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March 10, 2015

“The country has a number of important historical sites and places of natural beauty that could be a magnet for tourists from around the world.
19:58 GMT
Saudi Arabia is capitalising on both new business and leisure tourism opportunities with 55 planned or under-development projects.
Salaries across Saudi Arabia grew seven per cent year-on-year in the Gulf Business 2015 Salary Survey, rising from $12,126 to $12,978.3.
07:39 GMT
The kingdom continued to be the highest paying country for most positions in our 2015 survey, especially for westerners.

March 9, 2015

Last year was by some measures the safest in the history of commercial aviation, despite two high-profile crashes involving Malaysia Airlines aircraft in which hundreds of people were killed,
18:30 GMT
An extensive search in the southern Indian Ocean, where satellite data showed that the Boeing 777-200ER ended up after being diverted from its original flight path, has not found any sign of the plane.
The booking for the airline’s ultra-luxurious and private three-room suite in the sky came just hours after the carrier announced the upcoming launch of new Airbus A380 service for guests travelling on the popular route,
18:24 GMT
UAE national carrier Etihad Airways said it has received an overwhelming reponse for the airline’s inaugural flight from New York’s John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport to its hub Abu Dhabi in The Residence by Etihad.
Any regulation to create mandatory affordable housing for “all new residential developments in Dubai” would have to push property values to around, or even below, the Dh600 per square foot (psf) level
17:59 GMT
Locations such as International City and Discovery Gardens, which were aimed at the budget-conscious investor, had seen sharp upturns in 2013, and instantly putting them out of reach for buyers in this category.
They benefit from a national "Qatarisation" programme, which aims to increase the number of working citizens by guaranteeing them jobs and high wages in industry and government departments
17:47 GMT
Qatari women are increasingly defying social constraints and joining the workforce in the booming energy-rich country, which offers support for new enterprises and encourages start-ups by university graduates.
Such is the rocketing rise of the US dollar at present that it’s not difficult to imagine a contrarian stance becoming profitable.
11:25 GMT
It’s one of the unwritten but well-observed rules of financial markets, especially currencies, that a turning point is quite possibly in reach when everybody is inclined in one direction.

March 8, 2015

The Volkswagen-owned brand sold a record 11,020 vehicles last year, with a strong performance from its Middle Eastern operations.
19:42 GMT
Rose expects Bentley’s overall percentage of sales from the region to increase as a result, describing the Middle East as “the biggest opportunity” for the company in the next “three to four years”.
While admitting that the dramatic drop in oil prices was causing panic and fear in the market, he stressed that the UAE has seen worse.
19:16 GMT
“In the next 50 years or so, we may not have any oil or gas. And this is something that the government is thinking about.
Saudi Arabia is expected to grow at 2.6 per cent, according to a report by Samba Financial Group.
04:55 GMT
The circumstances in which King Salman took the throne can be anything but enviable in the context of the current economic scenario.

March 6, 2015

The list has a new entry this year: Amal Clooney, the Lebanese British lawyer, activist and author who found fame last year when she married George Clooney in a Venice ceremony that garnered media attention around the world.
21:27 GMT
A fighter pilot, a retail tycoon and a government minister all feature in a list by Arabian Business Magazine of the most powerful Arab women in the world.

March 5, 2015

After energy, the government is looking to attract investment in a number of other key sectors including manufacturing, real estate, petrochemicals, and tourism.
18:48 GMT
Egypt will launch a new economic development program aimed at revitalizing the country’s flailing economy during an upcoming major investment conference.
Bulldozers push earth and dredgers spit mud round the clock at Egypt’s Suez Canal in a race to quickly expand the strategic waterway for two-way traffic.
18:21 GMT
Bulldozers push earth and dredgers spit mud round the clock at Egypt’s Suez Canal in a race to quickly expand the strategic waterway for two-way traffic.
Carefully crafted from metal and glass, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge blend purposeful design with powerful features.
09:24 GMT
Samsung Electronics announced Monday its entirely redefined smartphones, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge.
Housemaids from the Phil-ippines, Nepal and India have also been diminishing in the last few years, further restricting housemaid recruitment.
04:55 GMT
With Indonesia joining the list of countries that have barred their women from working as housemaids in the UAE, finding domestic help has become a major challenge in the country.