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November 18, 2012

Food costs could be on the rise in Jordan
05:00 GMT

After several days of protest across Jordan in response to the increase in the cost of fuel and gas by the government, food prices are expected to remain stable, but there in could increase in the medium to long term.

Oman is to issue bonds worth OR100m ($260m)
04:00 GMT

Oman will issue five-year government development bonds worth OR100m ($260m) at an annual interest rate of 3.25 percent, a statement from the central bank of Oman said on Saturday.

November 15, 2012

Lebanon and Iran set to discuss trade ties
14:44 GMT

nian Energy Minister Majid Namjoo arrived Thursday in Beirut to discuss previously signed cooperation agreements between Lebanon and Iran.

Egypt's public prosecution body accused the leader of the Metro's workers syndicate of disrupting daily services
13:01 GMT

Egypt’s public prosecution called the head of the workers syndicate of the state-run Metro company Wednesday, accusing him of disrupting daily services of the subway due to a workers’ strike, the Egyptian Democratic Labour Congress (EDLC) stated.

Saudi companies will face fines if they employ more migrant workers than locals
12:30 GMT

Saudi Arabia-based private sector companies that employ more foreigners than Saudis will have to pay 200 Saudi riyals (Dh195.80) a month for each excess non-Saudi, the labour minister has said.

Samsung has said that it won't follow HTC's lead and settle with Apple
11:47 GMT

South Korean electronics maker Samsung has said that it will not follow HTC's lead and settle its patent lawsuits with Apple.

Oil prices stable despite Middle East violence
11:33 GMT

Crude oil prices have started bouncing back from lows due to geo political tensions in the Middle East even as increasing US inventory weaker demand for oil growth estimated by OPEC may curb upside gains in prices.

Will  Lebanese PM Mikati be able to resist the pressure from striking workers?
09:17 GMT

The Union Coordination Committee put the final touches on the two-day general strike for Nov. 27- 28 in a desperate attempt to force the government of Mikati to endorse the salary scale.

Egypt is sitting pretty and ready for Kuwaiti investment, claims ambassador
08:44 GMT

The Egyptian Ambassador to Kuwait, Abdulkarim Suleiman, has talked up his homeland, in an effort to increase trade between to the to nations.

Unemployment is on the rise in Lebanon
06:00 GMT

National Social Security Fund statistics showed rising unemployment among the Lebanese, the Fund’s director-general has said.

Public transport and taxi fares are set to increase in Jordan
01:00 GMT

Public transport fares are to rise in Jordan after the government increased the cost of fuel and gas on Tuesday. Prices will go up by as much as 11 per cent although the taxi drivers union has urged increase of up to 20 per cent.

November 14, 2012

Egypt and the EU have agreed a billion dollar 'support package'
13:28 GMT

The European Union has approved a five billion euro ($6.3 billion) 'support package' to Egypt over a two year period to be disbursed through the EU's finance institutions, the Egyptian presidency announced on Wednesday.

Jordan's Prime Minister has announced a raft of austerity-inducing measures
12:26 GMT

Jordan's Prime Minister, Abdullah Ensour, has announced a raft of controversial policies that will usher in an age of austerity for the Kingdom as it grapples with a deficit but also seeks to please the IMF in a move that has caused widespread protests.

The Islamic Development Bank is to fund new projects in Iran
12:15 GMT

The Islamic Development Bank has allocated €1.27 billion in loans to Iran for implementing a number of wastewater projects, Iranian National Water and Wastewater Company Deputy Director Hossein Bonakdari said on Tuesday

Abu Dhabi has introduced rental price control to increase 'stability'.
12:13 GMT

Abu Dhabi has capped annual rent increases at five per cent and extended tenancy contracts stipulated in the rent law to November 9, 2013.