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February 18, 2014

Pressure on French energy giant Total to pay more for liquefied natural gas that it ships from Yemen has intensified.
03:55 GMT

Last week, official news agency Saba quoted unnamed judicial sources as saying the government’s Public Funds Prosecution service, had started to probe the arrangement with Total.

Rola al-Helou, a journalist, said that an MEA employee told her she could not board her flight to Cairo because she was alone, and taunted her, challenging her to get up and walk to prove she was able-bodied.
03:24 GMT

“Although we appreciate Ms. Helou's feelings, the case should not in any way turn into a campaign to depict the company as heartless,” the statement said.

Morsi's legal monthly wage is LE44,516, which means that the remaining payments totaling nearly LE260,000 are tainted with violations, Geneina said.
03:10 GMT

The CAOwas accused of covering up financial crimes carried out by the regime of ousted president Hosni Mubarak.

February 17, 2014

Oumran added that Egypt is not currently facing any hindrances in its plan to produce renewable energy through wind and solar energy.
22:20 GMT

“The government has a long term plan which aims to generate 5500 MW through the use of traditional energy resources and 250 MW, through renewable energy, by 2027,” Oumran said.

The builder of the world’s tallest tower posted a quarterly profit of AED 756m ($206m), compared with AED 512m in the corresponding period of 2012
20:42 GMT

The developer, which launched several new projects last year, said its total value of sales in Dubai for 2013 was AED 12bn, nearly three times the amount in 2012.

Within the UAE, most students identified Dubai as their most likely study destination (File Archive)
13:00 GMT

UAE is ranked the fourth most attractive education destination in the world for students looking to pursue their studies abroad.

The FORSA project has provided mentoring training to upcoming entrepreneurs in the MENA region and beyond (For Illustrative Purposes/File Archive)
11:00 GMT

A new report suggests that 38 percent of entrepreneurs in Jordan are women, exceeding the international average rate of 33 percent.

Lebanese banks make up the largest national grouping on the eastern Mediterranean island
07:34 GMT

Lebanon and Cyprus will form a joint banking committee to strengthen financial ties between the two countries.

“This would be a fair decision to protect homebuyers,” Awamleh continued, noting that there are 2,700 companies registered at JHDA
03:43 GMT

“For example, several Iraqi investors built housing projects and left to settle in other countries,” Awamleh said, explaining that several buyers have complained to JHDA from construction faults after developers left the country.

The decision aims to achieve social and economic goals reflected in the provision of education fees that are acceptable to students and parents.
03:37 GMT

Parents can breathe a sigh of relief regarding education costs for the foreseeable future following a decision by authorities to cap school fee hikes.

February 16, 2014

 “We never took one dollar from the State of Israel,” said Marco in an interview he gave to the British newspaper “The Guardian” last August.
22:12 GMT

The company has always tried zealously, as far as possible to hide its connection to Israel.

He also set up the first British curriculum school, the Dubai English Speaking School.
21:22 GMT

The Oxford-educated British expatriate, who worked in banking in Kuwait in the 1950s, was appointed as the financial adviser of Sheikh Rashid in 1960.

Saudi Arabia is planning to open 26 new hospitals throughout the Kingdom, but the government has claimed that land shortages have stalled healthcare development nationwide (File Archive)
15:00 GMT

Saudi Arabia is claiming that land shortages are the reason it has been unable to implement over 220 new health projects throughout the Kingdom.

Morocco's sugar industry is the third largest producer of the sweet cane in Africa (Shutterstock)
13:00 GMT

Morocco's Royal Family decided to divest its extensive holdings in Cosumar, the country's sole sugar industry operator.

Land transport activity is continuing at 80,000 trucks per year
09:55 GMT

Transport Minister Lina Shbeeb and her Iraqi counterpart Hadi Al Amiri on Saturday weathered the liquidation of the Iraqi Jordanian Land Transport Company with a determination to boost economic and commercial integration in various fields.