valuations are improving the investor sentiment and risk appetite.
Localisation and Arabicisation are essential if international players are to reach a mass market in the Middle East
08:01 GMT
Average mobile phone penetration in the region is estimated to exceed 100 percent in 2012.

March 18, 2012

Media attention has focused on the possibility of an oil supply shock which could negatively impact economic growth forecasts as prices skyrocket
16:06 GMT
The rise in oil prices since October 2011 has a positive correlation with a rise in global equity markets, indicating that other factors are contributing, such as better than expected economic numbers and liquidity provided by central banks.
2011 witnessed two major changes in the rankings of the world’s economies
15:27 GMT
With a robust diversification strategy, the Middle East, and particularly the UAE, has also successfully nurtured some of its local companies, allowing them to emerge as global players.
Foreign reserves are currently at $15.7 billion, which are expected to last through only three months worth of imports
15:11 GMT
Egypt's Suez Canal posted a single day revenue of LE 117 million ($19.4 million) on Wednesday, according to head of the canal authority.
People like to touch a product, and the in-person experience cannot be replicated on a computer screen
12:37 GMT
Surviving the retail industry has always been a harrowing experience, with changing economic conditions and evolving consumer tastes.
STR Global data said Qatar's tourism sector was likely to see a near 70 percent growth in hotels
12:12 GMT
Qatar is set to see the fastest growth in tourism this year, with the World Travel & Tourism Council forecasting 13.2 percent growth.
The local food market is witnessing a severe slowdown due to weak consumer purchasing power
11:49 GMT
Late last month, merchants threatened to increase the prices of food items, particularly frozen meat, poultry and dairy products, by 20 percent as of early March in response to a government plan to raise electricity tariffs as traders were expecting their power bills to double.

March 15, 2012

The collaboration will play an important role in helping to strengthen both companies in the area of air and sea freight
15:46 GMT
Saudi Airlines Cargo and the National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia established a three-year agreement toward freighting NSCSA urgent goods and equipment through Saudia Cargo.
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15:27 GMT
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