June 11, 2014

Ghada is rushing to film the rest of her scenes in time for Ramadan. (Image: Facebook)
06:00 GMT

Ghada Abdel Razek panics as she rushes to complete her scenes on time for her upcoming Ramadan drama!

An astounding 99.3% of Egyptian women have been sexually harassed in some form. (AFP/File)
05:00 GMT

Multiple sexual harassment cases have caused Egyptians to plan an anti-sexual harassment protest on Saturday.

June 10, 2014

Sexual assaults in Tahrir Square are incredibly common. (AFP/File)
20:00 GMT

President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi has asked Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim to combat the country's sexual assault crisis.

Mohamed's TV drama may have plenty of major scenes censored for its violent content. (Image: Facebook)
13:28 GMT

Mohammad Imam has been requested to remove a large number of scenes from his upcoming drama "Dala' Al Banat" (Pampered Girls).

Former army chief Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi was sworn in on Sunday, vowing to fix the economy and emphasising a need for hard work by all.
12:04 GMT

Buildings springing up in the densely populated Nile Delta result in loss of farmland and potential damage to irrigation systems.

Over 1,400 people have been killed during Egypt's political violence since July 2013, according to HRW (File/AFP)
11:26 GMT

Amnesty International and HRW called on Egypt's new president, Abdel-Fatah El-Sisi, to end "rampant abuses" in the country.

It was claimed that four persons were injured, while Kinda managed to run for her life and escape the armed man uninjured. (Image: Facebook)
10:32 GMT

Kinda Alloush has apparently denied being attacked by a mysterious man on the set of her new show.

If you’ve been itching to find a website that gathers all these musical talents emerging from Egypt and the region in one place, then you’re in luck as gains a foothold. (Image: Dandin)
09:41 GMT hosts an archive of music and sound from Egypt and the Arabic world. Ahram Online sits with its founder to see how the online platform has progressed since its launch nine months ago.

Kinda managed to escape the armed man unharmed. (Image: Facebook)
08:47 GMT

Kinda Alloush came close to death while filming scenes for her upcoming TV show "Countdown."

Mounir said that marriage isn't really for him! (Image: Facebook)
08:12 GMT

Mohamed Mounir has decided to end his surprising marriage to Dalia Youssef less than two months after they got hitched!

June 9, 2014

Meanwhile, El-Sisi showed his intention to visit Ethiopia to stress the importance of cooperation between the two countries.
21:09 GMT

Ethiopian Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom has invited Egypt's newly-inaugurated President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi to visit his country, Al-Ahram's Arabic news website reported.

Many Egyptians continue to protest the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi. (AFP/File)
20:33 GMT

An Egyptian court has sentenced 112 anti-government protesters to one year in jail.

An astounding 99.3% of Egyptian women have experienced sexual harassment in some form. (AFP/File)
18:00 GMT

Seven men were arrested after sexually assaulting a woman in Tahrir Square during celebrations for President Sisi's inauguration.

Stills from 'Happy' video clips. From top left clockwise: Egypt, Palestine, Yemen, Dubai. (Image: Al Ahram)
14:25 GMT

As the international wave of video clips to Pharrell Williams' 'Happy' keeps infusing YouTube with joy, Egypt's renditions are among the highest viewed in the region.

Egyptian actress Athar Al Hakim was fiercely attacked on social media for suing celeb prankster Ramez Galal. (Image: Albawaba edit)
13:59 GMT

Egyptian actress Athar Al Hakim was fiercely attacked on social media for suing celeb prankster Ramez Galal.