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February 26, 2013

700 jobs have been secured in Jordan as part of a national employment campaign
06:31 GMT

More than 700 jobs have been secured in Jordan, under the National Employment Campaign, Labour Minister Nidal Katamine announced on Monday.

Arab tourists from the Maghreb wil no longer require tourist visas to enter Egypt
03:24 GMT

Tourists coming to Egypt from the Arab Maghreb countries (Libya, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria) will no longer have to obtain tourist visas, German news agency DPA reported on Monday.

February 25, 2013

Unemployment remains a big issue for the Palestinian economy, with over a quarter of the population without work
12:29 GMT

Unemployment in Palestine eased slightly in the third quater of 2012, but over quater of the population remain without work, according to Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics.

Lebanon's Mina municipality in north Lebanon has been rated 'BB+' by the World Bank
11:59 GMT

The World Bank has given the Mina municipality in north Lebanon’s city of Tripoli a positive BB+ credit rating, the municipality said in a statement over the weekend.

Four Kuwaiti MPs are pushing for increased wages for employees throughout the country
11:37 GMT

Four Kuwaiti lawmakers are pushing to raise the monthly minimum wage of Kuwaiti nationals in the public sector, with private sector employees also receiving yearly increment in line with inflation.

Is Saudi Arabia about to fall for solar energy?
11:12 GMT

A newly publish report claims that Saudi Arabia is spending more on renewable energy as the Kingdom tries to cut down on the oil it burns in power stations, but is the House of Saud really about to fall for solar?

Delays to the Iraqi budget are costing the country $27 million per day
09:31 GMT

Delays in finalizing Iraq's budget is costing the country $27 million per day, according to a member of the Shiite-dominated National alliance coalition.

Egypt and Tehran are planning on boosting tourism between the two nations
09:06 GMT

Egypt’s tourism minister, Hisham Zaazou, will head to the Iranian capital Tehran Sunday to discuss enhancing touristic exchanges between the two countries.

Part-Abu Dhabi owned oil and gas company OMV posted a 25 per cent jump in revenues after revising production in Libya
08:41 GMT

The Austrian oil and gas company OMV, which is part-owned by Abu Dhabi, posted a 25 per cent jump in revenues after reviving production in Libya that had been wiped out during the 2011 uprising that ousted the Gaddafi regime from power.

Jordan is set to introduce UN-approved software that would block access to online pornography
08:15 GMT

Jordan is gearing up to introduce software aimed at limiting online content and block pornographic content, according to country's Ministry of Information and Communications Technology.

Inflation in the GCC region eased to three per cent last year, down from 3.7 in 2011 as food prices stabilised
07:56 GMT

The GCC region witnessed a moderate three per cent inflation in consumer prices during last year, down from 3.7 per cent in 2011, according to QNB Group analysis.

Jordan and Iraq are set to seal the deal on a new oil pipeline
03:07 GMT

Jordan and Iraq are expected to sign commercial and legal agreements this month to build a double pipeline to supply the Kingdom with crude oil and natural gas. The oil deal promise to be the biggest inter-Arab business deal in 50 years.

February 24, 2013

Saudi Riyal
12:48 GMT

What goes up must come down? Saudi Arabia's per capita income rose 27.2 percent from 2010 to 2011 following an increase of 17.1 percent from 2009 to 2010, according to a report by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA). But inflation may find earners hitting a snag if the economy does not diversify.

The government eyes gold output of around 50 tonnes in 2013
12:22 GMT

The country's minister of minerals, Kamal Abdel-Latif, said this week that he suspects Sudan's gold production will jump to 150 tonnes, thereby generating $8 billion in revenues.

Primary investigations revealed that the suspect is also involved in promoting and selling fake bank notes
11:54 GMT

A UAE man was caught allegedly consuming the snacks he pretended to shop for at a local grocery store in one of Abu Dhabi's malls. The 'paper chase' didn't end there as the crook tried to swallow the fraudulent bank notes on his person.