No change in WhatsApp privacy rules: Facebook

No change in WhatsApp privacy rules: Facebook
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Published March 3rd, 2014 - 08:55 GMT via

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WhatsApp is going to continue to operate completely autonomously
WhatsApp is going to continue to operate completely autonomously

Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp has raised concerns among its users in Oman, especially after messages doing the rounds about changes in the messenger's privacy rules.

“We have received messages stating that WhatsApp's privacy rules will change after its deal with Facebook. We are not sure how we are going to share our photos and videos. Some messages say that whatever we share will be uploaded on Facebook and visible to all. I hope Facebook clarifies on the matter,” Yaser Abdullah, a telecom engineering student, said.

Ghalib Mohammed, a Muscat resident said people should refrain from sharing information through such apps. “I don't think there will a change because there was no privacy on WhatsApp earlier as well. It is very hard to tell if social media and any apps offer privacy. It is better not to share information.” In response to a query e-mailed by Muscat Daily on the privacy policy, the Facebook PR team reiterated chairman Mark Zuckerberg’s comments in this regard at the recent Mobile World Congress.

According to the team, Zuckerberg’s comments stated, “The answer is, it’s absolutely not going to change.  One of the big important pillars out of this deal is that WhatsApp is going to continue to operate completely autonomously. They’ll use the services from Facebook whether that helps scaling their different tools or different infrastructure or help the people at our company to grow different functions within the organisation.”

Zuckerberg had said at the meet that WhatsApp does not store messages and photos exchanged, on its servers. “If you send a message to someone, that message is deleted from WhatsApp servers almost as soon as it’s delivered to them. They are just building this infrastructure to deliver it efficiently.”


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