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September 28, 2014

Covering the panoramic view of Paris, the fashion show will present extraordinary collections from eight countries and mark Jessica’s eighth history making catwalk around the world.
18:46 GMT
Covering the panoramic view of Paris, the fashion show will present extraordinary collections from eight countries and mark Jessica’s eighth history making catwalk around the world.
Oil accounts for 95 percent of state revenue in Libya and 65 percent of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
17:49 GMT
While the battle for control of Libya's oil ports has been seen as a critical indicator of victory in the civil war, the money received from oil sales currently has one sole destination: the Central Bank of Libya.
 Already, almost 180,000 children between 6 months old and five years are being treated for severe acute malnutrition.
04:55 GMT
When South Sudan was born, the world's youngest country had generous Western allies and sturdy oil exports, a formula that offered a chance to build a modern economy and drag its people out of their daily struggle to feed themselves.
His replacement is the CEO of the Emirates Investment Authority, a sovereign wealth fund, Mubarak Al Mansouri.
04:55 GMT
Could it be that Mr. Al Suwaidi has paid the price for calling a halt to the latest Dubai real estate boom with the raising of mortgage criteria last autumn?

September 25, 2014

According to the Survey, the top priorities of HNWIs and family owned businesses align, making this underutilisation surprising.
23:21 GMT
KPMG has identified one possibly underutilised route for investment with the involvement of high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs), many of whom have family business experience as well as significant investment capital.
Unfortunately, industry remains absent on the agenda of the Egyptian nation and its political leaders, even though there is no alternative to industry in order to achieve equality in wealth distribution.
05:55 GMT
Meanwhile, revenues from maritime corridors and ports in other countries that do not enjoy a similar location as the Suez Canal and its ports are much higher than Egypt.
The deterioration of relations between Turkey and credit rating agencies will make life harder for both investors and the nation.
04:55 GMT
Instead of tensing up the relations with these institutions, extra effort is required to convince them, he added.

September 24, 2014

This division of society into two classes, Khassa and 3amma, then, has a mirror image in today’s society, likewise. Even the tiny middle class that existed in the 70s and 80s of the last century is, by now, history.
05:55 GMT
Individuals are not recognized for their knowledge, experience and contribution but for their tribal identity: to which big and influential family they belong.
IP Global, via independent research company YouGov, have surveyed a thousand UAE residents to determine the property investment sentiment across the UAE.
04:55 GMT
Of those UAE residents who have invested in property, 41% have invested in properties overseas, compared with just 12% owning property in the UAE.
"Aid groups turn us into beggars without human dignity and minimal level of respect," he said as he paused for a moment while pushing his wheelchair.
04:55 GMT
Homeless families in Gaza also complain that they have not received good quality aid, some of which is either sold in local markets or given to people who did not lose their homes. This involves what locals have started to name as “VIP coupons”.

September 23, 2014

The ability to turn distance and location into a competitive advantage by hosting applications and data in optimal locations, while ensuring flawless application performance and the best user experience.
04:55 GMT
The Mena region’s appetite for applications and services being delivered to devices irrespective of geographic location is evident from the region's growing interest in cloud computing

September 22, 2014

According to the survey, 15 percent of the Turkish population lived under the poverty line in 2013, while 13 percent was considered “continuously poor.”
20:06 GMT
Of the total population, 78.5 percent reported not being able to take a one-week vacation away from home due to financial constraints.
Introducing yourself can affect how well you make friends, fit in at work or even get a job. It affects future opportunities and networking possibilities, support and a sense of belonging.
18:20 GMT
Whether you’re walking into a social gathering or a job interview, there are some universal things to keep in mind when introducing yourself.
The UAE, which is new to the industry in comparison to countries with older, developed health systems, requires a more focused approach to promote its available services.
05:44 GMT
One of the main challenges in the region is to reverse the outbound medical tourism trend, and provide specialised services in line with the required capacity and the prevalence of lifestyle diseases
The move has been a long time coming. Saudi authorities have slowly unrolled a plan to liberalise the market spanning a decade, and pursued a long- term reform agenda.
04:55 GMT
reign investors are salivating at the prospect of investing in Saudi Arabia’s well developed but frontier market with a string of world-class companies that have remained largely out of the portfolio of global fund managers.