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January 29, 2014

All but one of the 142 passengers, who included dozens of French nationals, and 11 crew members, died in the disaster in the Indian Ocean as the craft tried to land in the Comoros capital Moroni.
21:46 GMT

The Yemen carrier was charged on November 15 in connection with the crash of an Airbus A310.

The Nitaqat system, a scheme that penalises companies based on the percentage of its expatriate employees
21:12 GMT

“Companies manipulate the system to give the impression that they have helped Saudis get employed,” Saeed Al-Asheikh, a member of council was quoted as saying in Arab News.

Gül is currently in Italy for a three-day official visit with a large delegation.
16:00 GMT

Turkish economy continues to develop while the Europe faces many economic hardships,” added the president.

The Dubai Expo 2020 event will require AED39.23  billion ($10 billion) of investment to develop all of the required facilities and host the event
15:43 GMT

"Significant amount" of the funding will come from the government, but there was also an opportunity for the private sector to invest during the build up to Expo 2020 and during the event itself.

Erdoğan and Jahangir later held a joint press conference and attended the signing ceremony.
13:48 GMT

Ahead of a news conference, Turkey and Iran signed a number of agreements on establishing a joint trade committee as well as a preferential trade agreement betweeen the two countries.

As UAE's overall economy grows, the rise in professional job opportunities has been rising steadily over the past year (Shutterstock)
09:45 GMT

Professional job opportunities in the UAE have increased by 12 percent, according to recent data.

The trade deficit in 2013 reached $17.292 billion, compared to a deficit of $16.797 billion in 2012
08:42 GMT

Lebanon’s trade deficit widened by 2.525 percent in 2013 compared to 2012 as exports fell by more than $480 million.

The number of passengers reached 6,264,368 in 2013 compared to 5,960,414 in 2012
08:15 GMT

Rafik Hariri International Airport registered over 5 percent growth in the number of passengers in the year 2013, the General Directorate of Civil Aviation.

Providing further studies on the economic consequences of cutting aid, Dcode mentioned that increased imports of military equipment would exert pressure on foreign currency resources in short-term.
03:55 GMT

“On a per capita basis, total US aid to Egypt decreased from $44 in 1991 to $18.5 in 2013, the lowest compared to Jordon and Israel,” according to Dcode.

January 28, 2014

Samsung extended its lead as the world’s biggest vendor, accounting for 31.3 per cent of sales, ahead of Apple’s 15.3 per cen
21:50 GMT

The smartphone market hit a milestone in 2013 with more than a billion shipped, a survey showed on Monday.

Lebanon topped Ford’s ranking of Middle Eastern countries in terms of sales growth (Courtesy of the Economist)
14:51 GMT

Ford Middle East posted record sales in 2013 with 85,000 cars sold, thanks in many ways to its top consumers in Lebanon.

UAE's Central Bank released the new data this week (Courtesy of Emirates 247)
13:54 GMT

The United Arab Emirates central bank's foreign currency assets fell to Dh269 billion ($73.2 billion) in October 2013 from $284.3 billion the previous month, representing the largest fall since 2009.

Saudization programs have so far created about 600,000 jobs for citizens
09:36 GMT

The Saudi government’s rising investment in infrastructure projects in the Kingdom would create nearly 2 million direct and another 2.5 million indirect jobs, local media.

Despite the militant violence plaguing Iraq, the economy has managed to keep expanding on the back of oil output
08:31 GMT

Iraq plans to establish a state-funded investment bank to help finance big infrastructure projects and steer money towards private sector companies which need it.

Wooler that demand for hotel rooms in Dubai is strong but there is a danger that Dubai will not be affordable for many people.
03:55 GMT

Hotel guests will soon have to pay a “tourism dirham”. It is a fee that will be imposed on guests staying at hotels and hotel apartments in Dubai.