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May 19, 2014

High-performing Middle East organisations ranked themselves higher in all the most important talent management approaches than equivalent high-performing organisations in Western Europe and North America.
17:01 GMT
Encouraging employees to spend less time at work is one of the most important ways to get more out of a Middle East workforce.
Out of a total market worth $128.46 billion, the medical, residential and hospitality sectors will count for over half of the market.
03:55 GMT
Construction projects across all building sectors worth $128.46 billion are expected to be completed in the GCC by end of this year, hitting a 92.06 per cent increase compared to 2013 ($66.89 billion), a report said.
Thomas advised companies to explain their nationalisation goals to new hires, telling expats how they should imbue their skills within an organisation’s structure before they move on.
03:55 GMT
GCC Companies hiring expats for their expertise should explain the role they will play towards nationalisation schemes during the hiring process, according to an HR expert
Then Dubai won the Expo 2020 for the UAE last October and the anticipation and actual win spurred local enthusiasms, although the total economic impact will be marginal.
00:20 GMT
A huge surge in the Dubai Financial Market this year and last has left it vulnerable to a massive correction.

May 18, 2014

"We hope before May [ends] matters will have been cleared and we will have entered the programme," Alwageh said noting that the IMF board was expected to meet in July to finalise the deal.
12:23 GMT
Yemen's finances have been strained by frequent attacks on oil pipelines blamed by the government on militants and disgruntled tribesmen.
Google Glass carries a BOM of $132.47. When the $20.00 manufacturing expense is added, the cost to produce the head-mounted computer rises to $152.47.
11:32 GMT
IHS teardown of Google Glass reveals that hottest wearable-technology gadget is far more than the sum of its parts.
Experts say that one of the factors behind constrained bank lending to smaller firms is the lack of progress among SMEs in building a proper financial infrastructure.
03:55 GMT
A World Bank study, which examined the levels of bank lending to SMEs in MENA, found that the share of loans given to smaller firms was the lowest in the world.
Up to 59 per cent also want a wristband that logs activities such as walking and sleeping, according to a recent survey by Ericsson ConsumerLab.
03:55 GMT
Imagine a driverless car dropping you off at work and the doors of your office automatically opening on your arrival and greeting you.

May 16, 2014

Rizq added that he expects the contract with the winning consortium to be announced within days, and that the consortium will finish and present the plan to the cabinet within six months after the announcement.
01:29 GMT
The government will present its plan for the development of the Suez Canal in January 2015 to both local and international financial institutions and a number of companies
By 2012, 85 percent of Egyptian adults viewed entrepreneurship is a desired career choice and 42 percent expressed their intentions to start a business in the future.
01:21 GMT
To have the impact on economy, it is not enough to meet a quota of new businesses launched. What makes a difference is having an economic environment that fosters innovation and business growth.
Experts say poor oversight from regulators, a weak health and safety culture and an uneducated and unorganized workforce have contributed to making Turkey a particularly dangerous country in which to be a miner
00:57 GMT
The mining disaster that killed more than 200 workers in Turkey has underscored the health and safety problems in the country's mining sector.

May 15, 2014

Looking ahead to the next five years, there are some interesting projects covering niche sub-sectors such as industrial construction and renewable power generation.
16:38 GMT
Opportunities for firms are expected to exceed a record Dh22 billion ($6 billion) once new construction, water, power, roads and environment projects already slated for award between now and 2018 are added.
The Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology, also known as EIAST, is on track to build the first Arab-made satellite — expected to be in the Earth’s orbit by 2017, its senior official says.
15:02 GMT
“The first two projects namely Dubai Sat-1 and Dubai Sat-2 were developed outside the country. But Khalifa Sat will be completely developed in the country."
“The significant power shift in the beauty sector toward emerging markets is still on track, and this region is at the forefront of big spenders on beauty and personal care products.”
03:55 GMT
In fragrances alone, people in the UAE spent $156 each, on average, during 2013 – the third highest mark in the world.

May 14, 2014

The amount of respect we show to authority is deeply rooted in the culture we are raised in.
23:12 GMT
Whether you feel the best boss is more of a facilitator among equals or a director who leads from the front, to succeed in international business you need the flexibility to adapt your style to your cultural context.