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May 5, 2013

An advertising board of the QNB Bank is shown at Corniche bay prior to the start of the 15th Asian Games
11:33 GMT

Sub-Saharan Africa has been experiencing strong growth in recent years, which is expected to continue. This boom creates an opportunity for GCC corporations and investors, according to QNB Group, as the region is well endowed with resources and people, but largely lacks the capital needed to fund its development.

Deloitte company logo
10:40 GMT

The Deloitte Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) Predictions 2013 report was launched at Dubai Media City, revealing the emerging issues that will impact the TMT industry in the coming year.

The offices of the National Bank of Dubai
10:17 GMT

UAE bank customers are less likely to stick it out with one bank compared to their peers in other markets due to stiff competition in the banking industry.

May 2, 2013

Egypt's financial regulator quashes a much anticipated deal on EFG Hermes with Qatar's QInvest, citing the latter's inexperience
14:08 GMT

Egypt's financial regulator quashes a much anticipated deal on EFG Hermes with Qatar's QInvest, citing the latter's inexperience

Gas prices in Lebanon keep on falling
12:59 GMT

Fuel prices fell again in Lebanon, according to the Energy and Water Ministry.

Qatar Airways have become the second airline to restart operations with the 787 Dreamliner
12:12 GMT

Qatar Airways become only the second airline in the world to resume operations with Boeing's troubled 787 Dreamliner.

The Arab advertising boom is being pushed by online media
11:36 GMT

The value of the advertising business in the Arab world is forecast to top $5 billion this year, propelled by strong growth in the online market, according to Deloitte.

A new black market for gold is emerging following speculation on the dollar
11:13 GMT

Speculation on the dollar in Egypt is leading to a boom in the black market trade of the dollar.

UK Shell have been awarded a 40 per cent stake in a $10 billion venture
10:28 GMT

Shell has been awarded what is probably the largest contract ever for a UK company in the United Arab Emirates with the Anglo-Dutch oil giant set to invest huge sums to develop the Bab sour natural gas field for local energy requirements.

Jordan is continuing its crackdown on undocumented workers
09:23 GMT

As the world marked Labour Day on Wednesday, Jordan's Labour Ministry said it continues its efforts to organise the labour sector with inspection campaigns to detect illegal guest workers.

Mobile advertising for the social-networking site Facebook has jumped by 30 per cent
08:47 GMT

The social media giant Facebook reported on Wednesday a massive boost in mobile advertising revenue, which could go a long way in easing fears from investors over the Menlo Park company’s future growth.

Egypt is the world largest importer of wheat.
08:31 GMT

Wheat shipment arrived in Egypt's port city of Alexandria on Wednesday.

Could bonds boost Egypt economy?
03:07 GMT

The sovereign Islamic bonds law passed by Egypt's Shura Council Tuesday is expected to boost economic growth and employment figures, according to Ahmed El-Naggar

May 1, 2013

A key oil pipeline in Yemen has been attacked, officials have confirmed. (Getty)
12:54 GMT

Yemen confirmed on Tuesday a lucrative oil-pipeline in the east of the country was attacked.

Internet users in the UAE are being promised better internet connection with the introduction of a new under-sea cable
12:32 GMT

Internet user in the UAE are being promised “reliable and robust” services as a new undersea cable is to be introduced to bring faster speeds.