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September 11, 2014

Opposition figures underline that the government is turning a blind eye to misconduct by businesspeople loyal to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.
04:55 GMT
The Turkish government has created an elite class of businesses that enjoy unfair advantages over their rivals despite being allegedly being involved in corruption, as well as negligence causing fatal accidents, observers argue.

September 10, 2014

Fighting across the region, mainly in Syria and Iraq, has left thousands dead in the years since the mass demonstrations of the Arab Spring led to violent uprisings.
16:42 GMT
A post-World War II US initiative, the Marshall plan helped revive Europe's shattered economy and bring long-term stability to the continent.
Preventative measured also include special equipment at airports to detect anyone who may be infected.
15:59 GMT
Hajj season is almost upon us, and in October an estimated three million Muslims from around the world will congregate in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, to perform the Islamic pilgrimage.
“More than 110,000 people have arrived in Italy so far this year, sometimes 4,000 or even 5,000 people in a matter of days,” said Flavio Di Giacomo, spokesman for the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) in Italy.
04:55 GMT
On a late-summer morning in northern Jordan, as the sun rose over the city of Irbid, perched high on a desert ridge, a young father prepared to die at sea.

September 9, 2014

The new iPhones are expected to come in two screen sizes- one measuring 4.7 inches diagonally and the other 5.5-inches- and have faster processors.
20:43 GMT
The launch of the new iPhone is expected to be one of the largest events this year.
The study, by the research centre at the ministry of sport and young people, was published a day after President Hassan Rouhani dubbed existing Internet controls counter-productive.
18:12 GMT
More than two thirds of young Iranian Internet users are using illegal software to reach websites that are officially banned, according to government research cited by media on Monday.
Jordan currently imports 97 percent of its energy needs, including crude oil from Saudi Arabia and other petroleum derivative.
17:38 GMT
Jordan has recently sought to establish alternative energy sources and diversify its imports. It is also building two liquefied natural gas terminals, to be finished by 2017, which will be used to import gas for electricity generation.
The brokers also demand a large fee, on average $908 for Bangladeshi workers and $581 for Nepalese workers.
17:03 GMT
The report states that 88 percent of the migrant domestic workers surveyed said they would not have come to Lebanon “had they fully known the reality.”
In June 2014, the balance sheets of Bank Audi showed that 45 percent of the assets were abroad while the rest were in Lebanon and 43 percent of the total deposits were from abroad while the rest were in Lebanon.
04:55 GMT
“Provided there is a political transition in Syria followed by a reconstruction drive, Bank Audi will be among the first to grab this opportunity,” he added.

September 8, 2014

Meanwhile, in the UAE and Kuwait growth in capital expenditure has been slower than the rise in current expenditure in the recent years.
19:51 GMT
Qatar and Saudi Arabia have been on the forefront of capital expenditures compared to their GCC peers in the past few years.
Foodways are anything but apolitical, particularly in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
18:25 GMT
The scope of Palestinian and Israeli foodways extends beyond gastro-nationalistic debates on the provenance of za’tar and knafeh or legal battles between Palestinians and Israelis regarding access to and ownership of agricultural land.
Many blame authorities for this change in attitude, since residents say that officials leave runaway reports to pile up unresolved.
04:55 GMT
A shortage of maids has led to a thriving black market in domestic workers.
Speaking ahead of the "Invest in Tunisia: Start-up democracy" conference to be held Monday, Jomaa said Tunisia's new government was upbeat but realistic about a recovery.
04:55 GMT
Tunisia has stabilised from the fallout of the 2011 revolution and is now ripe for investment in its battered economy, Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaa told AFP in an interview.
Scarcity of financial resources and the lack of a solid plan are the main reasons behind the perpetuation of Egypt's energy crisis, according to experts who attended the Cairo Energy Conference.
04:55 GMT
The solutions are known, but the will to implement them is absent, say energy experts discussing Egypt's energy crisis

September 7, 2014

Automakers have largely renewed their fleets of mainstream sedans and small cars.
14:15 GMT
Among more pulse-pounding models, one of the longest running vehicles in the business – the venerable Ford Mustang – gets a major makeover that brings the original “pony car” into the modern age.