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Many Muslims are concerned that Ramadan's aim to draw worshipers away from indulging in the material world is being eroded.
July 27, 2014 - 20:32 GMT
Ramadan, Islam's holiest month, is a boon for retailers in the Middle East, South Asia and beyond. And while some Muslims welcome it as a positive sign, others see it as commercialization of a sacred time of year.

April 1, 2014

Participants in Tamkeen Consultation Forum
05:50 GMT
(press release)

Tamkeen concluded the first session of its consultation forum, which was held to discuss its programmes and obtain input from stakeholders in order to meet the needs of Bahrainis and private sector enterprises.

March 30, 2014

11:35 GMT
(press release)

Biolab, the exclusive Biomnis dealer in the Kingdom, recently introduced the Drager jaundice meter serving as an effective addition to its top-notch equipment inventory.

Saeed Al Abbar, Chairman of EmiratesGBC
08:50 GMT
(press release)

The sustainability aspects of the World Expo 2020 in Dubai were on spotlight at the monthly networking event of Emirates Green Building Council (EmiratesGBC).

07:59 GMT
(press release)

Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons will be showcasing historical items from the private family archives, including rare watches that have never been shown to the public before.

07:24 GMT
(press release)

Tamkeen’s Board of Directors held its first regular meeting of 2014 on Thursday, during which the Board reviewed the 2013 year-end management report and financial statements.

March 27, 2014

Jamal Lootah, CEO, Imdaad
11:29 GMT
(press release)

Imdaad has announced the implementation of a social media campaign that is aimed at increasing awareness on the importance of celebrating this year’s edition of Earth Hour.

Akhtaboot and Security Forces Hospital
05:46 GMT

Akhtaboot - the career network is proud to announce the launch of Security Forces Hospital Program’s Career Connect solution, “Powered by Akhtaboot”.

March 26, 2014

Centrepoint has enjoyed significant success particularly in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait where the concept has evolved into a popular fashion destination for families
22:34 GMT

With 100 stores in its retail portfolio, Centrepoint has earmarked a further AED1 billion ($270 million) towards the launch of 75 stores in the next five years across existing territories as well as new markets including Iraq, Libya and other African countries

Shaikh Mohammed bin Essa Al Khalifa, Tamkeen’s Chairman and Acting Chief Executive
11:05 GMT
(press release)

As part of its efforts to enhance its services and to directly engage with the public, Tamkeen will hold its first Consultation Forum for this year.

During the event
09:40 GMT
(press release)

EastNets, a leading global provider of compliance and payments solutions and services for financial institutions and corporates, held recently a company meeting under the theme of “Alignment for Success”.

Akhtaboot & Dallah Hospital
05:51 GMT

Akhtaboot - the career network is proud to announce the launch of Dallah Hospital’s Career Connect solution, “Powered by Akhtaboot”.

Professor Lesley Bromley, Dr. Nicholas Scott and Mr. Atef Al Tawafsheh with the rest of the Pain Management Symposium organizing committee
05:47 GMT

Around 380 participants composed of anesthesia staff, nurses and allied health professionals attended the first Pain Management Symposium held by Hamad Medical Corporation and Specialists in Pain International Network.

Injazat Data Systems
05:40 GMT
(press release)

Microsoft Gulf has generously donated licenses expected to impact over 250 women and children for its various products to the EWA’A Shelters for Women and Children through Injazat Data Systems.

March 25, 2014

Overall, the Middle East’s online shopping is set for ‘exponential’ growth in the next three to five years, as more consumers embrace faceless transactions
22:58 GMT

Online sales in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries are forecast to grow to $15 billion next year according to PayPal.

Orana’ southsea pearl collection from Damas
07:17 GMT
(press release)

Damas, the Middle East's leading jewellery and watch retailer, has announced the launch of the Orana collection, an in-house high-end pearl brand featuring Southsea pearls offset with diamonds.