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March 30, 2015

Mahmoud said that Egypt’s new visa rule and tighter control of its security issue boosts tourists’ confidence in the country.
09:38 GMT
An overhaul of Egypt’s visa system announced last week is unlikely to keep Gulf residents from jetting off to see the pyramids this summer.

March 29, 2015

The ambassador mentioned that the CPEC would also boost the economies of the Gulf states by increasing the trade volume and huge savings in freight.
12:18 GMT
As of now, 60 per cent of China’s imported oil comes from the Middle East, and 80 per cent of that is transported to China through the dangerous Strait of Malacca.
Unemployment stands at 25 per cent and output is set to contract this year, sharply increasing the threat of instability and violence.
06:55 GMT
Israel's decision to withhold $130 million a month in revenue collected on behalf of the Palestinians is strangling the economy

March 24, 2015

Top-end hotels look set to profit from this trend with over a third of MENA residents usually staying in luxury hotels when traveling for leisure.
19:44 GMT
According to the latest YouGov report, the top three luxury holiday destinations for MENA residents are UAE (14%), Italy (10%) and Turkey (5%).
 Forty-eight per cent of the family business agreed that making the business more professional is a key challenge over the next five years.
09:29 GMT
Skilled staff recruitment is a significant challenge for the Middle Eastern family businesses with 73 per cent of those saying are interested to hire the right skills and talent in the coming five years, according to a PwC survey released yesterday

March 23, 2015

The economy has been reeling since December, when production fell to around 350,000 bpd as the Fajr Libya militia alliance, which includes Islamists, attacked oil terminals in the east.
20:48 GMT
The battle for Libya's oil wealth has taken on new dimensions as rival governments lay claim to the National Oil Company (NOC), further deepening divisions in the volatile North African nation.
 In some stock markets such as Qatar, Islamic investors with few options to choose from can reward sharia-compliant firms by piling into their shares.
20:40 GMT
Across the Gulf, companies that have traditionally used conventional finance are considering whether to "go Islamic",
Dubai wants to keep adding more hotel rooms until 2020.
14:52 GMT
The popular attractions in Dubai are still attracting hundreds of visitors each month, but there aren’t as much tourists checking into hotel rooms.
Yet as competition intensifies, healthcare providers are battling to retain and even attract medical professionals needed to keep pace with their growth.
14:37 GMT
With a number of hospitals and clinics starting up in the GCC, the war for medical talent has begun.

March 22, 2015

The Bank of Israel also recently implemented measures to prevent “black money” from lying in Israeli bank accounts and causing legal and reputational risks for the Israeli banks
17:37 GMT
In Britain, the mix of politics, the upcoming elections, the budget deficit and public pressure has provoked a whirlwind of controversy around the issue of tax avoidance and tax evasion
Sohar Port is located on the fringes of a regional market flooded with container ports.
16:57 GMT
If all goes to plan, Oman will transform into a major industrial and logistics centre with much of the country’s imports and exports passing through Sohar.
He added the Ministry of Labor would not take any international decisions without the recommendations of the Cabinet of Ministers.
11:38 GMT
The private sector of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries signed an alliance to tackle the problems faced in the recruitment of housemaids.
 But to make this success a turning point, it must be followed by a broader, more transparent, and more detailed discussion of the coming phase.
04:55 GMT
This success places a heavy responsibility on the government, and all of Egypt, to turn the programs, agreements, and pledges made during the conference into facts on the ground.

March 19, 2015

Dubai’s index dropped 3.6 percent to a 10-week low of 3,408 points. All major stocks fell sharply and only a handful of small-caps closed higher.
12:11 GMT
Gulf stock markets fell in panic sell-offs Wednesday after U.S.crude futures dropped to a fresh six-year low and Brent oil also retreated.
The IMF has long urged GCC countries to introduce VAT. The
10:21 GMT
Given the recent negative oil price shock, GCC governments need to chalk out a plan to enhance their revenue base.