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November 27, 2012

Remittances are remain stable in Lebanon despite a difficult year, according to the World Bank
10:12 GMT

Lebanon will record a steady inflow of remittances in 2012 despite recent instability in the region, according to the latest statistics released by the World Bank.

Jordan's PM Abdullah Ensour has met with the UKs trade envoy to Jordan
09:31 GMT

Just weeks after the UK's Prime Minister, David Cameron, visited Jordan, the country's trade envoy to the Kingdom has met with Jordan's PM Abdullah Ensour and talked up trade relations between the two kingdoms.

A gas tanker is making the first trip across the arctic as ice continues to melt
08:37 GMT

With global warming on the agenda in Doha, a timely reminder of the way climate change is affecting the world is the gas tanker that will be the first to cross the arctic for the first time, as rising temperatures have melted the ice.

Dubai's  economy is booming
08:23 GMT

Duabai's economy has performed well in the first half of this year, registering growth of 4.1 per cent, according official data., with foreign trade reaching 11.4 per cent.

Saudi Arabi has signed a multi million dollar contract with an US defence firm
08:04 GMT

Saudi Arabia has signed off on a $600 million contract with Raytheon Company, a major American defence contractor and industrial corporation for delivery of a command, control, communications, computers and intelligence (C4I) systems.

Gold is being seen as a safe haven for investors
07:41 GMT

The deteriorating political situation in Egypt after President Mohamed Morsi's constitutional decree has caused protests across the country, leaving one dead and has been lead to the increase in the price of gold as investors see it as a 'safe refuge'

A Potentially tough day at the office for Lebanon's Prime Minister Najib Mikati as a general strike is called
04:00 GMT

A large-scale public sector strike is expected across Lebanon Tuesday organized by the Union Coordination Committee in protest against the government’s delay in finalising a pay hike after a long running dispute.

Jordan's trade deficit on the increase
03:00 GMT

Jordan trade deficit shot up to JOD6.772 billion in the first 9 months of the current year, up by 19.5 per cent compared with JOD5.583 billion for the same period of 2011, official statistics showed.

November 26, 2012

Iran is set to increase gas production in South Pars gas field
11:37 GMT

Iran has announced that it will increase gas production in the giant South Pars gas field. The Islamic Republic has also announced that it will build more storage for oil facilities as Western sanctions are begin to bite.

Satellite television channels in Egypt were disrupted Sunday evening, but the source behind the disruption remains unclear.
10:44 GMT

Several state television channels in Egypt were jammed sunday evening, although the source of the disruption is unclear, but it is thought that it came from outside Egypt.

See you in court! Apple and Samsung fighting new patent wars
10:24 GMT

Tech giant Apple has reportedly asked a US court to add six more products to its patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung, including the Korean mobile maker's popular Galaxy Note II.

Egyptian stocks recovering in early trading after 'Black Sunday' saw 10 per cent wiped of the value of companies
10:08 GMT

Following 'Black Sunday', where the Egyptian stock market dropped almost 10 per cent and saw trading suspended after prices crashed beyond acceptable levels, the bourse has jumped in early trading on Monday.

Oil prices ease as Middle East recedes
09:40 GMT

With the tensions in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas coming to a close crude oil futures slipped for the first time in three days as supply fears subsided.

More Middle East tensions see stocks sliding in Egypt and Saudi
08:10 GMT

Dubai’s stocks surged on Sunday in the wake of the spectacular mega city project launch as most share markets across the Middle East went on a retreat spearheaded by a tailspin in Egyptian shares, as Saudi has its worst single day since January

The Netherlands and UNICEF are giving Yemen financial assistance to  improve water systems
07:53 GMT

The Government of the Netherlands and UNICEF sealed on Sunday at a signing ceremony in Sana’a the donation of US$ 5.7 million in support of the ‘Extension of Water and Sanitation Services in Rural Communities’ in Yemen.