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May 21, 2014

Over the years, Sudan has accumulated approximately $44 billion worth of debt.
04:55 GMT
"It was already an expensive place to be but now it’s dreadfully expensive to live in Sudan. Even compared to Beirut. Beirut is a cheap city compared to Khartoum.”
The Arab Social Media Outlook 2014 suggested that 71 million people used social media in the region last year out of a total 135 million internet users.
03:55 GMT
Social media is actively competing with conventional media as a primary source of news for millions of Arabs.
"This projects gives them hope again, and that will reflect onto society in a positive way."
03:02 GMT
The programme's founders hope that the simple gift of the tools of a trade can help get those who would otherwise depend on aid back on their feet.
Since toppling the Muslim Brotherhood from power last year, the Egyptian army has turned its substantial economic firepower on another perceived threat to the country's stability: unemployment.
02:42 GMT
"The problem is a time bomb," said Mahmoud El-Sherbiny

May 20, 2014

The report points to these expatriates being flush with ‘refugee capital’, which is finding its way into Sharjah’s off-plan residential sales market.
21:10 GMT
The strong growth of the UAE economy has also been mirrored at an emirate level in Sharjah.
Sources close to former Prime Minister Najib Mikati, urged people “to distance Tripoli’s projects from politics.”
14:50 GMT
Last week, the Lebanese government cut off $60 million of funds previously allocated to three development projects in Tripoli.
The government relaxed the eligibility criteria to make the loan application easier and accessible to all Saudi nationals.
03:55 GMT
Currently, most Saudi nationals still continue to live in rented accommodations.
Mahendran pointed out that the growth witnessed in the Kingdom was reflective of the robust growth across the GCC region
03:55 GMT
Long-term growth is expected to continue in the non-oil sectors in Saudi Arabia with massive government spending on infrastructure projects acting as a catalyst for the transport, hospitality and real estate sector.

May 19, 2014

Qatar led the GCC with double-digit growth in both the non-hydrocarbon sector and population as the ramp up in investment spending is drawing in a large wave of expatriate workers.
22:02 GMT
A recovery in global energy demand and large investment spending are projected to accelerate growth in the GCC, while the rest of MENA is likely to continue to trail behind.
By telling the world about a component of the UAE that also includes art and culture, the country’s image as a global art hub will benefit the property market by luring high-end cultural tourists.
21:31 GMT
A cultural renaissance is emerging in the UAE. Having achieved the status of being of one of the world’s most recognised destinations for business, leisure and property, the country is making its mark on the map for its cultural tourism.
High-performing Middle East organisations ranked themselves higher in all the most important talent management approaches than equivalent high-performing organisations in Western Europe and North America.
17:01 GMT
Encouraging employees to spend less time at work is one of the most important ways to get more out of a Middle East workforce.
Out of a total market worth $128.46 billion, the medical, residential and hospitality sectors will count for over half of the market.
03:55 GMT
Construction projects across all building sectors worth $128.46 billion are expected to be completed in the GCC by end of this year, hitting a 92.06 per cent increase compared to 2013 ($66.89 billion), a report said.
Thomas advised companies to explain their nationalisation goals to new hires, telling expats how they should imbue their skills within an organisation’s structure before they move on.
03:55 GMT
GCC Companies hiring expats for their expertise should explain the role they will play towards nationalisation schemes during the hiring process, according to an HR expert
Then Dubai won the Expo 2020 for the UAE last October and the anticipation and actual win spurred local enthusiasms, although the total economic impact will be marginal.
00:20 GMT
A huge surge in the Dubai Financial Market this year and last has left it vulnerable to a massive correction.

May 18, 2014

"We hope before May [ends] matters will have been cleared and we will have entered the programme," Alwageh said noting that the IMF board was expected to meet in July to finalise the deal.
12:23 GMT
Yemen's finances have been strained by frequent attacks on oil pipelines blamed by the government on militants and disgruntled tribesmen.