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His company may not rival Google or German software maker SAP yet, but Gaza-based IT entrepreneur Saady Lozon has plans to change that (Picture: Facebook).
January 25, 2015 - 12:41 GMT
At the offices, dozens of women, most wearing headscarves, are busy at work, one group entering data on global trademarks for a company in the Netherlands.

October 2, 2014

Once the device "recognised" a suspect based on a face print, it would alert the officer wearing the gadget.
15:30 GMT

Dubai's decision appears in line with the authorities' determination to spare no expense in equipping the police.

Nancy Ajram Huawei Brand Ambassador for 2015
09:52 GMT
(press release)

At a star studded regional launch of its Ascend Mate 7 smartphone, Huawei announced Lebanese singing sensation Nancy Ajram as its Middle East and North African Brand Ambassador for 2015.

October 1, 2014

The launching of iPhone 6
12:17 GMT
(press release)

Large crowds stood behind the counters of axiom stores hoping to get their hands on the latest cutting-edge smartphones, the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The two brands being launched by VMMEA are Virgin Mobile, aimed at the youth market, and Friendi Mobile, targeting Saudi's expatriate workers.
04:55 GMT

The launch, days before the annual haj pilgrimage, is timely. An estimated 1.4 million Muslim pilgrims are expected to arrive in the kingdom this year.

September 30, 2014

William Xu, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Huawei
06:48 GMT
(press release)

Huawei released the Global Connectivity Index (GCI), a report that details the commitment and progress that various countries have made in bettering their own connections and the impact it is having on GDP.

September 29, 2014

“It’s a huge market, almost 500,000 smartphones a month are sold out here so getting a share of that is really our first focus point,” he said.
12:29 GMT

He was not coy, however, in suggesting what his former Apple compatriot Steve Jobs would think of the Obi Mobile devices. “Steve being Steve would say, you can do alot better,” he said.

Sony 4D Focus
11:57 GMT
(press release)

Sony sets a new benchmark in photography with the unveiling of its latest ‘4D Focus’ system that enables the camera to detect not only depth (3D) but also time (4D).

Mahara graduation
05:26 GMT

Nawras has honoured successful family members with a graduation ceremony their new customer experience training programme, ‘Mahara’.

September 28, 2014

During the event
10:11 GMT
(press release)

Beecell, the mobile value added services and solutions provider, celebrates 10 years of business, with its services expanding to cover 18 countries, in a gala dinner held at Sheraton Amman Al Nabil Hotel.

05:26 GMT
(press release)

Lenovo, the world’s No.1 PC vendor, has further upped its game this Gitex Shopper after being crowned the top selling vendor in Gitex Spring 2014 in PCs.

Airlines will also need to certify their planes aren't affected by transmission signals before allowing devices to be used.
04:55 GMT

"Basically we are saying you can have it switched on, and it's up to the airline first to allow you," Maragakis said.

September 25, 2014

Apple is facing claims that its new thinner iPhones can bend out of shape in the pocket.
00:05 GMT

Pictures and videos of warped and damaged iPhones swept the Internet as hundreds of users realised their new smartphones were ruined.

Hazem Mulhim, CEO, EastNets
09:33 GMT
(press release)

EastNets, a leading global provider of compliance and payments solutions for the financial services industry, will showcase its advanced anti-money laundering (AML) solutions at Sibos 2014.

Jordan has the highest rates of ICT services in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
05:55 GMT

Around 7 per cent of the Kingdom’s population work in the ICT sector, whereas the regional rate does not exceed 4 per cent.

Nawras Dealer event in Dhofar
05:26 GMT

Nawras has recorded impressive sales figures during this year’s Salalah Tourism Festival with a 20% increase in modems, 66% increase in SIM cards and recharge sales more than doubling compared to last year.