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December 2, 2014

Recent falls in international oil prices have triggered a rash of negative prognoses for energy producers in the Gulf
23:04 GMT
The negative outlook for oil prices for the Gulf states should be placed firmly in the context of geopolitical and technical reality
"Jordan is mature, disciplined, stable and professional," said the banker,
16:57 GMT
A bonanza is in store for the banking industry in Jordan after the dust settles in Iraq and Syria, according to a top banker.
Turkey is a major beneficiary of the collapse in Brent crude since the cost of imported energy narrows the current account deficit
04:55 GMT
The Turkish banking sector is inexpensive at just above one times price/book value due to the macro risks and consumer credit losses.
State procurement budgets could be cut, subsidies removed and big construction projects slowed or cancelled.
04:55 GMT
Plunging stock markets in the Gulf show investors are panicking about the prospect of $70 oil next year.

December 1, 2014

 One way in which Middle East investors are increasing their holdings is by placing more capital into alternatives
17:10 GMT
At this point, the outlook for 2015 is all good news.
 in order to accommodate these new travellers, the emirate also requires significant annual increases to its hotel room inventory.
15:49 GMT
Developers’ rush to build hotels and hotel apartments is being led by the need to diversify their income from pure property sales
Never be too aggressive while negotiating your job offer.
15:06 GMT
Don’t say “no” flat out at first, but instead, use these tactics to negotiate the job offer to suit your needs better.
The professor said the deterioration in the quality of public services is blamed on the “decline in ethics” in the Jordanian society,
14:58 GMT
The government is determined to restore trust and professionalism in state agencies as providers of quality services, according to officials.
The reasons? "The blockade, poverty, unemployment, the trickle of goods entering and soaring prices."
04:55 GMT
Already struggling under the weight of an Israeli blockade, Gazans are now feeling the effects of an Egyptian exclusion zone along their shared border that has sent prices soaring.
If low prices continue, Oman and Bahrain will have to revise very seriously their budgets for 2016
04:55 GMT
Countries which are battling insurgency and economic sanctions will be the first one to get affected as global oil prices continue to drop.

November 30, 2014

Total car production was 1.6 million in 2011, but it had halved two years later.
22:08 GMT
Iran Khodro, which has a 54 percent market share in the Islamic republic, plans to return this year to its 2011 production level -- 600,000 cars.
“The life cycle of a commercial lease is a lot longer than the life cycle of a residential unit,” Chambers added.
21:10 GMT
The property market in the UAE has become a lot more 'organic and demand driven'
The new regulations will force regional banks to take a closer look at their capital allocation and deploy their capital more strategically.
13:15 GMT
Basel III regulations present an opportunity for Middle East banks and regulators to embrace new rules and improve the sector’s asset quality.

November 27, 2014

It is a concern to see corruption and bribery become more widespread than ever in Turkey.
22:40 GMT
The Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen's Association (TÜSİAD) shared the results of a public survey on Wednesday that shows corruption to be on the rise in the country.
Some investors, however, worry that the legal and regulatory framework in Egypt might still be too weak.
22:33 GMT
A lively debate on Egypt’s renewable energy sector set the stage for this year’s ‘Invest in Egypt’ conference, which began in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday.