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December 20, 2012

Saudi Arabia and other MENA countries have banned the import of Brazilian beef over 'BSE' fears
05:51 GMT

Saudi Arabia has joined several other countries in the MENA region, including Jordan and Egypt in banning beef imports from Brazil over health concerns.

Coal is set to surpass oil as the world’s top fuel within a decade,  according to a new report
03:00 GMT

Coal is set to surpass oil as the world’s top fuel within a decade, driven by growth in emerging market giants China and India, with even Europe finding it hard to cut use despite pollution concerns, according to a report.

December 19, 2012

The World Bank has pledged $900 million to Iraq to improve employment in the country.
13:13 GMT

The World Bank has pledged $900 million to Iraq to improve employment in the country.

Public sector workers have started a two-day general strike over the non-payment of wages
12:41 GMT

Public sector workers in Palestine have started a two-day general strike in response to a delay in being paid caused by Israel withholding tax revenues.

Political instability and delays to the IMF loan could see Egypt's economy downgraded, ratings agency Moody's has warned
11:14 GMT

Egypt's request to postpone a long-awaited IMF loan due to recent political unrest could lead to a downgrade in the country's credit rating, credit rating agency Moody's said in a report on Monday.

Tunisia is seeking help from the European Union to deal with the ailing economy
09:57 GMT

Tunisia is seeking help from the European Union to lift its ailing economy, which has seen little improvement in the two years since the start of the Arab uprisings.

Instagram has released a statement saying it would not sell or use photos from the popular app.
09:34 GMT

Instagram's decision yesterday to alter their user policy to enable them to use an image without the owners knowledge caused a Twitter-storm an d a mass exodus, but the Facebook-owned app appears to have offered a partial U-turn.

Unemployment is on the increase in Saudi Arabia, despite plans efforts to try and increase the number of jobs
08:10 GMT

Despite plans for so-called 'Saudization' of the Kingdom's workforce, unemployment is on the rise, reaching almost two million, a half a million increase on 2011 figures.

Japan has signed a new agreement with Rome to provide emergency food aid for Yemen
07:56 GMT

The Government of Japan and the UN World Food Programme (WFP) have signed a new agreement in Rome that will provide US$7.1 million in emergency food assistance for almost half a million Yemenis.

Consumer in the UAE enjoy the worlds lowest consumption taxes
07:08 GMT

Consumers in the UAE have the lowest sales and consumption taxes in the world. Perfect news in time for the inevitable pre-festive spending spree.

The US is urging Egypt to act quickly over the $4.8 billion IMF deal
03:00 GMT

The United States urged Egypt and International Monetary Fund to reach an agreement on the $4.8 billion loan that was postponed on 11 December "as quickly as possible."

Instagram's new terms and conditions has upset many users
03:00 GMT

The popular smartphone app Instagram, recently bought by social-network behemoth Facebook, has aletered its terms and conditions, allowing the company to use photographs without the creators permission.

December 18, 2012

Bahrain is set to start on a GCC funded development project
12:27 GMT

Work on the first phase of GCC Development Programme–funded projects is set to start in Bahrain next month.

Saudi mining company Maaden has signed a billion-dollar financing package
10:22 GMT

In a statement to the Tadawul, Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Maaden) announced the signing of a revolving Murabaha finance facility with a tenor of five year.

International sanction on Iran are hitting the oil Islamic Republic's oil industry
09:38 GMT

The Iranian government has conceded that it is losing half of its oil revenues due to international sanctions imposed over its disputed nuclear programme.