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October 17, 2011

Investors in the region are still uncertain of what fair value is due to the follow-on effect of the European Union debt crisis and the slowdown in the United States
15:39 GMT
The regional capital markets raised $218.9 million through the initial public offering (IPO) during the third quarter of 2011.
Authorised models of the iPhone 4S won’t likely arrive in the UAE until November to be sold by Apple-approved distributors with complete warranties
15:30 GMT
Unfortunately, the iPhone 4S is still not officially available in the UAE and until then, loyal Apple fans are willing to pay much higher prices for grey market phones and be among the first to have the new mobile device.
Tenants are seeking units within successful retail malls with proven footfalls or in prominent locations with good parking
10:20 GMT
In the retail sector, five current developments will deliver an additional 100,000 square metres of good quality retail space into the market over the next 18 months, adding to the 300,000 square metres that is currently available.
There is a leadership role being played by Qatar, there is a very vibrant economy behind it, so it will give a lot of impetus in as a country
09:54 GMT
With the robust economic fundamentals, Qatar, however, is bullish it can convince more financial heavyweights to set up businesses in the country.
Global energy centers are in transition, indeed behind this transition is a lurking political desire
09:08 GMT
While the global economy already is in tatters, being kept in an oxygen tent as the capitalistic model is under threat all around, crude intensity is changing too and is changing fast and for good.

October 16, 2011

Selling bonds linked to projects ring-fenced from political uncertainty would encourage investment in so-called Arab Spring economies at a time of instability
18:34 GMT
The uprisings that swept the Middle East this year have cost the most seriously affected countries more than $55bn, according to estimates this month by the political risk consultancy Geopolicity.
15 percent is a very fast rate of growth but it is off a relatively small base and it's sustainable for a longer period than you might initially think
15:16 GMT
Islamic finance has been growing at 15-20 percent a year, according to industry estimates, although most activity has been from the traditional markets of the Middle East and Malaysia, following after a brief burst of global interest three years ago.
Oil exporters were winners and oil imp­orters losers. Libya, Egypt and Syria have so far paid the highest price
15:07 GMT
The ‘Arab Spring’ is something that has surprised everybody with the speed and magnitude that it happened… but they (individuals and businesses) need to make the most of this opportunity.
Power consumption across the GCC has grown at an annual rate of about 9 percent since 2002, and Saudi Arabia and the UAE account for 75 percent of total GCC consumption
09:04 GMT
There are 361 power projects underway in the GCC at a total value of $277 billion, with 70 percent of them in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
Following in the footsteps of the other "Zenga-Zenga" Arab regimes [in reference to Gaddafi's infamous speech], Al-Bashir tried to say that all the failures and problems his regime is facing have been caused by a "foreign" conspiracy
08:16 GMT
Al-Bashir said the best way to fight the rise in the prices of commodities is to boycott them, although he said that the "ideal" way of handling a problem such as this is to reduce consumption.
The UNWTO predicted Middle East arrivals will soar from 61 million last year to 149 million by 2030
07:55 GMT
Responding to a recent report from the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) which said the Middle East’s slice of global tourism will swell significantly from six percent in 2010 to eight percent by 2030.

October 15, 2011

16:01 GMT
A statistical analysis of International Monetary Fund (IMF) data by political risk consultancy Geopolicity showed that countries that had seen the bloodiest confrontations - Libya and Syria - were bearing the economic brunt, followed by Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain and Yemen.

October 13, 2011

People in the UAE are spending more time on smart phones and less on computers
15:58 GMT
Despite that importance of mobile apps, Middle East marketers and managers still undermine the strategic business and technical implications of developing mobile applications which will make them lag behind.
The Kingdom consumes around 100,000 heads of sacrifice sheep during Eid Al Adha, 70,000 of which are slaughtered in Amman and the rest in other cities
15:55 GMT
The ministry had taken a decision to decrease the number of live sheep exported to the Gulf - mostly to Saudi Arabia - to ensure the availability of sheep for slaughter for Eid Al Adha, which will take place in early November.
Unlike the situation of 2009, average cash holdings of mutual funds according to a survey conducted by Merrill Lynch stood close to 5 percent in September
15:39 GMT
During the current global environment, policy makers seem to be ready with the policy tools in case of a double dip recession, though they are left with little fiscal and monetary space as compared to the beginning of the crisis.