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October 8, 2013

 "Many viewers seem to favor the free content of FTA channels rather than paying for TV content,” Al Atiyat added.
14:55 GMT

New research and analysis by the Arab Advisors Group has revealed that as of August 2013 the four satellite pay TV operators, broadcasting from the region, offered a combined total of 151 channels.

Even after the father-of-four's retirement, his Footwork Productions Company for sponsorship deals and football earnings had a 16.5 million-pound turnover in 2012, which has increased by 1.3 million pounds from 2011, the Daily Star reported.
10:20 GMT

According to the figures just lodged with Companies House, the 38-year-old former footie ace also paid himself a salary of 14.1 million-pound.

Abu Dhabi is an oil-led economy and expected it to stay that way
09:54 GMT

The share of oil and natural gas in Abu Dhabi’s gross domestic product (GDP) fell to 56.1 per cent last year, from 58.1 per cent in 2011.

The unemployment rate in the Kingdom rose during the first quarter of 2013 to 12.8 per cent
08:52 GMT

The unemployment rate for the third quarter of 2013 stood at 14 per cent, compared with 13.1 per cent during the same period in 2012.

October 7, 2013

Contracts signed with six companies to dispose of the waste will help keep Makkah and the holy sites clean.
15:15 GMT

The ministry has alloted sites for garbage disposal and dumping, he said, attributing the accumulation of waste to lack of cooperation by some Haj and Tawafa establishments.

The ministry’s move could have a wide-ranging impact on Saudi Arabia’s domestic court system. Women in divorce and custody cases have long battled a system that favors fathers and husbands.
14:28 GMT

Saudi female lawyers have often complained about their inability to use their law degrees despite years of studying and, in some cases, earning a doctorate in law.

The positive sentiment witnessed in Abu Dhabi since the beginning of the year is driving sales prices up.
14:11 GMT

“While prices are moving upward very quickly, investors should be confident that there is no bubble scenario imminent," says Jeremy Oates.

The figures compare with the U.S. where the comparable survey found 13 per cent of total payroll costs are spent on healthcare.
10:50 GMT

In response to the survey, the Gulf-based participants reported significantly higher costs — 6.0 per cent of payroll — than those from either Eastern or Western Europe (3.9 per cent and 3.3 per cent respectively

In terms of private education,he UAE’s market size is larger than those of China, Saudi Arabia and India.
09:05 GMT

The value of the private education market in the GCC alone has risen to $15 billion.

October 6, 2013

President Mansour also stated that the government would resume the Suez Canal development plant, planned under ousted-Islamist president Mohamed Morsi and known as Egypt's Suez Canal Corridor (SCC).
11:16 GMT

In his speech to commemorate the 40th anniversary of 1973 war against Israel, President Mansour said that Egypt plans to launch a nuclear power project for peaceful purposes to help fill an energy gap

Fawaz H. Al-Fawaz, a Riyadh-based economic consultant, said: “There is no risk to Saudi financial system, as the Saudi riyal is pegged to the dollar.
10:57 GMT

“The repercussions of a US default will be catastrophic for the global economy, but we are far from that," said chief investment strategist at Masic.

Statistics from the Chamber show that the city’s religious, historical and cultural status has made it a distinguished economic location.
10:36 GMT

Numerous investment opportunities that have contributed to the growth of its trade, industry, tourism and agricultural sectors.

The project aims at increasing the mataf’s capacity from 48,000 to 130,000 pilgrims per hour.
10:10 GMT

Saudi Arabia will continue to slash the number of domestic and foreign pilgrims for two more years until the expansion project is completed.

"The GCC countries remain pillars of stability in the global oil market at a time when uncertainties are arising elsewhere."
08:13 GMT

This rate is significantly lower than the exceptionally strong average rate of 6.4 percent in 2010–12.

October 3, 2013

 France has been the first country to sign government to government agreement on nuclear and energy with Saudi Arabia.
13:08 GMT

France is ready to be Saudi Arabia's strategic partner in the field of nuclear and renewable energy.