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March 7, 2013

Egyptian steel tycoon Ahmed Ezz has been jailed for 37 years and fined for illegally acquiring shares.
03:05 GMT

Egyptian steel tycoon Ahmed Ezz has been jailed for 37 years and fined for illegally acquiring shares.

March 6, 2013

A new report reveals that many in Jordan are not being paid the minimum wage
11:44 GMT

A significant number of workers in Jordan are paid less than the minimum wage, with some earning just $141 a month, a government department reported on Tuesday,

Mubarak could soon be joined by his sons, who face corruption charges
11:43 GMT

Mubarak and his sons are accused of misusing public funds to build private homes

Deputies in the Jordanian parliament have urged the government to lower the cost of fuel
11:24 GMT

Fuel prices could drop in Jordan, according to a deputy in the country's parliament, following pressure from MPs.

Bahrain's Crown Prince has overseen growth in the Kingdom
11:21 GMT

The Bahraini economy is booming as government officials predict healthy growth in 2013

Teachers and civil servants continue walk out over pay (Photo: Daily Star)
10:35 GMT

Thousands of strikers continue their protest over wages in Beirut

B2B social media interaction set to soar
10:10 GMT

Poll predicts an increase in B2B interactions on social networking sites

The emir of Qatar has bought six uninhabited Greek islands.
08:40 GMT

The emir of Qatar, one of the world's richest men, has taken title to six uninhabited Greek islands after a year and a half of paperwork.

The IMF has said it thinks Jordan's economy will be back on track by 2015
07:38 GMT

Jordan’s economic growth and budget deficit are expected to go back on track by 2015 if the government sticks to its fiscal reform programme, according to International Monetary Fund (IMF) Deputy Managing Director Nemat Shafik.

The number of public sector workers in Egypt dropped in the last fiscal year, with 1 million employed in security alone.
03:03 GMT

The total number of Egyptian public-sector workers went down in the previous fiscal year, new figures show.

March 5, 2013

Iraq will receive Russian arms by the summer, the Iraqi foreign minister said on Monday (Image for illustrative purposes)
13:14 GMT

Iraq will receive deliveries of attack helicopters and air defense systems from Russia before the start of summer, the Iraqi foreign minister said Monday.

Sunset over the river Nile in Cairo
12:58 GMT

Tourists from the Persian state will be allowed to visit Egypt after diplomatic breakthrough.

Pipelines to transport crude oil from Iraq to Egypt  will be constructed
12:31 GMT

The deal will see crude oil pipelines built between the countries.

A man inspects a natural gas pipe in Bahrain
10:45 GMT

Oil and gas industry experts were bullish about this year's prospects at the Bahrain Capital Club

Orascom Construction Industries denies it evaded Egyptian government tax (Image used for illustrative purposes)
10:12 GMT

Egypt’s largest listed company, Orascom Construction Industries (OCI), is denying allegations that it evaded government tax.